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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Nov 16, 2014.
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  1. Whitigir

    You are welcome and Absolutely :) I am glad that you very much enjoying it
  2. nc8000 Contributor

    Yes Jetaudio works fine on iPhone however it also really sucks battery. Playing music for 2 hours took about 50% of a full charge
  3. soundify

    Hmm...isn't that the source code of dp X1 android OS which could be modified somehow? Sorry, I might have missed something?
  4. Whitigir
    Dp-X1 is using Onkyo Hf player app isn't it ? Or Onkyo DP-x1 perhap is using some other app for stock player ?
  5. Whitigir
    I found another app that is working pretty well with Zx2 as well

    Download here
    More info here
    Just download, and no need to use market place. Then install, remember to allow unknown sources on your setting.

    Use ultra high re-sampling rate for the utmost quality
    Setting>audio>revamp Let>Sox resampler


    Zx2 never stop entertaining me with different player apps.
  6. animalsrush

    I have paid version of poweramp and personally Sony stock player sounds way better than it..
  7. Duncan Moderator
    As an alpha build, would say that is a new version...

    Power amp does have one trick up its sleeve, that you can use the Sony effects (DSEE etc) with it that you cannot with say Neutron, but I am a fan of the normalisation filter(?) on Neutron...

    You can never win...
  8. clkt
    Finally got my ZX2 (for a cheap price[​IMG]) and............. its charging  :frowning2:
    can't wait to try it out!

    edit: holy **** 4.2 ! Doesn't seem to be a stock Android 4.2 tho.
  9. Whitigir
    Correct, alpha version allow different filter modes as well.

    There are too many visualization to entertain

    There are too much to customize. It sounds so...good !
  10. audioxxx
    ∆ finally I can use my power amp licence I bought a year ago.

    This sounds great, very impressed with power amp and this alpha release.

    How cool is the ZX2, when you realise how well it's systems, integrate and work with all the apps, so well. It's been rock solid. Never crashed, ever.
    cjpinner likes this.
  11. proedros
    when i connect my ZX2 via the usb cable and select internal storage , it opens my sd card instead and can not 'read' the contents in my zx2 memory
    has anyone else had this problem ?
    is it fixable or should i give it for inspection/repair ?
    edit : it's probably a laptop usb port problem , as i connected it to another usb port (my laptop has 3 different usb ports) and everything is fine now.....
  12. nc8000 Contributor

    Only time I have had ZX2 crash was when a ntfs formatted sd card was inserted, that crashed and rebooted it. Other than that it has been running without being turned of for about 3 months now
  13. Duncan Moderator
    On the player it asks you iirc which memory (internal or SD) you want to access when you connect, is that what you mean?
  14. proedros
    it must be a laptop usb port problem , cause when i choose internal and it either opens sd card memory or nothing at all (can not find it)

    i switched to another laptop usb port and ZX2 connects fine and finds the ZX2 internal memory
    probably a laptop usb port problem - i can live with it [​IMG]
  15. audioxxx

    That's quite an amazing thing to give such good stability, a lot of newly released DAP's, are released as beta fly by nights.
    And use us loyal clients as beta testers. While update after update of it's firmware gets pushed out, some updates possibly sending that DAP backwards.

    That's something we can be grateful Sony didn't burden us with.
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