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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Nov 16, 2014.
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  1. rookie2009

    That can only be done on the newer models WM1A and WM1Z..ZX2 is android based so a no go unfortunately.
  2. Lavakugel
    Thanks therefore I have to look that it's not a eu-version I'm buying :)
  3. rookie2009

    If you disable the sound enhancement app on the zx2,you will also get a bump in the performance in terms of volume... [​IMG]
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  4. proedros
    let him find a non-eu zx2 first and we can tell him the little easter eggs available [​IMG]
    i see zxboth 2 + wm1a in your profile , care to share how they sound in comparison ?
    thank you
  5. rookie2009

    I'm still in the burn in process of my WM1A as I only got it recently and still gotta get a 4.4 cable too [​IMG] So will report back at a later date. Early impressions are positive though. Off to list my ZX2 in the classifieds [​IMG]
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  6. NoMythsAudio
    Thinking of picking up a ZX2. I have Sennheiser HD700 just as in your picture. How does it pair with the ZX2?
  7. willywill
    You need portable DAC/AMP, most DAP are weak for full size headphone
  8. Richter Di
    Okay, I am pretty sure this has beed discussed before but I am not able to find it.
    How do I install USB drivers on the Sony NW-ZX2 so I can use them with my DAC (Meier Audio Corad Daccord-ff)? Thanks!
  9. zeddun
    I don't believe you need any windows drivers. You would need the proper WM to USB cable to use the ZX2 as a source for your external DAC.
  10. Richter Di
    Which I have. My ifi DAC works fine with it.
  11. Conext

    FWIW, here's my thought on the ZX2 + HD700 pairing:
    TLDR: Good.
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  12. Richter Di
    Great tip. Thank you! Now my Beyerdynamic DT 1770 Pro really work a the ZX2.
    Stangely the Sony original music player has a boost, but poweramp player has not. Anything in the poweramp setting (Alpha build 703) I could do to have him also use the boosted way?
  13. rookie2009

    Sorry man, I don't know much about poweramp as I never used it. Don't remember reading anything about it on this thread either to be honest..
  14. nc8000 Contributor
    The disabling of sound enhancements only affect the stock player as far as I know, not any third party apps
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  15. rookie2009

    That's probably accurate as if I am listening to Tidal or any streaming app you have to turn the volume up a lot higher than the stock player [​IMG]
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