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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Nov 16, 2014.
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  1. Richter Di
    Where did you get this done?
  2. kms108
    Had it done at the Sony service centre, had a screen change with it, cost little over 20000 yen
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2018
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  3. talan7
    Does it work like new? How much, and where did you send it in
  4. talan7
    Never mind, you beat me to it. There is a Sony service center in Teaneck NJ. I’m going to take mine there and see if they can do it.
  5. kms108
    Here is the returned parts, I like how Sony Japan returns them back to you, at least you know they have replaced them, the screen cost 15000 yen and the battery 7800 yen both inclusive of labour, but since I'm having both done, they removed the labour cost from the battery, then there is tax on top, which comes to little over 20000 yen.

    As you can see near the corner of the screen, the glue has lifted.

    It was the screen that was taken for repair, but since I'm getting the screen done, might as well get the battery done at the same time, as I had the ZX2 for 2 years.

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  6. talan7
  7. purk Contributor
    It is a good bit better sound wise. The A35 has better driving power but the ZX2 do sound better and more refined.
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  8. Gosod
    I agree, I wonder on what headphones you're listening to A35?
  9. kms108
    The ZX2 is a reference standard player, and the A series is a entry level hi res player for people to enter into hi res music.
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2018
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  10. Gosod
    But I think that it is superior to the model A16.
  11. lesale08
    Before parting with ZX2, I did compare them briefly to the a35. For me, the a35 has more or at least on par with driving power with zx2. The difference is in their sound presentation. The zx2 has a more full bodied sub and mid bass compared to a35. The a35 in turn have a more elevated upper mids/lower treble which makes treble seems more forward that zx2. However, for treble detail, zx2 is more refined and smooth overall. Soundstage wise, the zx2 is a bit bigger. This is using the z5 to test them both.
  12. kms108
    The ZX2 uses more hi end components.
  13. Gosod
    Yes, I think so too, although I listened Zx2 in 2015, then it seemed to me that this player will need an amplifier for SM64, now A35 could do without the amp for SM64.
  14. lesale08
    All my findings are based on direct a/b comparison and then decided to sell my Zx2 since I felt that a35 is about 80-85% of how the zx2 sound. Price wise, I think the a35's sq is not that very far off from zx2. Of course, this is me and your experience and opinion may differ.

    I've tried the Wm1a and wm1z as well and they have more power compared to zx2. Though I only tested using the single ended plug and could not provide a detailed sound compare between the 3 since I only demoed for 20 minutes or less. But I can say that the 1A is closer to neutral sound than both the zx2 and 1z.
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  15. Gosod
    The Zx2 was a good player for its time.
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