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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Nov 16, 2014.
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  1. NoMythsAudio
    We need to be careful and sensitive in responding to a post, lest we portray ourselves in a manner un-befitting.
    You have no idea if this person has a medical condition whereby he may be partially deaf in one ear or has tinnitus worse in one ear. Yet you have chosen to advice him to go check his hearing before he damages them. 
    I will suggest if there's no direct answer to a specific gadget-related question, one avoids going on a tangent and offering advice, especially one that is medical in nature.
    Just my two cents.
  2. highfidelity69
    I meant no ill will, I had the same issue he had for some time, then cooled off on head gear for a while, and it helped. I just don't want to see someone do damage to their hearing.
    proedros likes this.
  3. NoMythsAudio
    Fair enough. 
    I appreciate you humility.
  4. highfidelity69
    Seriously, I don't believe my post came across as deragetory or hateful in any way shape or form. People need to realize that with today's powerful amps and extremely loud headgear that you can do serious damage to your hearing, which is a terrible thing, and can cause serious quality of life issues later in life.
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  5. chancee
    No worries all... yes, mild ringing in my right year. But not from headphones, from listening to music too loud during college, in my 20's, etc. Spent many concerts in the first few rows too close to the stage... it doesn't really get worse with headphones since I don't listen to them loud. But I have to limit it to no more than an hour a night or it will get worse for a bit and I have to take a break for a few days.

    I'll look into downloading some of the players suggested... thanks!
  6. emilsoft
    Look what I managed to change today on my volume capped Sony ZX2 EU.. if people are still interested I can post instructions - it's not so straightforward as it involves a Chinese root tool which might install bloatware on your device and might not work (it didn't work for me on first attempt), and to be done at your own risk of course
    gifts will be accepted.. I'm in a desperate need of headphone amp for my HD650 :) 
  7. Sinarca
    Hi, I'm interested, although I'm not a genius of PC [​IMG]
    But if you have been successful, I could try it at my own risk.
    Could you quantify the increase in volume ?
  8. emilsoft
    gain about 20% volume.. won't drive HD600 or anything but it drives my pinnacles P1s nicely now! 
  9. Sinarca
    Thank, I don't think 20% for me is enough to risk.... 
  10. proedros
    Japan ZX2 is around 30-40% louder than the EU model (i owned both so i speak from experience)
  11. willywill
    ZX2 didn't have enough power to drive the P1 for me, a bought a balanced cable and now i only use it with the Sony PHA3. Biggest benefit is soundstage, the PHA3 really open it up.  
  12. hongky
    Please post instruction
    Would you try to install Viper4Android ?
    It would be great if V4A work on ZX2
  13. Sinarca
    If the increase is 40%, then I change my mind and would like to risk. Please add me for the instructions.... :wink:
  14. kms108

    I'm not a tech in this, but have seen many people deal with all these hacking, but if you can change the volume_limit= 1 to volume_limit=0, it should disable the volume limit.
  15. emilsoft
    All righty - these are the steps I took to root my ZX2 and tweak the system config to disable the volume cap. I don't guarantee this will work for you, and do it at your own risk - if you brick or damage your ZX2 it's not my fault! and the Chinese root tool will likely install some bloatware apps or who knows what other dodgy stuff it does 
    First select: Settings >> Security >> Unknown sources on your device.
    Download the following apps from google play:
    ES File Explorer (or other file explorer)
    On your ZX2 download the APK from this URL: root.360.cn  (mobile version download)
    Go to your downloads folder and install the downloaded APK - accept security warnings. Open the rooting app and press the large center circular button (need to be connected to wifi).. the app will start trying to root your devices and display percentage - you might see security warnings from Android, just accept them and keep going - once it's done you might see a sad face, if so, try again by pressing the circular button..  eventually I managed to get successfull root (different icon to sad face), you're in business.. I had to attempt few times before it worked for me.
    Once Rooted:
    0. set root access in settings of ES File Explorer - root tool popup warning will come up > accept on left button i think (in Chinese)
    1. you can access /configs/region.zip   
    2. copy paste region.zip back it up to your own folder just in case
    3. unzip /configs/region.zip  (you might need unzip app from playstore)  
    4. edit region.prop (you might need a text editor from play store): 
    ro.sony.walkman.euvollimit (add one more zero to the end of the integer value)
    5. save it, zip it up and put it back like it was before /configs/region.zip but with the changed values
    6. Restart your device and voila, louder by about 20-30% 
    7. Optional: uninstall root tool and bloatware 
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