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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Nov 16, 2014.
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  1. Conext
    Unlike a lot of folks on Head-Fi, the quality of sound reproduction is not #1 in my book. I've always been more of a gadget-lover. It's for that reason why I enjoy the ZX2 so much. Yes, the sound quality is outstanding—it surprised me just how much better it sounded compared to an iPod or even the ZX1. But I place more value on it's secondary and ancillary features, such as full-blown Android, with it's ability to play back local videos, or YouTube or Angry Birds or Tidal, or view a quick web page or two. And obviously, the battery life is the cherry on top. In my estimation, I'd like a really expensive device to be capable of doing more than just playing back music well in order to justify its purchase price.
    To me, the 1A and 1Z are a bit disappointing in those regards. Although, they do interest me with respect to the new S-Master chip and extra power. But I don't know if those aspects are enough to entice me to upgrade. Right now, the only new DAP that really has my attention is the Cayin i5—primarily because it's full-blown Android with all the capabilities of the ZX2, but also with a lot more power. But it too has it's draw-backs, in that it doesn't have any balanced out, is only running Android 4.4 (which frankly, doesn't have much more longevity left compared to 4.2 in the ZX2), the battery life is a lot less than the ZX2, and I have my doubts that Cayin can craft a stable, non-buggy implementation of Android.
    The Onkyo DP-X1 is also interesting. But I've read more than one report complaining about the flimsy 2.5mm jack, crummy battery life and buggy Android implementation. That's one area where Sony (thanks to its history of building Android phones) really outshines most other DAP manufacturers.
  2. bavinck

    There is something to what you say. I bought the fiio x7 for its android and sq features. It sounds great, but the android implementation is very buggy. I am finally giving up on it, having just purchased a zx2.
  3. Whitigir
    I don't know about you, but for me, I love the new 1A and Z. It has everything a person ask for from a portable device. Simply 250mW with 10 hour playback native DSD ? What else can last this long ? 35 hours FLAC high-resolution.....omg.
  4. 329161
    That's awesome. The Sony cable is compatible with the SE846? How's the sound? Which model Sony is that? Cheers.
  5. Cagin
    poke over to the AR m20 thread :wink:
  6. Conext
    Yeah, I looked at it briefly. It may sound strange, but there was one design decision that really turned me off: no dedicated buttons for track control. If you want to switch tracks, you'd need to turn on the screen and use the UI to skip. I may have to give it and the M2 a closer look, however.
  7. bavinck

    Dude, thanks for the heads up. Exactly what I have been looking for. Just hit the pay button:) 20% discount too tempting.
  8. Cagin
    I had discarded the M2 because of battery and hiss with ultra sensitive iems. I was interested in getting the m20, but that was before my wish for answered with the mw1z haha
  9. Duncan Moderator
    Funny, I moved to the M2 for a short while, as it has less background noise than the ZX2 with the SE846...
  10. pindu
  11. Cagin
    you're damn right Duncan! The zx2 is very noisy. It was a deal breaker for me, that's why I had sold mine and kept the DP-X1 (Sony UI speed was also slower to navigate but it wasn't a major reason to ditch it).

    The japanese walkman interviews article gives me a tangible hope that Sony has correctly adressed this with the wm1z

    Was considering to move from the DP-X1 to the AR m20 for more battery, until Sony woke up again from its slumbering siesta ^^
  12. audioxxx
    It depends on the sensitivity of your IEM'S, for me there's only a slight hiss, barely noticeable on the solar.

    Plug the shure se530 in and you can't use them, they hiss to much. So the zx2 has goto be a match to your IEM'S.

    If you stop some if the running stuff in the UI's background the speed is just OK. However it's very slow, but never glitches for me in music playback.
    If you ever get a chance try test the solar with the zx2, i can't get enough of this.
  13. goody
    quick question guys i have just got the ZX2 ...i love everything about it the build quality is superb!! the soundstage and layering of the sound but i think the bass is a bit soft ....what do i do to get that bass to slam a bit more i have some bass heavy headphones but it does not seem to work 
  14. audioxxx
    Congratulations, Go into the EQ and turn up clear bass, it works really well for me at around 6 to full, should do the trick, otherwise you may need more sensitive IEMs or headphones.

    Also if it's brand new, it needs 200 to 300 hours, this will affect the bass as well.
  15. goody
    OK thanks i will do that ...i was worried about the screen resolution being low but it is not at all it is bright and detailed...i tried to use other 3rd party apps for music i still like the stock app better so far
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