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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Nov 16, 2014.
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  1. clkt
    I left my ZX-2 alone for 14 hours, and I was browsing around (screen on) doing the usual new-toy-adjustments and it still has 32% of battery left. 33hours of playback is not kidding you. Definitely worth my $600 lololol. 
  2. willywill
    Battery will last forever if you use it as a music player, but when put a USB DAC battery will not last 50 hours, maybe 20 hours which is still good.
  3. Whitigir
    Less than 12 hours if you transport USB righ-res to external DAC:D ...but why do such ?
  4. willywill
    I need to time it, but i try not to pass 80-85% when i charge, quick question what happen to the LG V10 
  5. complete
    Did you can feed audio to sony ZX2 for flare r2a?
  6. Whitigir
    That is off topic, lol, but I decided to stick with my ancient note 4...nowadays zx2 is with me everywhere and there was problems with my V10 order and such ...so I just gave it up.
  7. proedros
    i think @Whitigir  has gotten another ''home run'' , poweramp sounds very nice [​IMG]

    let's see now if they will have the full version in 15 days when the trial window ends
    i also see him selling his DPX1 , he showed unfaithfulness to his ZX2 mistress and he will have to pay [​IMG]
  8. Whitigir
    Alright, since more than a couple of you guys is enjoying "power amp Alpha". I will go ahead and details what I have found.

    Poweramp alpha solved 2 biggest problems within the Zx2: upper mid/lower trebles regions and slight background noises, these were not well played out in Stock player, disabled sound enhancement did bring them out to be better and more details. Onkyo Hf player app and Gonemad app also did bring these details out, but there would be some "background noises" for all of these above solutions. However, while we were stuck with it, Zx2 were still a good performer with TRRS anyways. Yet, I was still not quiet satisfied, and continue to seek for something better in these 2 reasons "lower-trebles energies, and background noises"

    Voila, then I found Poweramp Alpha "this version is totally different than the one in the Google market place now" alpha is a test version but newest and being developed on. This alpha had new algorithms (audio engine). It captured my moments, attentions, right immediately, which none of the above apps did, and if you have notice...it took me a while to have found those solutions for the above "temporary fix". Yes, the lower-trebles energies were presenting, strongly, very defined, bold, and stand out....next up were the Insturments pace, each of the instruments now have an almost "perfect" pace, timing, and is well defined within each of their own space....next up were the soundstage, yes expansive and immersive, fully immerse me inside a "spherical scape" in a total 3rd dimensional of X-Y-Z and the flows of each effects running within this space is "fluid" and see no hesitation at all.

    Better yet, I enabled my sound adjustment app, and turned on DSEE HX....my jaws dropped once again, this tiny, little, details of the lower-trebles energies and the instruments that dwell within this regions "pop" with "emotions" and "rhythm"...I am talking about those little hand shake devices, little hand held hi-hat and cymbals.....magically though, the "noises" that I heard before and was very ugly to me.....Gone! I told myself "what da fun ?" I thought these noises and slight "hiss" were from Zx2 "hardware" ? Perhap class D amp weakness ? but now it is gone !

    In replacement of those noises were these beautiful "rhythm , details, clarity, tonal body, space" of these little instruments devices which lay within the lower treble spectrum and upper mid spectrum....these were messy before, and created these noises (were not properly decoded by the app). Luckily my Zx2 had no noises when plugged in headphones without playing anything, even if I open app, run apps on it....so I was very sure to myself that these were noises while playing music. Here I found the reason, and I found a solution for it.

    Enjoy guys, this is the definitive solution to bring Zx2 into another level of musicality experiences: all the missing details you never heard before, or you thought it was lacking, the noises, the uses of DSEE HX technologies. Finally are all pieces and puzzled together. Again. Ironically....wasn't Sony who fixed it....but Poweramp team. I actually "smirked" as I realized how Sony had thought of this before about android, development of 3rd party apps, and they need not lifting a finger to improve their Zx2....lol...while other DAPs including Onkyo newest DP-X1 is not so friendly and welcome 3rd party app.

    Check this post to get this app onto your Zx2, just over the air download and install it directly onto zx2...make sure to allow unknown sources by going to setting and check the box option

    proedros likes this.
  9. proedros
    i think  you said everything that needs to be said about poweramp alpha in your last post-railroad  [​IMG]
    what i can say is that poweramp sounds full+clear+cohesive+ spacious

    i still remember the 'hole in the sound' feeling i got with the stock player (probably the lower treble thing you described) 
    i also like the Poweramp UI , fast and easy to use and folder search option and many great things to play with (the sox resampler is the first thing that comes to mind , i went 'wow' when i saw this particular option)

    i also wonder how many people sold their ZX2 before getting to hear zx2 in its full sonic glory [​IMG] 
    now let's wait for the full version [​IMG] 
    edit : speaking of UI options , does anyone know which one is the best option in the dither selection ? the default option is 'none' (which is the fastest) but i wonder if the other options improve the sound even more [​IMG]
  10. Whitigir
    Yes, they were the holes that you felt :D. Dither is additional noises like pink/white noises, which helps in MP3 and low resolution files and music. It will not help in 16/44.1 and higher :D...select none for the best.

    Dithering how, why :) pick your poison


    Plenty of Zx2 owners and early adopters had sold their Zx2...I blame on Sony, why didn't they make their own stock music app this good to begin with ?
    proedros likes this.
  11. Whitigir
    Probably Sony wanted to have Zx2 to last for 30+ hours....lol, because Poweramp alpha + DSEE HX - drinking it battery away :D...who cares ? At least I got a full day of music with me.

    Sony wouldn't outright saying that, oh for battery purposes zx2 is the best that it can...please use Poweramp alpha for better performances ? Why didn't they just implement the feature of battery saving as standard and highest quality as optional on the stock player ? Why Sony ? Whyyyyy
  12. Hifi59

    Get the Dignis leather case from Amazon or beat. Price ranges from $57-70.00 but well worth it. Gives the player a real
    substantial look and feel.
  13. RPB65

    There is no point. The only reason I got the Sony one was because it was from the EU and so no extra charges. $70 becomes £50, plus 20% VAT = £60, plus Royal Mail or Parcel Force charges for customs = £73 minimum. Just not worth it. That all depends on what postage on Ebay is too. LOL.
    Getting stuff to the UK is shockingly expensive. What they need to learn is that if people made good stuff here, we wouldn't need to keep ordering from the great people of the USA and Japan.
  14. mrhizzo
    Someone can give me some light?

    I was almost buying the new Onkyo DP-X1, but I read about problems with music streaming apps and now I am really confuse.
    The priority is music streaming, but I want to store music, and the Onkyo will be nice because have two slots for memory card.

    My options are the DP-X1, ZX2, Luxury & Precision L5Pro and the Acustic Research M2. Anyone already had the same doubt? I appreciate the help.
  15. Whitigir

    One slot of memory card is good enough. People threw 200gb memory card on it and it works fine. Zx2 is a Good DAP, used one can be found for $600-700 range ? That is right where new DP-x1 would be. Would the Zx2 outperform DP-x1 ? I am not sure, I briefly compared to mojo and I like my zx2 better. I ordered DP-X1 and we shall see. However, the problem is that the DP-X1 is not friendly to 3rd party apps, where as Zx2 will welcome them any time.

    According to this, I would suggest if you stream music a lot, get a zx2 ...
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