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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Nov 16, 2014.
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  1. audioxxx

    Payment is via the Google play store, so by credit card over this end of the world.

    Also try the ztreble 2 in the drop down treble menu within Am3d, it's got a sweeter tone to it. And less fatiguing.
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  2. quodjo105
    If you own the ak100ii could you kindly tell me how the sound compares to zx2 ?.. Any similarities or?..thanks
  3. Chefano
    I have an RWAK100ii and in SQ and battery the ZX2 is in another level.
    The only thing it wins against the ZX2 is the size, its a  good DAP but falls hard behind the ZX2.  
    Edit: AK100ii has a powerfull amp as well. 
  4. quodjo105
    Alright thanks for that.The Ak100ii is currently on massdrop for $459.99 with 7 days to go so was considering joinING the drop .Seems a good price actually.
  5. Caruryn
    Seriously for that price it's a no brainer.Go Ak and then go balanced.Sometimes i think i was born in the wrong place [​IMG] as a music fan.Look at this #@$**! 
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  6. Whitigir
    I was looking into Onkyo DP-X1...but it seems that it may not be compatible with third party app such as jet audio or Gonemad ? Am I this stuck with Zx2 ? What da hell...lol
  7. mike g
    I've downloaded the Jet Audiom app and settings only affect music ripped and dragged onto the zx2 and not tidal (which I expected but thought it worth a few quid to try). I assume AM3d will be the same?
  8. willywill
    Did you get it? it sold out quick
  9. Daxterous
    I bought Jet, it's cheap enough to give it a go, but I haven't listened to it yet because it lags bad. Try going from internal storage to card and it crashes pretty much.
    Is there something I am not doing?
  10. Whitigir

    I have not used the function this way. I only have either SD card or internal storage. Try to use it independently. After all we have android 4.2 lol...
  11. kingdixon

    well its pretty unusable to me too, my library is around 20000 tracks, flac and mp3s.

    i cant actually build the library, it takes forever and i think it hangs at the end, i killed the app then reopened it but didnt build the library, but it showed the songs, moving around is very laggy and sometimes crashes,

    Only way to use it for me to go to all songs, start playing and backward or forward from there.

    Sound at normal playing didnt interest me,

    Enabling am3d makes a big difference, still cant figure to better or worse,

    But i agree the way of equalising here highlights many details that were not heard quite well or even not heard at all.

    with some songs it sounds awesome but with others the treble seems unnatural and the bass kinda distorts,

    If beside the usability, it will need frequent modifications with each song or genre, i guess iam out then :D
  12. Whitigir
    Yeah, without AM3D it is nothing special. Now I love AM3D with Ztreble at 50-60 and bass at 45 or so. That brought out everything :) and I love it.
  13. Daxterous
    I bought the am3d too, but took forever to build  and just crashes.
    I thought perhaps there is a setting or something,
    Could be to do with album art or something,
    I have only tried it in Folder view which is what I always do.
    If I can get it working better I will report how did it :)
  14. nc8000 Contributor

    With 300GB flac it took about 30 minutes to build the library, takes me back to DX50 and DX90. Don't like the gui either so have deleted it again
  15. clkt
    So JetAudio sounds brilliant but it is pretty unusable because of the dreadful lags? :frowning2:
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