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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Nov 16, 2014.
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  1. Sinarca
    Many thanks ! [​IMG]
  2. Gosod
    ZX2 is a good player, but why is it heavier than the zx1?
  3. Sleepow

    I have tried to search the forum but did not find a definitive answer:
    Can a 256gb card be used on the ZX2?
    I have seen people saying it recognizes the slave on a 200gb one, but could not find confirmation that it plays all the music of a fully loaded card (and nothing about 256gb)
  4. kempneal
  5. kempneal
    Yes it does (on mine anyway)
  6. moemoney
    Yes it does work I just put one in mind the only problem it takes a long time to gather a database you'll think it's not working or it's broke but it's not just takes long time for it to get that initial database started after that it works fine, after the first time it'll load to the database normally
  7. Sleepow
    Ordered a card so will be spending evenings loading it
  8. Sleepow
    And as advised, the 256DG card works flawlessly :)
  9. clkt
    Anyone here using armband (for joggers) that can hold the ZX2 with some spaces remaining? 
  10. Gosod
    what is the amount of memory determines Zx2? He sees only 230 GB or more?
  11. gerelmx1986

    the memory of zx2 113GB, the 256GB SD card = 238GB
  12. Gosod
    Oh for 8GB more than I expected.[​IMG]
  13. malcolm.mcintyre
    Well I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but when I try 200 Gb cards, the database update freezes at 35 percent, and sticks there. Two different Sandisk cards tried.
    Not too bothered though, because the SD card slots in my new Audi reads them fine, so I am enjoying 400Gb music storage in the car audio system without even having to carry a player.
  14. proedros
    35% is where the reading takes a time to move on , wait - maybe you have bad cards ?
  15. moemoney
    your card should be fine I had to same problem at 35% it just takes a long time for the database to build itself be patient you may have to leave it on all night but once it's built it'll work fine, I have a 256 in mind.
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