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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Nov 16, 2014.
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  1. gearofwar

    Considering your ZX2 has been burnt-in considerably. Give it DP-X1 atleast 150 hours. Sabre dac in my old R10 took over 300 hours to fully reach potential ...
  2. davidmolliere
    Well said, I agree with you on all points, while I do miss the organic feel and musicality, I think the DP-X1 will pair well with warmer headphones bringing life to their "weak" points (DP-X1 + NightHawk is *very* musical!) on the other hand ZX2 will pair well with neutral headphones / IEM. One thing to consider too, is that the DP-X1 has 5 to 10 times more power (150mW in balanced mode), and it also seems to drive headphones with more authority.
  3. rushofblood
    Another thing of note is that ZX2 has a MUCH MUCH higher noise floor than the DP-X1 despite the lower output power.
  4. Whitigir

    Yeah, I need to pair it with Z7 to see how well it would do here :D.
    Not sure if solid state does really burn-in :D. My brain needs burn-in though before I can put in some review on DP-X1
  5. proedros
    after 2-3 days with poweramp, I went back and i tried again Gonemad/onkyo players ,and i like poweramp better

    will definitely be buying the poweramp alpha version once it is up for grabs
    i am still not sure how much difference the DSEE effect has, but i leave it on anyway
    i haven't heard the stock player since 2015 [​IMG]
  6. Whitigir

    Yeah :p . It is that good isn't it :D
  7. Whitigir
    Now, I found a way that 3rd party app can play well and access toward the DAC on DP-X1. Now I can then progress toward the comparison against Zx2 on a fair ground for both

    Poweramp alpha - TRRS balanced - solid silver - Th900 ZX2 VS DP-X1 !!!
    proedros likes this.
  8. gearofwar
    Every device needs considerate burnt-in time for resistors, capacitors to reach their stability. Are you denying that ZX2 doesn't need burnt-in for those OS-CON? I have burnt-in ZX2 for too long. When ZX2 was about 100 hours, it sounded even worse than R10..
    Also DP-X1 has 3 settings for Clock and 3 settings Digital Filter. Wonder if you have tried all of them for this comparison. For someone who used to have ZX2, this device ways surpasses in SQ. But Convenience still goes to ZX2 
  9. Whitigir
    Zx2 needed burn-in for sure, that is because they use OS-Con Capacitors and super-capacitors. I am not so sure about these little solid capacitors blocks and transistors to need burn-in ? Perhap we shall see
  10. gearofwar
    Some people who got it before November told me that this device needs burnt-in and in beginning it didn't really sound that good. 
  11. clkt
    5th day of owning the ZX2, I admit that I have not listened to it with my IEMs. Just using it to play on my car's speakers via aux. Guess that's more than enough of 'burn-in' for the ZX2. Time for some good listening! 

    ps: bought Poweramp on the very first day since its cheap, so i'll listen to it straight without touching the default music player app.
  12. proedros
    you need the new alpha version that's free to download from a link that @Whitigir  shared here 3-4 pages ago
  13. clkt
    My verdict so far:
    1) I'll stick with stock player. Sounds nice to me idk why.
    2) ZX2 is fantastic!
    3) Can't wait to go TRRS :p
    Yup, that's the one I downloaded and there's a little alpha logo at the bottom left of the app icon. 
  14. Caruryn
    Υes,Trrrs is worth the money,more detail,blacker backround,cleaner sound,better placement of instruments.All very subtle though.Good quality  silver cable from Lavricables,thanks to Whitigir for suggesting it.
    On a side note Σωτηράκι δεν κοιμήθηκες ακόμα,δεν δουλεύεις αύριο?
  15. Whitigir

    Oh you are totally welcome :D. Since I have DP-x1 here, it is crazy that Onkyo is challenging both designs by Sony and A&K by implementing Active Controlled Grounds and Balanced modes. Here is the effects and improvements that Onkyo confirmed

    ACG drive gives greater stability: increased S/N ratio; greater spatial dimensionality, and clean sound; greater deliniation for lower frequencies in Hi-Res audio, and overall robust and taut sound.
    BTL drive supplies increased power.

    So rest assure that Zx2 separate controlled ground provides improvements :D...damn, I fought for this for a while, good thing Onkyo confirmed it. Now you can see why I am obsessed with zx2 TRRS ? Lol
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