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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Nov 16, 2014.
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  1. imparanoic

    Consider the onkyo dp-x1a or sister model pioneer XDP-300R which is same Dap, isit apparently really quick

    Or astell and kern kann

  2. Richter Di
    They all sound very different compared to the ZX2.
  3. Sonic Defender Contributor
    The ZX2 does have a fantastic sound, and solid UI, but unless you can get it for a reasonable sum, nowhere near the old retail, it is despite being wonderful in many ways, just getting too long in the tooth.
  4. imparanoic

    even the zx100 and zx1 sounds very different to zx2, even the designers blog on sony japan stated the reason why is that they designed the sound according to target market, ie, zx1, fast and lively, zx2, very smooth, zx100, very balanced.
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  5. equalspeace
    Picked up a used ZX2 up this week. Been using it with Neutron app and holy gawd it sounds amazin. Sounds ok with the stock app, but Neutron brings it up several levels, and I'm only listening from the standard SE output. Sold my WM1A and picked this up for 5 bills. Couldn't be happier. This DAP/app combo kills the WM1A.
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2018
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  6. kms108
    Thats why I haven't sold it, i REALLY LIKE IT, i JUST USE IT FOR LISTENING TO MUSIC THROUGH THE sd CARD, HAVEN'T TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF THE ANDROID SYSTEM, its been 2 and a half years since I purchased it, due to my mistake I made the glue inbetween the LCD and glass split, showing some air bubbles, had A NEW GLASS PUT IN AND WHILES AT IT, I GOT THEM TO PUT A NEW BATTERY IN, DID ALL THIS IN jAPAN THROUGH SONY DURING MY HOLIDAY VISIT TO jAPAN. COST ALOT FOR THE REPAIR, BUT NOW THE UNIT IS LIKE 100%, NO SCRATCH NO NOTHING.

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  7. cfc7
    Interesting...Neutron sounded off compared with the stock player for me.
    The only one that I'm still using sometimes is GoneMad...best sound after the stock one but still not as good. PowerAmp also sounded better than Neutron.
    Have you applied some special settings?
  8. kms108
    Im pretty happy with stock.
  9. equalspeace
    Went back to the stock app. Got a bit carried away with excitement re the Neutron app. The stock app is better than Neutron upon further examination. Loving the sound signature of this DAP
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2018
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  10. Richter Di
    I was a bit worried what you all seem to hear and I dont. I checked out several Apps but usualy go for the stock one. I was most of the time interested in the EQ settings for my Auudeze iSine 20.
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  11. imparanoic
    how much did the battery cost by sony japan?
  12. kms108
    The battery and display together is approximate 21000 yen, just the battery i think is about 7800 yen, this include battery, tax and repair cost, and because i did two items, i was only charged repair cost once.
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  13. equalspeace
    This player.. the way it showcases the highs.. so inoffensive and yet detailed. The WM1A used to destroy me with treble. I can listen to this player all day with ease. This bad baby's a keeper!
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  14. Gosod
    What kind of player you can listen to all day? it comes Zx2?
  15. kms108
    I actually like the SQ on this better than the ZX300.
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