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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Nov 16, 2014.
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  1. highfidelity69
    Correct, which is absurd, 2 GB of space for the OS and downloads is a joke.
  2. kms108
    It was better than when the Zx2 was first released, it was set to 1GB, and people was complaining, so customer was allowed to have the smaller partition to be increased to 2GB by returning the ZX2 to a Sony service center. This was the Japanese version.
  3. highfidelity69
    It does not take away the fact that it still stinks and is not sufficient. Sony could care less about about the ZX2, to them it might as well belong in the dust bin, another reason why I will never buy another one of their DAP's.
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2018
  4. kms108
    I do agree with you, they should at leaset provide 25GB, but as the Zx2 was sold mainly as a DAP, they don't expect people to install app, or at least they shouldn't start to use android, or they should follow AK and customise it for music only and dont allow download.
  5. cocolinho
    Again. Clear all data and download while device is NOT charging
  6. TooFrank
    Just for the record: I still do love my zx2! Using it mostly with Tidal hifi. A bit annoyed with the never updated android, it makes it rather slow, but when the music is playing, it is still (after 2+ years) sounding great. Only concern now is if Tidal updates will be compatible.
  7. SebaE2012
    I only use it for music, which has kept the ZX2 runnign very smoothly, but on occasion I download artwork for music files (I have some CDs for which there is no metadata available or the metadata don't include CD cover) so it comes handy to have the possibility.
  8. josephtym
    Ya. Figured this is so. Back then in Xperia phones using Android 4.0, the apps data can't be saved to the partitioned storage. Thus the same issue in zx2 I suppose. Quite a pity for this walkman.
  9. cfc7
    Can you give some more details?
  10. proedros
    more balanced sound , better details , wider soundstage - a better sound in general

    it was obvious to me from first listen , once i got wm1a i put my zx2 for sale in like 3 days afterwards
  11. cfc7
    I don't know how much that cable will change the SQ but for sure you'll hear an improvement by using the TRRS even with a cheap budget one.
  12. kms108
    Same here, just music, all the downloading, tagging and art work is done on the PC.

    After putting a new glass and and battery, I think my ZX2 runs faster, although it has no music on it, I'm using the ZX300 at present.
  13. lesale08
    So how do you find the 2 against each other?
  14. talan7
    I wish Sony would make the new Walkman with android and WiFi for streaming Tidal. I pretty much stream only now. The ZX2 is just too slow these days with Tidal hifi. I thought about getting my zx2 refurbished but I don’t think it’s worth it.

    One of the reasons I loved the zx2 was that it’s eq affected streaming as well, so I could eq tidal streaming. Do any of the new Xperia phones have the same feature where the eq affects everything?
  15. josephtym
    Hi, i know this is a bit off from the group topic, but anyone has any recommended site for buying flac audio for current new songs and 90s song? I am in Singapore, so far havent had any luck in googling it.
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