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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Nov 16, 2014.
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  1. Sound Eq
    Hey guys today I went into a store and got the chance to audition the following

    Sony z7----- Sony pha3------ Sony zx2

    Honestly this was not a good experience at all, the z7 was connected balanced to pha3 and I just hated what I heard

    Tried to mess around with sound enhancenments and it just was bad

    I tired to figure out what device was the bad device in the chains, was it the headphones, or the zx2 or the pha3

    The bass was flappy and bad the sound was cold and not musical and can get harsh

    I asked the retailer if I can just listen to the z7 and zx2 but they lost the cable for single ended use

    I was so bummed from what I heard that I decided not to go for this setup

    Tomorrow I am going in again and I will install on the zx2 hibby and try the setup again as I don't like the eq of the stock music player anyway so maybe I can eq this system

    I thought the zx2 has amazing bass and is musical but to me not at all

    Also I thought the z7 had great bass but to me not at all and to me it so so bad soundING

    Any tips before I go again to the store tomorrow
  2. Whitigir

    I don't own pha3 so I wouldn't know. But having zx2 and z7, I can assure you that zx2+z7 does sound very good. However neither of them sound good out of the box, and need some modifications :D. Unless you want to experience a lot of DIY for the ultimate portable experiences or spending more money onto it.

    Otherwise, I would suggest you get this combo (Mojo+Z7) out of the box and it sounds wonderfully good :D, and can assure you that this combo will give you the bass you are looking for without a doubt

    You can read my post about some impressions on the Mojo and zx2. Those impressions were made on Z7 mainly, and a little part of Sa5000/th900.

  3. mike g
    I'm not sure if there is a way to solve my current problem with the zx2 but thought it worth asking. I've downloaded tidal and the bbc iplayer radio app. In tidal I can change where music is downloaded to from "internal" to "usb" which gives me around 113gb of stooge space. However the iplayer app will only allow me to download programs and music to "internal" which only has a total of 2gb space and I realistically can't get more than 3 programs downloaded. Is there a way that o can change this or would an external sd card solve the problem and give me more storage for apps like this?
  4. Buddhahacker
    Something is consuming your internal storage.  I have loaded over 105GB of video and audio on my internal storage and still have several GB available.  Look at the storage tab under settings and you should get a high level idea of what is chewing up your storage.  You can also simply connect the ZX2 to your Mac/pc and use finder or file explorer to identify what is taking up your space.
  5. nc8000 Contributor

    Internal storage is 2GB (this is storage used by Android to hold apps etc.), system storage is 128GB and then there is SD storage.
  6. mike g
    Hi thanks for the replies. Is there any way to increase the internal storage? The apps that I use such as iplayer and podbean won't let me save downloads in system storage.
  7. purk Contributor
    The headphones is to blame.  You need a really good silver upgraded cable to bring the Z7 to life.  I don't understand the voicing of the Z7 & PHA3 either given that both are somewhat of a dark sounding devices.  The Z7 bass is very flabby and lack needed tightness.  The Z7 does sound considerably better with a silver cable upgrade but it still has a way to go to catch up to its predecessors (SA5000 & CD3000).
  8. Sound Eq
    So guys I went into the store and spent another 2 hours with the setup zx2--pha3---z7

    I installed on it poweramp to try to eq the setup above and spent so much time but I declare failure to eq the above

    No way on earth do I like this sound , it's definitely the headphone as the sound is so bad and that is honestly the worst bass I ever heard so so bad that I amsurprised that they audition it in stores

    Also disappointing is the low volume of zx2 with z7
  9. Whitigir

    Thank you Purk! For another confirmation. I felt like I couldn't keep telling people to have to mod and upgrade their Z7. Especially in the Z7 thread lol...But yeah, unless you upgrade it all the way in Z7 (inner driver cables, outside Main cables) to silver...the Z7 in stock form is very boomy.

    Also, power-amp and neutron player are not good with Zx2. The only app do play well with zx2 is Onkyo Hf player, and Gonemad

    Again though zx2 without silver cables and TRRS used together with sound adjustment app disabled, out of the box it doesn't sound as good as Mojo. However Mojo is not a DAP

    Z7 does have more power and much sound improvements with TRRS silver cables and Zx2 with sound adjustment disabled. These 2 you just can not do in the store, so they will sound ugly...yeah, I had Been there and done that :D

    I really suggest you to do Mojo + nighthawk or Mojo + thx00/600 from fostex
  10. nc8000 Contributor

    There is no way of increasing internal storage. You can free up some by deleting unused apps and directing every app that has the option to store contents on system storage but other than that you are stuck.

    I just installed iPlayer. In the app settings there is an option that allows you to move app data to usb storage (the sd card) so you could try that and see if it helps.
  11. Buddhahacker
    I misunderstood your note.  2GB of RAM is the same amount current in iPad Airs and most Android tablets so it should be plenty for the ZX2.
  12. nc8000 Contributor

    His problem is that his apps will only allow him to store offline contents in the 2GB internal memory where installed apps and working memory is also taken from. On iOS devices the full memory of the device is available (at least about 11GB on a 16GB model)
  13. tolisgtr
    Apparently this online shop located in Poland sells the ZX2 for 732,50 Euros with a free delivery voucher, inc tax.
    Don't know what to think of it, seems to good to be true. The European location is definitely a huge relief for any European customer regarding VAT and import duties. Can anyone confirm whether this marketplace is legit or not? 
  14. Caruryn
    Don't buy a european ZX2.It has limited output by 20-30% in comparison to Japan/Us which is already limited in volume to drive medium impedance headfones.
  15. djricekcn
    If you're listening through PHA-3, you're also not hearing the ZX2's quality, instead you're getting the PHA-3 quality.
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