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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Nov 16, 2014.
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  1. proedros
    trrs is not placebo , i had my cables done into trrs when i owned the zx2 (and i also did them into 4.4 now that i have moved on to the wm1a)

    btw , i have a TRRS 2-pin cable for sale , selling it for half price and in like new/mint condition with zero usage , since i moved into the wm1a i am not using it so it has to go to a new loving home


  2. cfc7
    I was not quite a cable believer and I didn't spend money on expensive cables so I cannot comment about cables like those from Moon Audio or others but what I can tell you for sure, is that when I moved to the TRRS using a balanced cable from Fiio, I've noticed a difference in SQ more than I was expecting.
    Tighter bass, a little bit more organic vocals and better clarity.
    Now I wonder if a cable upgrade will bring significant changes in SQ, but I think the TRRS is playing the main role here, rather than cable differences.
  3. Caruryn
    Yes,they actually do.I use this cable http://www.lavricables.com/cables/reference-silver-shure-se215-se425-se535-se846-upgrade-cable/ and works really well as it adds clarity,treble extension and a bit of brightness which balances the warm tone of ZX2 nicely.Also the bass of se846 becomes tighter and deeper.Search for lavricables review here on headfi,i agree with the author to a tee about the changes it brings to the sound.

    With this cable in TRRS/se846 blue filter mod and ZX2 with sound adjustment off i haven't found a need to upgrade to WM1A/Z.This combo is that good,that I'll hold off for the Anniversary Edition Walkman around 2019.
  4. bzxfire40
    Thanks you everyone for your input
  5. proedros
    long time no see amigo

    my 2 cents here , sell zx2 and buy wm1a with an extra 200 euros used from here

    it's 100% worth it , i wish i had done the zx2>wm1a transition earlier

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  6. Mathieulh
    Better yet, buy the NW-ZX300 for an identical sound signature to the WM1A with a smaller form factor and built-in DAC feature at a lower MSRP (€700), just my two cents, that's an advice from someone (me) who used to own all 3 devices by the way.
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2018
  7. proedros
    zx300 sounds like wm1a in 4.4 mode ? impressive
  8. Mathieulh
    Yes, it's been designed to have an identical sound signature in balanced mode while in a smaller form factor.
    Keep in mind that both units need about 200 hours burn-in because of the capacitors to sound identical, that's for each output. The SE sounds noticeably worse on the ZX300 before the burn-in, so don't be surprised when you initially use it, it gets gradually (much) better as the burn-in increases.

    Of course even though I say "worse", it's still almost on par with the ZX2 out of the box, it gradually gets better to match the WM1A SE as the burn-in goes on.

    (Balanced does not have that problem that all and sounds incredibly good even without the 200 hrs burn-in but the sound does improve as the burn-in increases.)

    That said, the WM1A on firmware older than 2.00 does sound different as the ZX300 1.00 firmware already has that "WM1A 2.00 sound signature", so if you prefer the old sound signature (or if you need the extra 50mW on the balanced output) investing on a WM1A and keeping the firmware lower might be something to consider.

    Personally I like the new sound signature which suits me just fine. Then there is also the fact that the WM1Z does obviously have a slightly different sound signature, so to each his preference.
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2018
  9. kdphan
    Would the ZX2 at $400 be worth it?

    It will be mainly used to drive a Roxanne II
  10. mathi8vadhanan
    Yes, it's still an excellent player with huge battery life. With light usage, you may have to charge it only once a week.
  11. Rob49
    Right guys, it's decision time ! Do i order a ZX300, while it's a good price on Amazon U.K. ? ( If it was a WM1A, at that price, i think i would....but sadly. )

    I have a Sony ZX2, recently gone TRRS, which i'm very happy with. Am i going to hear any real benefit from buying a ZX300 ? ( My motivation is purely going "true balanced". )

    Any feedback, much appreciated. ( Thanks @pietcux for your previous thoughts. )

    ( Sorry forgot i was still in ZX2 thread, will post on ZX300, thread too ! )
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2018
  12. Mathieulh
    Considering the current sale on Amazon UK, don't hesitate a second and get the ZX300. Balanced output just outright dwarfs the sound quality of the NW-ZX2, the later is just no competition.
  13. Rob49
    Thanks......and i assume that is based on experience of peronally owning a ZX2 ( TRRS. ) ?
  14. Mathieulh
    Indeed, I've owned one for over a year before finally replacing it with my ZX300, I could compare the two for a few months until I eventually sold the ZX2, although I never tried the ZX2 using its TRRS "aka pseudo balanced" output, I stuck to using SE so perhaps the difference is noticeable, I truly moved to balanced on the WM1A and the ZX300 (I own the WM1A as well, though I barely use it nowadays), using the Pentaconn 4.4mm output. The difference with SE is night and day, while SE on the ZX2 is similar (quality wise) to the SE output on the WM1A or the ZX300, albeit with less power.

    The greater caveat with the ZX300 is that the SE initially sounds "poor" (NW-A40 series level of quality) until you get a decent amount of burn-in during it gradually gets closer to the WM1A in terms of sound quality (until reaching it after around 200hrs of burn-in), so be really sure to give your SE some proper burn-in.

    The balanced on the ZX300 still sounds incredible without burn in but the sound still gets better after 200hrs, the difference between brand new and burned in is just not nearly as pronounced as it is on the SE output; WM1A and ZX300 units with 200ish hours of play on both outputs sound virtually identical, which to be honest is quite an incredible feat.
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2018
  15. Rob49
    Thanks for your obsevations. They're useful, but i'd have to say, for someone that didn't try TRRS, with ZX2, it is trully remarkable ! It's definitely not a placebo effect, it's a very real difference & improvement. The ZX2, is another "beast" altogether, with TRRS.
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2018
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