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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Nov 16, 2014.
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  1. Caruryn
  2. proedros
    i think what @Whitigir means is where can we get jetaudio from ?

    looks interesting , will purchase the free trial version (thanx , συμπεθερε [​IMG] )
  3. Whitigir
    I found it...I will try it more later, but somehow i am too satisfied with Onkyo and Gonemad that I don't bother looking anymore. Especially the new update from Onkyo Hf player.
  4. muscular
    Have been awhile since im on my TRRS balanced connection, here are my thoughts similar to that of the Electrical and Design Engineer for the ZX2.
    Source: http://www.enjoythemusic.com/magazine/equipment/0315/Interview_Yoshioka_Sony_NW_ZX2.htm
  5. gerelmx1986

    ​I OWNED a HA-2 to use with the Lowly NWZ-A17 ​And it gave this walkman nice SQ via LOD... but whne i got my NW-ZX100 ​actually made it sound bad, I ended preferring the ZX100 SQ direct from the HP-out and ended selling the HA-2
    To be more precise, the HA-2 removed precious resolution to the sound of the ZX100 it made it sound congested and dull
  6. Caruryn
    Just bought Jet Audio Plus and AM3D Audio Enhancement.Much more engaging sound,clarity,fantastic treble quality,deep bass.The 20/band eq alone is worth it.Very pleased,now to find some settings to turn it into Cowon P1.
  7. Whitigir

    Is that so ? Hmm interesting to try out , did you pay for both app ? How do you compare to Onkyo ? If you like EQ, Onkyo has more than 20 bands ...lol. It does show 11 main bands, but you can adjust more than that, literally everything can be adjusted...as long as your little finger tip can fit lol
  8. proedros
    στειλε το λινκ ρε μπαγλαμα [​IMG]
    link, please [​IMG]
  9. Caruryn
    Yes,around 5 euro for plus and 3 something for AM3D Audio enhancement.The virtual soundstage sounds more natural than sonys app and does not alter agressively the sound tone like sonys studio preset e.t.c.I really like the sound much better than onkyo.It's more dynamically alive due to treble.I think this is eq paradise.
  10. Whitigir
    @proedros you should try them out and report back :wink:. This is why I love Zx2....ways too flexible, but we need a firmware upgrade lol...

    Ironically both Onkyo Hf and Gonemad app upgrade even faster and more frequently than Sony itself lol
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  11. Caruryn
    Jet Audio with pluggins :)
    Photo-0003.jpg Photo-0006.jpg
    Photo-0004.jpg Photo-0005.jpg
    Got to get a better phone one of these days[​IMG]
    Is the Lg v10 out in Eu yet?
  12. Sam Edwards
    The new Sure KSE1500's sound great with the Sony digital USB cable. Ordered the line-out to compare. The KSE amp unit appears to be charging from the sony. 
    Totally unrelated topic of DSD. I have over 100 SACD ISO's but I converted them all to 88.2/24 flac using Korg Audiogate on mac for portable use with ZX2 and AK120. The files are way smaller and still sound great. I have about 40 albums in DSF on my iPhone for OTG playback with Onkyo through Mojo, etc, but I'm considering wiping them, because when are you going to hear such a small nuance on the road? 
  13. Whitigir
    So it seems that some people even have their Zx2 going for modding eh ? When will they be replacing the capacitors on Zx2 to a better one lol...
  14. gerelmx1986

    I do this with SACD ISOS i download, convert them to flac 88.2/24, or to avoid the hassle i purchase from qobuz as flac HD
  15. Whitigir
    Oh wow ..... jet audio Plus and it AM3D...I serously do not know how the hell does an app make such differences on devices...perhap algorithms ? Whatsoever ? I just want to say Oh...My...****..God!

    First impressions even when you hear trial for 10 seconds and turn on AM3D...it only allows 10 seconds, and having trebles and bass at 50/50 each. I can hear less sub-bass, good bass body, but trebles....there are trebles details I never heard before ? What the ....and I thought I did pretty good with Onkyo HF player and Gonemad players. I first thought my ears and brain was doing trickery on me to spend more money ? But no...it does not

    I ended up buying both for around $7 or so, yeah, no doubt the bass is good and doesn't distort as much as stock player or Onkyo Hf player or even Gonemad player (24/96 files deep complex bass), and the trebles extend out with much more clarity and resolution while no hash trebles at all...and I am using th900 at this moment right now.

    Perhap I need much more time with it, but this level of trebles and clarity is on another level....Zx2 never seized to amaze me and showing differences on different apps. Somebody even called me out as being a fool to believe that play back apps make the differences...am I a fool ?

    All I can say is that it is damn good, what is it for the price of a coffee and a donut, you get a permanent playback app....try it. This is like bringing the Zx2 onto another level. There is a pre-amp adjustment, and even if I preamp it up to maximum...no distortion when EQ is flat
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