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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Nov 16, 2014.
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  1. JeremyLaurenson
    Anyone have a better way to re-disable the Audio Settings app on restart? Seems like you have to enable it, reboot, then disable again
  2. Whitigir

    So far yeah. You can make it a little shorter by re-enabling it before shutting off and restart the device, when it is restarted and is on then you can disable it again.

    Btw, it doesn't seem like Sony is going to upgrade zx2 or so, at ces2016 and they only announced rainbow color on A26 which is A17 successor ?

    Hmm, seems like ZX2 will have another good year of listening then
  3. Whitigir

    Exactly, this Onkyo player HF can not output high-res and or up converting DSD into Mojo, only stock app allows the high-res out into Mojo.

    Onkyo HF paid version do just fine high-res and DSD Mojo from note 4.
  4. clkt
    Personally, coming out with new "flagship" every year for DAP is kinda pointless. Unless it is phones/laptop then maybe. But as for DAP, a break between 'flagship(s)' seems good. Thus the "endless upgrade" in the audiophile world. Just like the A&K they have the 240, then now the 380. Quite a long break with a few other models in between.

    I think a ZX-2 would do great with a software update, mentioned by a few users, to increase the whole flagship experience.
  5. Whitigir

    Sigh...after a couple hours of A/B, plugging, un plugging, critical listening sessions...etc. I don't even think ZX2 is a good match as a transport into the Mojo, and is an obvious waste of money. My Note 4 has better transparency and soundstage on 24/96 files feeding Mojo than Zx2 feeding the same signals. I think it is due to the ancient android on Zx2 somehow limiting data out badly ? Onkyo HF app can not even feed 24/96 into Mojo from the zx2, and only stock app can.....yeah, it doesn't even sound as decent as note 4 with android 5.1.....

    Beside, note 4 with Onkyo HF player and up converting to DSD feeding Mojo is also very fun. Though it is always best to stick to the original source.


    ***unless zx2 has a firmware upgrade***
  6. 329161
    It doesn't matter what transport you're using if it's digital. It's all 1s and 0s man. You could use a crappy cheap o android, if it's otg digital going into the mojo, it will be exactly the same coming out of the mojo as the zx2, or anything else. This is assuming you're listening to the same source file .
  7. clkt
    Can't believe I'm saying this buy the MoJo was meant for mobile phones, that is according to what I read online. :p Nevertheless that is definitely an unexpected outcome. Because the ZX-2 would only be providing the music to the MoJo.
  8. Whitigir

    I do listen to the same file, only on different micro SD. What I am saying here is that ZX2 android OS restrict the high-res data output. I can not use Onkyo player to feed mojo my 24/96. I can only feed my note 4 to Mojo on the same file.

    Now zx2 stock player app will output high-res 24/96 into Mojo....but it doesn't sound as transparent or with that good soundstage as Note 4 feeding Mojo the same 24/96 file.

    I do not know what cause it ? More likely the algorithm, the software ? The OS ? We all know digital is 1 and 0, hence it needs software and algorithm to puzzle it up ? And the way it get puzzled together would create the final picture ?

    From your stand point, why can't the same Onkyo app output 24/96 into Mojo from Zx2 ? But the same file and app can be feeding into Mojo from Note 4 ? Hmmm ? Be that it is all 1 and 0 ?

    Trust me, I love this hobby, and I want to seek out everything from it as much as possible...I don't bias....I don't bs, and I would stick with what sound better to me, my ears, and brain.
  9. Whitigir

    I agreed, Mojo sounds very good from Note 4 and laptop with window 10. I am concluding my review on Mojo-Note4-Zx2 soon, and my original reviews and impressions has not changed, and I totally agree with you.
  10. 329161
    Ok, I see what you're saying. Have you tried Universal Audio Player Pro? I think you can get a trial demo.
  11. Whitigir

    I don't see it on Market place ? I decided to stick with Onkyo HF Player app is because it does so well on Zx2 as a stand alone DAP, and I was unable to use the stock note 4 app to play music over OTG cable into Mojo....instead of paying another 7.45 something into another app as USB player pro ? I rather pay for Onkyo HF player as I am already familiar with it
  12. 329161
    Sorry, it's USB Audio Player Pro. You can get a time limited demo for free to test. It was made especially to bypass android audio and output pure digital. Go into the description for UAPP, and there's a link there for the apk to the trial. The good thing about UAPP is that it works with a lot of external DAC/amp combos.
  13. Whitigir

    Hmm, no trial available, it cost 7.99 but I refunded it back.....here is why

  14. clkt
    Aww man. Seems to be a promising audio player. Too bad ZX-2 is stuck in 4.2
  15. 329161

    Oh, sorry about that, I didn't realise. There is a free trial version, but you had to download the apk file and install using android. .....Do you own any other android devices like a phone? If so, you can probably use it with those.
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