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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Nov 16, 2014.
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  1. echineko
    Where are you located, and what's the clearance price for the K10U?
  2. echineko
    I also use an Angie with my ZX2, agree that it sounds awesome. I do prefer the older style of the Angie though, with the carbon fibre, as compared to the new metal shells they introduced.
    Edit: I should clarify my preference is merely based on styling, not actual sound quality.
  3. audioxxx

    I would love to some how demo the rhapsodio, they look excellent, I just couldn't buy crazy$ iem's blind again, not at this price, and I don't think there are demo's?

    I have considered the Angie's as well, but they are bigger and the plug could be a issue for me, but I have small ears so the small k10u are ideal.
    But yes at these crazy prices I agree they should be all amazing.

    I agree, it's going to come down to signature preference, and they can't do everything well, there must be sacrifices and compromises.

    Which is why the demo model's or one week loner programme's would give a better scope for the final decision, and would boost sales for that company.
  4. audioxxx

    Pm sent, not a huge shavings tho.
  5. Whitigir
    Yeah, sacrifices and compromises are real...hence you collect them to compliment one another, I do!
  6. echineko
    Sure you sent it to me though? :p Didn't get anything eh?
  7. audioxxx
    Yeah, it was running late, the add is gone it looks like I missed out.

    Looks like it's not meant to be:worried:
  8. audioxxx
    I'm not sure if this is an omen or what (I was going to pick them up tomorrow), but they say things happen for one good reason or another.
  9. Kerouac
    Early last year I was also interested in a universal K10, and when I saw one for €1K in the classifieds I contacted the seller within some hours. But 2 other members already beat me to it and when it was gone I was going like...
    Some months later I pulled the trigger on the Solar...
    I don't think auditioning is possible (unless you visit Rhapsodio in Hong Kong). But atm there are 6x 5 star reviews (not 20 yet, but the K10 is much longer around [​IMG]) and probably more to follow.
    Like mentioned before, it's all about preferences at this price point. But so far there are 4 members (afaik) that have or had the K10 and Solar. All 4 of them prefer the Solar (describing it as a K10 with better bass, treble and soundstage) => I'm glad I picked it up [​IMG]
    Good luck with making the right choice in the future!
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  10. audioxxx
    Thanks @kerouac, for your input, the solar look aesthetically better as well to me, but I guess I still have time to decide and more reading to be done. But I have promised myself I wouldn't buy these blindly without a demo.
    But I might have to take this leap of faith, or take a plane trip to HK.

    They have one demo pair of the older model k10u left for sale, but, that's like buying a well used hooker and then taking it home for keeps, in my mind.
  11. nbarnard36
    I've grown to really enjoy the K10's with the ZX2, which was kind of an interesting experience, as I wasn't too sold on the sound at first. Sufficient that I purchased Angies and UERMs in an all out effort to get a sound I could properly settle on. Through an issue with the fit of the UERMs, to the point where they needed to be rebuilt, I ended up with a pair of UERRs. Through an unheard of early Christmas surprise, I ended up with a 'free' pair of UERMs, with caveat that they don't insert as fully as would be ideal, but still.
    The best pair with the ZX2 for me, no question, is the UERR. The best sound I've gotten out of the ZX2, also including the ie800's. It must be said that these are 'reference' tuned, so there's that. The bass on the K10s is deeper/more satisfying, but I've heard some great bass on these. Their sound is very clear, with excellent resolution. The sound is very cohesive, and has excellent tonality. Very natural, and non fatiguing. Instruments and voices have texture, and I'm really digging it.
    For the same reason as the UERMs, I am currently without the Angies. I am looking forward to hearing them with the Mojo. I did enjoy them, and I haven't gotten to spend extensive time with them, but no way did I derive as much pleasure out of the ZX2 as I do with the UERRs. These are sounding so very good to me, I'm stoked as I have a setup that I can properly settle on. I can't imagine purchasing another pair of customs again for quite awhile, but you never know with new technology.
    My last CIEM purchase was eight years ago, the UE10s. The audiologist who took my impressions for those convinced me that I didn't need to have an 'open mouth' one. So me not wanting to go against her judgement (even though I had the instructions), I suffered with my CIEMS not sealing. I rationalized this by telling myself that they were safer, as I could better hear ambient sounds. Ridiculous. I've learned my lesson, and I got a pair of UERRs out of the deal, which I can't conceive of having purchased as I'd already purchased the capable and well regarded UERM. So this was a true stroke of luck. Talking of signs and not succeeding in picking up the older style of K10Us.
    It must be pointed out that I'm not using full size headphones. I'm sure many of them referenced hear sound great, and I'd be curious to hear some, but I mostly only listen to headphones when I'm on the move, as a full size system gets play time during stationary, more home bound time.
  12. roguepp88
    I don't know if anyone has tried this pair before,
    but the ZX-2 paired with the CustomArt EiXX is bliss...
    Someone should definitely jump on board when it comes on Massdrop again
  13. joshuachew
    I think you'd do quite a few folks here a favor if you could give some insight on how the UERM vs UERR sounds like.
  14. nbarnard36
    Done. Brief post in UERR thread.
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  15. audioxxx
    The UERR look very intresting, I had my heart set on 10 balanced armature's but I would be quite confident, that 3 proprietary designed BA's would do the job very well. I also liked the choice of bass drivers used on the k10u.
    However I would be confident in what UE are capable of producing, I believe their high end iem's would compete with the best when used on the ZX2.

    My problem is I prefer to go for a universal due to comfort reasons,(silicon is softer over long periods, and I have my favourite tips) and due to the room for errors in fitting, and production, as well as resale value when you don't like them as much as you thought you would, and they start to gather dust.
    I am slowly accumulating my own equipment to take impressions and build shells and custom iem's, so I will one day own some customs.

    But for now I'm looking for the best Universal high end iem's, that kick goals with the ZX2.
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