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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Nov 16, 2014.
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  1. goody
    ok so i need an IEM that i can then recable ..i have a cheap chinese senfer 4in1 coming i dont know how it sounds but i might use that for the recabling
  2. nc8000 Contributor

    The essential part is that you need a cable with 4 wires all the way to the plug from the drivers (2 from each driver).
  3. Dithyrambes
    I dunno if its been mentioned but before music playback....make sure the sound adjustment app process is killed, not just disabled. The sound sounds different with the process on even when disabled
  4. Gosod
    this player nine headphones with minimal OhM
  5. Dithyrambes
    I think I found a way to maximize the zx2's performance......
    I read this sound enhancement guide on the thread but was wondering if you tried the following. I found the zx2 to sound very different under 3 conditions. 
    1 is with the sound enhancements on and off of course
    2 is your way with turning sound enhancement off on the settings->app->under all.
    3rd one I found out today is enabling sound enhancements then disabling the sound enhancements......then going to settings -> apps -> and going to running tab and not the all tab.....and kill the sound enhancement track on the running tab. It should be 5 megabytes or so. Then restart the same track.
    3rd option i found makes the ZX2 absolutely 100% neutral signature.....compared to the warm sound you get from completely disabling the 20.0k app in all and getting this mushy sound that is dark with recessed lower treble and super strong bass....detailing is much better and there is much more energy in the sound that people complained about. IMO it sounds much better. Try this guys and let me know. I can definitely hear the difference with my studio monitors here for sure.
  6. CraftyClown

    Could you explain your third step in more detail? I'm intrigued and may give it a go this evening
  7. Dithyrambes
    Turn on your zx2. Open Sound Enhancement app. Check Clearaudio+ then Uncheck it. Press app drawer icon bottom right corner. Swipe it to close it. Its still running in the background though. So you go to Settings-> Apps.....then go to the third tab labeled running.....not the last one labeled all. Stop the Sound Adjustment app....it'll ask you....do you want to close it. It might make other apps stop working.....click yes. Now listen to your music in your music player. It'll be totally neutral and amazing!
    If you want to hear the difference, then while playing the song....lower the volume......and go to Settings->Apps go to the last tab labeled all and stop the Sound adjustment app. The volume will spike and the sound will change. bass will be overpowering and the lower treble will be recessed. It is night and day difference with vocals. Let me know your experience.
  8. Gosod
    someone can suggest an app that can make the sound player louder?
  9. nc8000 Contributor

    No such thing to my knowledge
  10. Whitigir
    I am getting amazing sound from Zx2 > TRRS > Z7 (modified).

    Who said Zx2 has not enough power to drive Z7 ? Hell I am barely 55% in volume

    Of course it has different sound signature than my Pha-3, but it is damn good.
  11. Gosod
    you have perfect hearing, I have not.
  12. Conext
    After the unveiling of the 1A and 1Z and much hemming and hawing, I have decided to stick with the ZX2 for now. I'm honestly not interested in chasing additional, hypothetical increases in sound quality. Rather, I'm more interested in an all-around DAP. And the 1A and 1Z eschew a lot of features which I value. Similarly, a lot of competitors don't QUITE seem to have their act together in regards to building a solid, stable Android implementation, or have poor support for media management, or have poor battery life, etc.
    So to celebrate my decision (or rather as a way of forcing me to stand by my decision and not be swayed by a seductive competitor), I decided to sink some cash into a new case for the ZX2—from Dignis.
    I had the white/beige one previously and did not like it at all. The leather itself was thin, and cardboard-y, had a poor texture and an ugly color in most light, frankly. I decided to get the red one this time. I figure, in the world of high-end DAPs, why settle for pedestrian colors? The more ostentatious, the better. Much like exotic super cars. Sure you could get a Ferrari in black or silver. But they really look best in "Arrest Me" Red.
    And I can say the leather on this version is much more appealing compared to the white/beige.
    Dithyrambes and NoMythsAudio like this.
  13. Dithyrambes
    damn i want one too :frowning2:
  14. MarkTwain

    Wow... looks good!

    Holding back on the Dignis as it seems that it does not protect the bottom part? Using the Cruzerlite (also has a igadgetz) silicon case as it protects all the corners and edges including the bottom part. But really like the premium leather of Dignis though.....
  15. yakkosmurf
    Can the ZX2 put out native DSD to the PHA3, or does it convert it to PCM first?
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