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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Nov 16, 2014.
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  1. Hifi59
    Well you guys do make a great fish and chips plate!
    We still love our England friends!
    Seriously though, Europe taxes are crazy high.
  2. nc8000 Contributor

    Unless Apple Music is required as that app will not work on Android 4.2 and I expect that other apps will follow that trend so new versions might no longer work on ZX2
  3. Daxterous
    Seems I got the ZX2 at a good time :)
    Poweramp is one of the players I had already on my trusty Note 4, and the code works in whitigir  link.
    Always have used Poweramp on the phone because it has the best interface, so that's just a bonus now that it marries the ZX2 so nicely.
    Thanks for keeping us all up to date whitigir :)
  4. Nephorsis
    Not sure if anyone has made the comparisons in here before but was wondering if anyone had compared the Astell&Kerns with Sony DAPs before..?
  5. mcemce13
    Compared to an AK120ii I liked better the Sony. I did miss some features of the AK like the DAP acting as a DAC connected to the computer USB. I guess Sony want ppl to buy the PHA 3 for that.
  6. Nephorsis
    Did the non-expandable memory cause any issues for you? :)
  7. Whitigir

    You are very welcome :) I am always glad to help
    proedros likes this.
  8. cjpinner
    Well said Witigir! This is exactly what I found, I kept feeling like something wasn't quite right with the stock player, I felt it had an overall darkness to the sound that lost some fine detail. It seemed like there was always a tiny bit of noise flattening the image too. As soon as I tried the power amp alpha I was stunned, it finally felt like "ahhhhh there's the sound I paid for". My only regret is waiting so long to try out different players, I pre ordered this unit so I had been living with the stock players limitations for a while.
  9. mcemce13
    Not really :) I believe that after certain price point (in which the Sony and AK are) is about sound signature preferences. Depending on the type of music you listen, you will like more one signature over another. IMO is not always about better or worse SQ.
    As usual the best is to listen to both and decide, what makes tricky the Sony is the break in period, it REALLY changes after 150 hours. I also own the PHA3, and when new they both sounded very similar, with the PHA3 little more organic. However, after the break in period the NWX is simply much much better, huge sound stage and much more micro details than PHA3.
  10. Whitigir

    Thank you ! Glad that you have found it :D. No worry, the power amp alpha is still new and hot...not even released in the market place :D
  11. Caruryn
    Seriously man Sony should give you a ZX2 for free on promotion reasons alone.I bet one third of ZX2 posts are yours and eagerly awaiting your Onkyo DP-X1 comparizon,although i do feel a ZX2  verdict loss in sound coming.You are livening  the onkyo thread as well as i can see [​IMG]
  12. Whitigir

    Thank you for the kind words ! You should download the new Poweramp alpha :D
  13. cjpinner
    Has anyone figured out how to disable the stock player completely? I'm having an issue where the stock player plays when the screen is off and the physical play button is pushed. This gets pretty irritating when you're controlling the player from your pocket. I've disabled all the lockscreens and everything. 
  14. cjpinner
    I guess I should clarify that this is when I want to use Poweramp exclusively.
  15. Whitigir
    It is still in alpha stage :D
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