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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Nov 16, 2014.
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  1. bzxfire40
    Does anyone know of anyway to get the ZX2 to act as a USB DAC thru a PC?
  2. bzxfire40
    I see "clearaudio+" that you can toggle ON/OFF but dont see anywhere you can actually make EQ adjustments. Do you know of any apps to download to the ZX2 that can make EQ adjustments or somewhere within the settings?
  3. talan7
    under sound adjustment there is an equalizer button next to settings. Press that and you get to eq and clear bass page
  4. Rob49
    Received my first TRRS cable today, for ZX2 / OPPO PM3's. After a couple of hours listening, i'm very impressed. Sounds really clean, with no hint of distortion. ( If that's the right description ! ? )
  5. emilsoft
    Where did you get the TRRS cable from? I've been looking for one but unable to find (I'm in the UK) for the PM3.. Does it change the tonality - is it brighter/warmer would you say going balanced?
  6. kms108
    Any cables with 4 internal wires can be made to TRRS.
  7. Rob49
    I purchased from US, from an ebay seller, iqicables. Expensive, but it seems these cables tend to be. ( I've bought TRRS cables that were £6, but the sound would drop out. ) It cost $140 + $20 shipping ( & i had to pay customs charges of £14. )

    I'm not an expert to say, whether it's brighter or warmer, but all i can say, is that everything sounds so clear. Music i love & listened to countless of times, has a new lease of life. It's a big cost for a cable, and i wouldn't want to have to buy a replacement anytime, hopefully, but i can hear definite improvements & i'm pleased i purchased, inspite of the cost.
  8. proedros
  9. bzxfire40
  10. kms108
    ZX2 does not support balanced.
  11. bzxfire40
    Oops my bad. Not true balanced output but isn't using a cable with a TRRS plug supposed to improve stereo seperation since the jack on the ZX2 is also TRRS?
  12. kingdixon
    Nope, that won't work, you need to get a custom balanced cable terminated to 3.5 trrs and take care to mention that you need it for zx2, because other daps might use different cables.
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  13. cfc7
    Yes, you can use the TRRS on the ZX2 but for that you'll need a cable that has 4 wires correctly wired to the TRRS 4 poles.
    Technically speaking, this is a balanced cable.
    If it is terminated with a 2.5mm balanced connector, you'll need an adapter to the 3.5mm.
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  14. bzxfire40
    I have the shure se846 and I want to buy a TRRS cable for them to use with the ZX2.
    So, I see sites like moon-audio do custom cables but Shure and other companies have TRRS cables with mics made for using with phones under $30 on amazon. Moon-audio cables run $100+ for the SE846. I know cables are controversial topic, but in your opinion do cables make enough difference to warrant paying up for them?
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2018
  15. bzxfire40
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2018
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