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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Nov 16, 2014.
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  1. NoMythsAudio
    4.4 mm is also available on the new Sony PHA-2A dac/amplifier.
  2. chancee
    Thanks for the responses about Tidal.  I'm having a tough time trying to decide whether to get the WM1A or ZX2... I think not being able to stream Tidal or anything else would be a big blow.  I've spent a couple weeks reading through the WM1A thread and other than obvious hype from people having just bought the WM1A, many of the reviews are mixed and don't say the WM1A's sound quality is necessarily far and away better.  Some actually saythe WM1A is a bit more clinical and on the dry side.
    I'll be using campfire jupiter's, Lyra 2, and maybe my fostex th-900's, which I actually listen to out of my iphone 6 sometimes and they still sound great..  I guess LCD-2's would be a no go though.
  3. Gosod
    I think that you like, Zx2 more-than-WM1a, it's just more money in it the sound is not different from the Zx2 too much.
  4. twice tzuyu
    Does anyone know where can I get a 3.5mm TRRS to 2.5mm TRRS adapter for the ZX2
  5. Duncan Moderator
    it's 3.5 to 3.5

    2.5 is for AK players
  6. nc8000 Contributor

    He probably have a headphone cable terminated for AK balanced and want ti use it with Sony
  7. twice tzuyu
    Yes you're right im looking for a 3.5mm TRRS to 2.5mm balanced TRRS
  8. mathi8vadhanan
    Check out this one from norne
  9. twice tzuyu
  10. twice tzuyu
    Does anyone know will a 3.5mm TRRS plug work with a regular unbalanced 3.5mm TRS port?
  11. nc8000 Contributor

    No, you will only get sound in on side
  12. TooFrank
    I haven' used a card for Tidal :wink:storage but maybe it is not allowed because Tidal don't want you to be able to take the card out for potentially to use it on another device. Saving Tidal stuff on internal memory works like a charm..:wink: I
  13. chancee
    Does anyone know if you can adjust the volume on the ZX2 to lean more towards the left or the right?  I would like it to be just a little louder on the right side.  Thanks
  14. rookie2009
    I don't believe it's possible with the stock player to adjust left/right balance,but you can do this with Gonemad player if you download it from the play store.. :)
  15. highfidelity69
    I suggest you go see a doctor to check your hearing, you might be doing irreparable damage to your hearing, a small break in head gear might help, also tone down the volume if you can't do what I recommended. It is also natural to hear a little better from each ear, same goes for your vision, one eye is always a bit stronger than the other.
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