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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Nov 16, 2014.
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  1. zolkis
    I don't remember mentioning here, but it may be of interest that I tried the Sony BCR-NWH10 cradle for the ZX2 with good power supplies (battery, a top switching PSU and a top LPS). There were minor differences between the "good" power supplies, but there was a big difference from the supplied PSU.

    Compared to the microRendu, the USB out from the cradle+LPS sounded more open and more revealing in the midrange, but the slight midbass thickness of the ZX2 came through also via USB, so I'd say the mRendu was more lean/clean in the bass section, but depending on the headphone, I preferred either this or the other. This cradle + a good PSU makes the ZX2 a considerably good digital transport with USB output.
  2. Richter Di
    Thanks for this post. I was not aware of the cradle. Just ordered it could you explain a bit more what you meant with:

    "There were minor differences between the "good" power supplies, but there was a big difference from the supplied PSU."
  3. zolkis
    Each good PSU sounded a good step better than the stock one, but they were on more or less similar level. IOW the sonic improvement already appears with an external battery, i.e. it's enough to use a decent enough PSU, no need for maxing out on PSU investment for the cradle. The ZX2 + cradle + external PSU is a seriously good digital transport, but depends on your system and on your taste. Note that I have disabled/stopped all but the essential processes running on the ZX2.
  4. Richter Di
    Can you recommend a PSU?

    I try my best to do the same, but I am not so sure how to get rid of Apps like the google play kiosk , google text in sprache, talk back etc.
    I deactivated them and forced them to shut down. Is this what you mean?
  5. kms108
    I delete and disable all I can, I only use it for music and nothing else, to really get rid of all, you have to root it, and I think it's done in china, but it's very complicated on the ZX2.
  6. zolkis
    Yes, disable/force stop them. I started with uninstalling all unused apps/services and disabling/force stopping the other ones. I do not really recommend rooting the ZX2, as it sounds pretty good when cleaned up.

    About PSU's, even better a phone charging battery would do for the cradle, or even an iPad charger (which actually is a quite clean PSU), but of course you can use Teddy Pardo, Paul Hynes, Sbooster, LPS-1, SPS-500 etc. There are different preferences there, in all equipment I always try to shoot for the direction of a perceived deeper tone with more relaxed, calm yet more dynamic sound. You need to figure out which product produces that effect in your system.
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  7. Richter Di
    Just got a shock googeling the prices for Teddy Pardo :-x
  8. janolisboa

    I wanted to connect my WM1Z to my Numerico DAC from Viva Audio. Is there a high quality cable with the Sony port and USB 2.0 Type B?? Anyone that would build this for me?
  9. Whitigir
    You will have to look for custom 3rd party vendors. I have no clues anyone would or how much they charge
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  10. kms108
    I can point you to the right direct, and your on your own.

    online there are many custom 3rd party company to make custom cables.
  11. aussietanker
    Hi folks ...

    I have a quick question. I have recently bought a cable second hand. I don't use a DAP at all as a source, just my smartphone (LGV20) + my laptop. The cable fits my CIEMs at the 2 prong end fine, but when i use it with either my laptop or my smartphone the sound is in one earpiece only.

    I think that the cable was originally used with a ZX2 as a source (which is why i'm asking here). The cable is a 3.5 TRRS cable terminated for use with sony zx2/cowon p1/hifiman 901. I did not realize that it would not work with my smartphone and have been told that i need an adapter. Can anyone give me a link to a suitable adapter that will give me the stereo sound that i am looking for. I am in Sydney, Australia. Despite spending may too long online and googling I'm still basically clueless about balanced cables and plugs. :frowning2:

    Would this one be suitable?

    > http://www.cablechick.com.au/cables...ards-bi-directional-adapter-ctia-to-omtp.html

    Appreciate the response.
  12. mathi8vadhanan
    This is the adapter you need. Not the one you linked.

  13. dougi555
    Guys, been using my ZX2 for a few years now, love it. Like others I prefer my own music, but I've stuck with ZX2 because of TIDAL & QOBUZ for revewing new music. Anyway, has never been a probelm, QOBUZ a bit sticky at times, but OK. So I tried updating my subscription to QOBUZ Sublime + and imported a Talking Heads album at 24/96...... It refuses to play it...... Anyone had same issue?
  14. Richter Di
    I always first download via the Qobuz website and import it with Media Go. Afterwards I can play it with Onkyo HF or the intern player.
  15. kms108
    Today I was looking for my ipod touch earbud to give to a friend, and I found out it TRRS, it does not have the inline controls and mic, and i'm not sure if it's reterminated to Sony's ZX2 TRRS specification, but it does sound pretty good. Whiles it does sound good, I find the earbuds to be really uncomfortable, anyway i'm giving it away to a friend.
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