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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Nov 16, 2014.
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  1. echineko
    So... That was a waste :p
  2. SuperTMA
    Sony engineer confirmed it, it convert to PCM


    Im concerned about thisinfo..
    Ive been considering the ZX2 but not playing DSD natively brings me back to the drawing board..
  3. HiFiGuy528
    get AK380 and be happy.
  4. audioxxx
    Don't be fooled buy the conversion, if anyone knows how to handle DSD it would be the creator's of it's format which is "Sony" in conjunction with Phillips. Maybe go and test one if you can.

  5. SuperTMA
    Very well Gentlemen, point taken..
    Which brings the question, why would Sony, the developer of the DSD format,
    would not allow native playback of DSD on their flagship player? 
    Shouldn't they be spear heading the industry in promoting their DSD format?
    Why does other dap maker, on the same or lower price point, has native DSD play-ability?
  6. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    Because there's nothing magical about native DSD playback. It's really just about whether the lowpass filtering of the supersonic noise inherent in DSD is to be handled in the digital domain or the analog domain. There are advantages to handling it digitally but then the resultant digital output is PCM... which is a marketing disadvantage more than anything. Ironic that the creator of DSD themselves are suffering from negative marketing regarding their practical handling of their own music format... it speaks volumes about the actual utility of DSD. :frowning2:
  7. audioxxx

    I believe it's due to wanting to create a truly portable device, and limiting chip sets needed to play DSD raw, Sony where able to create better battery run times using conversions to PCM from DSD.
    (Creating the portability king the ZX2)
    As far as I know most music is recorded in PCM at the studio. And it's difficult to find true DSD recordings. (But I'm sure they are available)
  8. Whitigir

    Actually I love Zx2, but about Sony doing what it does ? I think Zx2 is their first step back into the audiophile market...so they are testing out the water here. It is not like DSD doesn't matter, it does, and the same as Vinyl records which Sony did try to kill off a long time ago...guess what ? Still there and the demand is raising. Sony just announced a turntable that can convert vinyl into DSD in 1 single button press.....I am afraid Zx3 is coming and it will do DSD natively.


    The unique thing about DSD is the conversion unlike PCM where it matters most at the decoding. So a good conversion from analog to DSD will yield amazing result...just as close to vinyl but in digital form....and no, I don't think DSD take up much battery at all because it doesn't require complexity in decoding like PCM, it could be though....not an expert in this area lol. I only read here and there....so....look like Sony is going to release Vinyl once again in a near future :D ....only differences is that now they will be friend with digital hehe

    Also, I would think Sony stock app would play music better than Onkyo app in Zx2...it actually does not .....and that sound adjustment is a failure. So...I love Zx2, but credit is due where it deserves, and cons also deserve the same....yay!
  9. Joe Bloggs Contributor

    Why be afraid? We've got native DSD playback covered too. (X3II, X5II, X7...) :wink: It just sort of ticked me off on a philosophical level to see "software" DSD decoding being panned as somehow "inferior"... and if it means somehow defending a competitor's current product, then so be it. :p
  10. Rob49
    If the ZX2 converts to PCM, why is DSD displayed on the screen ??
  11. Whitigir

    Lol, to let you know that file you play is DSD ? It is confirmed by Sony engineer, so...better ask them why and how
  12. Rob49
    I don't think Sony can declare DSD on a screen, if it's not ! ? Either way, it sounds wonderful !!!
  13. nc8000 Contributor

    Well it is DSD, it is just not being handled directly by the hardware but converted in software and then send to the hardware
  14. Rob49

    Thanks for the explanation. Can anyone tell the difference between this process & native DSD ??
  15. nc8000 Contributor

    Supposedly DSD is a superior format to PCM and the conversion could degrade the quality og the signal depending on how the conversion is done. I don't know the finer technical details on how and why
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