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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Nov 16, 2014.
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  1. Kalemkolik
    İ have got ie800 iem. Which product should i buy zx2 or lg v20? İ founded second zx2 (580usd) like new. Should i buy ? i think that sony zx2 is very old product. İ cant sure.

    Please can you help me ?
  2. WillB
    WARNING ABOUT SONY. I spent $1200 on the Sony Walkman NW-ZX2 when it came out in early 2015. It came with Android 4.2.2 and is still running 4.2.2. I have contacted Sony several times through many channels about upgrading the version of Android that the device is running but Sony absolutely refuses to upgrade Android on their own Walkman device. It's not like they don't have the knowledge; Sony has Android phones and tablets which they do update. They've just decided that those of us who spent the $1200 on the NW-ZX2 aren't worth the trouble. As Android advances and apps are adapted to the new versions of Android, app comparability is starting to become a problem. Get this: Sony's own Android app "Sony Music Center", which replaced Song Pal - which is no longer available - will not install on Android 4.2.2 showing error message " Your device isn't compatible with this version". It's Sony's own hardware and software! This new Walkman NW-WM1Z does not run on Android. It runs on proprietary software. That will limit your audio source choices and you still have no guarantee at all if you're going to get any firmware or software. Stay away from Sony's audio devices. They'll burn you. It's not worth it especially considering that the NW-WM1Z costs $3200. There are other brands and devices out there. You don't need Sony. Look elsewhere. 
  3. MH01

    I feel your frustration. Though this has always been the case with Sony. I bought my ZX2 expecting the android version to never get updated. Having owned many Sony devices, including thier highend cameras, don't expect software or firmware updates. I got a Sony RX1...... same story.

    Still love the ZX2, great player and I don't need the latest version of android etc.

    So in summary, all Sony devices suffer from lack of updates, unless it's the PlayStations. I can't say they will burn you , cause my experience from getting burnt actually comes from Apple, where they will allow you to upgrade your device to the latest software, without the ability to go back, and your device runs like crap. I'd love to roll back my iPad 2 and iPhone 4 to the version of software they originally came with......careful what you ask for :) I'd prefer for my ZX2 to remain on 4.2.2 as apposed to going the apple route and having a super slow unusable device that I paid £1200 for, and I'm an apple fan boy . If ain't broke .....don't fix it .
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  4. zeddun
    Also is the fact that the ZX2's processor chip may not be powerful or fast enough to run later versions of Android.
  5. highfidelity69
    My ZX2 runs every Android app just fine, a bit on the slow side booting them up, but still runs them, I even run chromecast "Google home" to stream music to my home theater surround system, no cables to plug in. Running Android is just a plus with this DAP, it's not it's main purpose, it's main purpose is to play hi resolution files,and pay them it does, in a sublime way.
  6. malcolm.mcintyre
    Very well put. I think we are conditioned to believe that updates are upgrades, but if a device is working properly, why "fix" it.
    I bought the ZX-2 as a high-end portable DAP with a decent in-built DAC and amplifier, and it still performs well in that role. Incidently, I also have an RX-1, and worried about the lack of update, but why? It still has a lovely lens and takes great photos.
    My point is, that paying for decent hardware isn't a mistake, and downloading bits of code won't change that.

    Having said that, I admit that I sometimes use the ZX-2 for Spotify, and will be a bit annoyed if the ancient Android stops that from working at some point.
  7. Buddhahacker
    Ultimately, you have to decide if you are purchasing a purpose built device or a general all purpose one.  The vast majority of DAPs are purpose built. They do one thing really well i.e. playing music.  These have proprietary operating systems or heavily restricted Android. A few  DAPs allow for some apps to be installed by opening up their Android OS.  But, they are still purpose built.  A very few existing/future DAPs will be more open and have more capability but from what I have seen/heard these are also not as good at playing music as the purpose built devices.  If you want a device which runs apps really well and play music then a smart phone is the better fit. Be aware that these also have planned obsolescence built in.  An iPhone 4 couldn't run the latest iOS 3 years after it's release. 
    Ultimately, you need to decide what you want in a device.  One that is purpose built, one that is more generic or maybe something in between.  To not investigate a DAP simply because it is expensive and is built primarily for one purpose is not a good recommendation.  
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  8. Raketen
    To be fair Android updates are probably not always up to the DAP or Phone maker, for instance Qualcomm infamously dropped support for the 800 chipsets used in Xperia Z3 and refused to make drivers for new Android versions so makers like Sony and HTC were out of luck, even if they wanted to update their Android builds.
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  9. highfidelity69
    Exactly, Apple with ios does the same thing. As I stated above, no issues with Android apps and my ZX2, it's not the swiftest to open them up, but they work, even chromecast.
  10. Richter Di
    Unfortunately my Qobuz app crashes all the time constantly. Very annoying. It was one of the main reasons to buy the Sony ZX2. So yes, I like to have an upgrade.
  11. highfidelity69
    Did you contract the app developer, this happened to me with the DiRadio app some time ago, the app developer send me a version that would work with my ZX2 until they fixed the issue with future updates, which they did.
  12. MH01

    Spot on. We are so used to seeing devices ship full of bugs and unfinished that we expect to get regular updates. It was a better user experience before the ability to flash firmware on everything, devices were tested very well. And taking my ZX2 and RX1, sony did thier testing. Lack of updates means I've had a great user experience for a long time with them. A new version of OS brings new bugs and issues.....

    Planned obolosence is what gets me , and I hate it. ZX2 can stay 4.2.2 where it's perfectly usuable unlike my iPhone 4 :frowning2:
  13. talan7
    Tidal stopped working correctly on my zx2. Every time I quit out then relaunch I would need to sign in again. It also started having problems with offline music. I uninstalled the app and went to reinstall it and now I get the message "your device isn't compatible with this version." Did tidal just update and leave us zx2 owners in the dust? I only stream tidal! Luckily I just bought the fiio x5 gen3 so I have something but this sucks.
  14. talan7
    I can't get tidal to load onto the zx2 at all. I reset to factory specs and still it won't install tidal. Whatever you do, if you have tidal installed now on your zx2, whatever problems you have, don't uninstall it. You won't be able to get it back.
  15. mathi8vadhanan
    You can sideload the apk file and install it?
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