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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Nov 16, 2014.
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  1. proedros
    great impression , thanx for the feedback

  2. nc8000 Contributor
    It is all a question of what you want. I would never buy a Mojo over the ZX2 despite it perhaps having better sq simply because I wanted a great stand alone dap with good storage and super battery life and with those criteria ZX2 ticks all the boxes. Also all my phones already had very good balanced after market cables so it was just a question of reterminating to go trrs
  3. augie7107
    Totally new to the world of high res audio but enjoying my music all over again. I have a Xperia Z5 and I listen to HR FLAC using a PHA-3 and Z7 headphones. Since I'm new to the game I am amazed at the improvements from lossy formats and mediocre headphones.
    Is the ZX2 a major upgrade in this setup or should I remain satisfied with using the Z5 as a player?
  4. Buddhahacker
    Thanks for the clear and articulate review of these two great products. 
  5. salavat

    Thanks for detailed review. Please answer to one more question :)
    - Does ZX2 fed to Mojo sounds better than (say) iPhone 6 fed to Mojo?
  6. Aeneas
    Yes, but only for a (thorough demo). No red flags. Sounded very good, more than adequate power (Japanese version). 
  7. Aeneas
    I tried the PHA-3 out of my phone (not Z5 and not Z7) but I don't think that's a worthwhile upgrade unless you plan to use the ZX2 heavily by itself. But ZX2 with Z7 might not be ideal.
  8. Aeneas
    To some extent. But the ZX2 has a lot of storage space and a great battery. Not many flagship phones have expandable memory.
    I know it's not as good when streaming, but I typically save albums from Spotify/Tidal for offline use.
  9. mcemce13
    Awesome review, also appreciate your open mind to admit it sounds better out of the box than the ZX2. 
    One question, I read that when you put the mojo as a stack (or very close) with the Iphone 6 it gets a lot of RF noise, did you try that?
  10. mcemce13
    Also is nice to have your music separated and uninterrupted by phone calls, sms, or whatever notifications popup while you listening to your music [​IMG] 
  11. Whitigir

    I am trying to find out about that. I need cable first :wink:. However I think the different sound signature the Mojo "may" perform out of different "transport" is the actual result of the "software/app/OS" being used to play and feed data into the Mojo. It is very clear that while feeding Zx2 toward the Mojo and using different player apps, I can hear some changes, very minutes but the results were clean enough for me to conclude that Stock player app was superior on UI and sound quality transporting into the Mojo.

    So if and to assume the above was correct, then I wouldn't think that any other devices would do a better job at feeding the Mojo than Zx2, just for a simple fact that under pure performance Zx2 is already leap and bound away from smartphones. Feeding Zx2 into the Mojo was still not as satisfying as playing Zx2 + TRRS + good gears alone by itself, then I would doubt Very much that the "transport" would matter to the Mojo performances, and so using iPhone would be almost similar if not the same as zx2

    Z7 with TRRS and zx2 actually sounds very good, and I did A/B zx2+z7 to zx2+mojo+z7. The results were answered above.
    salavat likes this.
  12. Rob49
    Thanks for the feedback.
  13. Whitigir

    I have yet to try that. I will be sure to check it out once I got the appropriate cable.
  14. RPB65
    Never mind all that technical talk.
    Mr Blue Sky in my ears in all its high-res glory. Brilliant. 
  15. davidmolliere
    I think the PHA-3 does a very good job with the Z7 especially balanced, but it's pricey and even single handed the Mojo sounds simply way better, I love the Z7 + Mojo combo. Transparency and clarity is well improved while retaining the qualities of the Z7, and bass are better defined and impactful :)
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