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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Nov 16, 2014.
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  1. SebaE2012
    I'm actually one of those people whoo wouldn't get a WM1 because of the lack of streaming capabilities. It's not that I stream much (I much prefer listening to my own music which also tends to be in much higher quality), but I don't like loosing the capability, especially when paying a hefty sum for a DAP. Sometimes I use streaming for discovering new music or for listening to music which is not otherwise available in my area. Therefore, I hope Sony incorporates some sort of WiFi capability in their next wave of Walkman. Currently, I'm more than happy with my ZX2, but I know there'll come a time when I'll have to move on.
  2. SebaE2012
    Couldn't Sony come up with a way to incorporate streaming into their own OS? I see why it's difficult from a business standpoint (how to convince developers to come up with their apps for a niche product?), but perhaps there's a way to get around this...
  3. kms108
    Not difficult, just add wifi and have the feature built into their own OS, I think Sony want's just a basic OS for playback of Hi res, may be they think wifi will affect the quality, and they dont want to pay royalty for streaming service, unless they have their own.
  4. kms108
    I never stream, and don't intend to do it now or in the near future.
  5. purk Contributor
    Yup, I appreciate the ZX2 for its features and sound quality as well as user interface. I have the 1Z and it is better but the ZX2 is still a great sounding device. Other players may have better driving power, but the ZX2 still sound very refined and analog to my ears. I only use the ZX2 with very easy to drive Sony MDR-SA5000 and Focal Utopiaand Jh13pro FP.
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  6. SebaE2012
    I agree. I find it refined and elegant. I use it mainly with SE846 and, in my opinion, the power is plenty to drive them perfectly. I have found it a bit lacking for certain cans, though. Still, I don't listen at high volume levels.
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  7. SebaE2012
    I understand. Not a fan of streaming either, but on occasion it comes handy.
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  8. Buddhahacker
    Yep. I used to stream with Tidal but eventually dropped it. I found that I was only using it to tryout new genres or see if I liked a particular artist/album and then I would purchase for my library.
    I used mine originally just for Tidal. I use it to try new stuff, but I usually don't stream, I download locally (128GB internal is nice for that). I buy a lot less since I started using Tidal.

    Since the 400GB cards came out, I can put my whole 16/44 and HIDEF FLAC library on the ZX2, as well. It's getting a lot of use now.
  10. SebaE2012
    Yeah, it might well be the case that Sony wants to avoid any extra expenses. Their assumption may be that high-end Walkman are a niche products, for serious music enthusiasts or audiophiles many, if not most, aud
    When I stream, I use Spotify (I have a family account, and the rest of the family prefers Spotify for easy of use, sharing with friends -in my area it's by far the most popular service-). I cannot download to the SD card. Instead, Spotify uses up internal memory (2 GB), so it's not much that one can download in this way. If anyone knows how to circumvent this storage setting, I'd greatly appreciate a word on that.

    And yes, I use it only to check out a particular artist or album to purchase later. I've done many purchases this way.
  11. SebaE2012
    On a slight change of subject, does anyone know if there are any 4-pole TTRS cables available that I can purchase to use with the SE846 and take advantage of the TTRS connection in ZX2? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  12. Richter Di
  13. Richter Di
    Main reason for me to get the ZX2 was the possibility to stream Qobuz CD quality. BTW, do not install the latest update 4.0.11 since you can’t import anything any more and it does not stream anything. Just horrible. Wish I would be able to go back one version.

    Spot on. It is a real money safer (in my case not Tidal but Qobuz).
  14. imparanoic
    i think they should create a successor to NW-ZX1 or ZX2, with oreo 8.0, sooner or later, spotify and tidal won't support 4.1/4.3 which zx1 and zx2 uses, however, probably,this won't be until at least 2020 or 21, when the app won't support older version of android

    an xperia walkman phone for the audiophile, similar to onkyo granbeat dp-cmx1, as their current walkman are not android based ), an flagship walkman phone with snapdragon 835/845 would cover the market, balanced output 4.4mm and 3.5mm unbalanced, separate power, os con capacitors, ldac, bluetooth 5.0, aptx hd for high bitrate wireless audio

    even better if they create a padfone like dock (hybrid tablet as their xperia tablet z4 was retired in late 2015) so they can used this flagship phone as a modular tablet
  15. SebaE2012
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