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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Nov 16, 2014.
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  1. Whitigir
    No noise when playing music ? Like a slight faint noises that sneek right at the air space in between your instruments beats ?
  2. quodjo105
    Who makes the most affordable iem balanced cable with trrs ?.. Any suggestions
  3. Whitigir

    Depends on the cables material you want...cheapest would be DIY (do it yourself)
  4. quodjo105
    well at the moment I'm not able to do it myself so I'd rather pay to have it done . if possible could anyone give a link or suggest somewhere I can source one. As for the material I think I'd prefer a silver cable with 2 pin connector.
  5. echineko
    Ted from headphonelounge makes pretty reasonably priced cables, he does actually make 3.5mm TRRS-terminated cables as well:
  6. Whitigir

    Silver cables, both stranded or solid core are available as the link here

  7. quodjo105
    Thanks very much
  8. audioxxx

    I will be trying out this RSD SG 2.98 cable soon, which is a mix of silver/gold litz cable from Rhapsodio, it looks quality. It should be quite flexible and supple. It also uses kevlar to reinforce it's strength. I'll report back when I have it. I ordered the 4 core.


    There are cheaper cables as well that look very good there. To suit a budget.


    You can have cables wired in TRRS as well.

  9. Whitigir
    Interesting to see your report back on gold/silver. :D however there are already gold on the terminals jacks connections, add in silver would make it silver/gold quality :wink:. Joking lol...enjoy
  10. audioxxx
    Hey, I can always wrap the cable around my neck like a chain it's so exotic.LoL

    Here is the specs on it:

    Looks like a great cable I'll report back once I have it:


    Kelvar Reinforced Litz Construction Silver-gold Alloy Cable
    Warm sounding, addictive rich bass, forward mids and high resolution
    Litz wire construction, every single wire is shielded isolatedly to minimize skin effect
    OCC Alloy wire with 2% gold and 98% silver
    Core made of Kelvar fiber greatly enhances cable durability
    PE surface further enhances durability
    Available in quad-braided/ octa-braided structure
    RSD Gold-plated 3.5mm jack
    CM/MMCX/UE/IM Socket Available
  11. rookie2009
    As @audioxxx mentioned already,Rhapsodio offer some nice cables... @Mahesh got his Solar iems from them today with a trrs connection on the stock cable,hopefully he won't mind me posting his picture in here [​IMG]
  12. quodjo105
    looks really nice..
  13. rookie2009

    He has good taste,he got the black and gold version like me [​IMG]..for a stock cable I think its great Rhapsodio offer such a nice one... I will probably buy a trrs cable off them myself as I never asked for one with my Solar iems..
    Meanwhile...Old school Sony v New school Sony [​IMG]
  14. nc8000 Contributor

    Not enough that I have noticed it, but that might just be my 54 year old ears. It is clearly noticable when no music is playing and the screen is on with my JH13. Nothing at all with Signature Pro.
  15. audioxxx
    The gold specs look really good...
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