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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Nov 16, 2014.
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  1. Leviticus
    It all depends on how you intend to use your ZX2 and what gear you own. If balanced output and native DSD support are must-haves for you, then I would totally splash out another $300 on a WM1A. Also, if you live in Europe you can easily remove the volume cap of a WM1A. This might be of interest to you if you have fully-sized headphones that are hard to drive. The European ZX2, unfortunately, seems to be uncrackable in this regard.

    Yet Sony's proprietary operating system, which the WM1A uses, doesn't allow for third-party streaming apps such as Spotify and the like. Like I said, it all depends on how you want to use your ZX2.
  2. lesale08
    I would say it's still a good price considering the 2-year warranty coverage. Mine's already past it's warranty period and over a year old of usage from the first owner. What I do know is that the previous owner never really get to use this player for it's intended purpose that much. I can say from the songs listed internally, they are all in AAC format and not a single flac file at the very least with only 9gb worth of storage used.
  3. jscmd2000
    How is the sq of ZX2 compared to WM1A? Considering WM1A is about 2? years ahead in technology, which can be considerable in audio world, may be much better. But, what is up with no wifi? And no tidal? Are you kidding me?!

    That is my go to place these days. I used to buy and download high res music all the time but got tired of listening to the same stuff over and over. I love discovering new music on tidal, listening to different versions and interpretations of Mahler symphonies, performed by the best like Royal Concertgebow, Berlin Philharmonic, LSO, and New York Philharmonic with only a few clicks...it's like being in heaven. The things that float our boats!

    I would definitely have the WM1A in my hand right now listening to it if it had wifi. Would not think twice. And definitely sneak in some Z1R here the there to satisfy my bass-head tendencies.
  4. cfc7

    Native DSD is not a must have for me.
    Balanced yes, but the ZX2 has the TRRS. Is there such a big difference from this to real balanced?
    I'll be using it only with IEMs and not full-sized headphones - IE800 and ES Velvet. Will the ZX2 drive them properly? I've read about these 2 as being not so easy to drive as they need some power to reach their full potential.
    I'm not for the third-party streaming apps but I don't want to be limited to the stock player only. Actually I'm very interested to use some other Android good players.
  5. trajan7
    I liked the ZX2. The only problem was that it had an old OS which you couldn't upgrade, which was annoying. I really didn't care about anything apps from android. I just want to listen to my flac collection :) SQ above all.
  6. kertong
    I guess that depends. For me, the biggest concern is android and the lack of updates. If you only play flac/dsd you'll be fine - but I like to stream spotify on the go, and for that, it's a liability. We can store older APKs and sideload them if an update breaks - but that won't prevent spotify from updating their API to lock out versions older than $x, for example. I've even heard older androids may work on spotify but the "extreme" quality option is disappearing.

    I'm pretty torn - part of me wants to hoard ZX2's and pick up one or two more. Batteries wear out and it doesn't seem easily replaceable on these - and I feel like this is such a unique device with a sound signature that will be hard to find elsewhere. And I love the body/weight/ergonomics/battery life.

    Tough call but if fresh android and spotify/tidal support is a must, I'd be wary of spending that kind of cash on this zx2. But if you're content to just play flac's off a card or memory for the next few years, you'll be fine imo!
  7. cfc7
    Well, as I said in the previous post, I'm not going to use third-party streaming apps, just playing music files from memory or card.
    But I'll be very interested to use any Android player if there are other options better than the stock one.
  8. Richter Di
    I use a my ZX2 with a tidal equivalent from France called Qobuz. Found a way to re-route the downloaded content. Since then the crashes are more seldom. I really love my ZX2 and use it with my Hifiman HE500 (TRRS cable), Mitchell & Johson MJ2 (TRRS), Sennheiser HD 630 VB (standard), Beyerdynamic DT 1770 Pro.
  9. mahesh

    Hi guys thx for the tip
    My ZX2 now has 20percent more volume.
    Last edited: May 13, 2017
    emilsoft likes this.
  10. emilsoft
    Glad to hear it worked
  11. Richter Di
    My ZX2 crashed while the Root Device was at approx. 80 percent.
    Did not try it again-
  12. emilsoft
    I had to attempt if few times before it worked for me. Also the rooting app might restart the ZX2 during the rooting process making it seem like it crashed, maybe that's what happened.
  13. lesale08
    What else can you do on a rooted zx2?
  14. Richter Di
    Ah oky. Maybe I am just not up for the suspense.
  15. cfc7
    What happens if the rooting process fails?
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