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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Nov 16, 2014.
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  1. Gosod
    Zx2 better than ZX300?
  2. kms108
    I won't say which is better, I think SQ is peoples personal preferences. and for me I like the ZX2.
  3. Gosod
    I'm not going to criticize your opinion, just wanted to know.
  4. cfc7
    Trrs vs balanced?
  5. Gosod
    No,using regular 3.5 Jack.
  6. proedros
    i may have moved to wm1a but i still have good memories from the zx2 days - in fact i still have and decided to sell a mint/like new whiplash twag v3 (silver) cable , selling it at half price

    a bargain , imho so pm me if interested
  7. Rob49
    How would you compare ZX2 ( TRRS. ) to ZX300 balanced, if you've done so ?
  8. emilsoft
    +1 I would love to know too, I know the zx300 has more power but I'm interested purely in the sq differences.

    Also can zx300 drive hd650 balanced well (non EU uncapped)?
  9. cfc7
    I'm also interested.
  10. jonathane40
    I haven’t had the ZX2 but I have been using the HD6XX, which is supposed to be the same as the HD650 and the ZX300 drives them well. I listen to volume sround 70 out of 120. You do see a hit in battery life though
    emilsoft likes this.
  11. purk Contributor
    Depending on what are you driving, the ZX2 has a very organic, warmth sonic output that can better compliment brighter headphones. Its biggest drawback is the driving power but it should be able to push CIEMs and very efficient phones to ear-bleeding level. The ZX300 is a little more analytical and has power. For instance, I found the Z7 to mate well with the ZX300 due to signature but unlistenable with the ZX2. My HD800 sounds acceptable out of the ZX300, but is too quiet out of the ZX-2 despite matching better tonally. So it is all about system synergy and your preference.
    kms108, Rob49 and emilsoft like this.
  12. equalspeace
    I listen to the ZX2 with a custom made TRRS term'd cable connected to the HD6XX. This combo is pure joy. I actually like the ZX2 TRRS output better than the WM1A balanced. This is coming from someone who put over 300 hrs on the WM1A.
  13. purk Contributor
    Why do you like it better than the WM1A?
  14. equalspeace
    I didn't like the treble characteristics of the WM1A. It was too bright for me, even after burn in and the update to 2.0. The ZX2 for me is like cozying up to a nice warm fire. It's comfortable to listen to for hours and all the detail is still present. I don't feel like I'm missing anything detail-wise having the ZX2. Plus it's more musical than the WM1A. It's just better for me. I also feel like the ZX2 drives my HD6XXs better than the WM1A. I don't exactly know why that is, because the WM1A is supposed to output more power than the ZX2. In practice regarding fullness and dynamics this doesn't seem to be the case though
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  15. purk Contributor
    Thanks. I also find the zx2 to be highly underrated around here.
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