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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Nov 16, 2014.
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  1. Rob49
    I was about to ask that....?
  2. Whitigir

    Thank you, but this is a review unit :wink:. I will be sure to give a lengthy and detailed review.

    Battery ? So far it drains a lot. But I did not use it much, will have to get back to it later. Yes, I bought stock Sony data cables :) no silver here !
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  3. mboerma
    Wow, just got the MrSpeakers ETHER's for home use. I tried the on my ZX2. And that combination sings! Full sound from Planars. Who would have thought that was possible.
  4. echineko
    Never tried the Ether, but I know the Hifiman HE-400S works quite well with the ZX2 as well.
  5. Whitigir
    Well, I kept on saying that Zx2 is surprisingly more powerful than it appears, and that I had been using full size headphones with it....and FINALLY! Someone else would confirm :D...ghost....it felt like a century long lol. Anyways, back to my listening session with zx2+mojo vs ZX2 alone. :wink:
  6. nc8000 Contributor
    HE-500 are OK but far from driven to their potential by ZX2
  7. Whitigir

    Yes! Another excellent reminder while zx2 has adequate power, it still can not drive picky and power hungry headphones. I only stick with my basic rule of thumb when making purchase headphones for zx2. Less impedance and more output db/mw rating. For example Z7 as 70 ohm impedance but with 108 db/mw :D. Please make sure you do all researches befor jumping in and making purchase for headphones to use with Zx2.
  8. mboerma

    It works very well with the ETHER's. Love it.
  9. Whitigir

    Awesome ! Off the topic, but your avatar and that bell :D lol. The principal of sound and resonances amplification :D. Did you try yelling into it for giggles ?
  10. mboerma

    It is in Myanmar. No I did not try yelling into it. I stood in it and had other people ringing it. [​IMG]
  11. Whitigir
    After few hours listening to Mojo now and feeding ZX2 toward it, I can totally see why some people would love and make purchase on the Mojo and disregard Zx2. Though Zx2 owners need not to worry. However, I am fully open heart to welcome new tech and upgrades. Mojo wouldn't be a what called to be an upgrade, but rather side-grade ? different sound signature. Personally these questions would arise. These are personal opinions answered below.

    1/ Can Zx2 use Equalizer on transport toward Mojo ?
    -Answer: No, unless using 3rd party app as Onkyo hifi player app. However 3rd party does not output any higher than 16/44.1. It down samples the quality before feeding into Mojo

    2/ Would I think Zx2 as a transport toward Mojo is the best combo ?
    -Answer: No. In my honest opinion, it would be a waste of money. Both out of the box offer different sound signature (be that I had to disable sound adjustment on zx2), why would I want to stack it and drain my zx2 battery.

    3/ How does Mojo sound ? Is it good ? Can it beat Zx2 ?
    -Answer: Mojo sounds good and very high-end. Yes! Very good. Yes and no, depends on circumstances. Out of the box Mojo edges out on Zx2, and the majority of people would make a purchase on the Mojo. So Yes, out of the box, Mojo sounds better than Zx2. If Zx2 has Sound adjustment app disabled and using TRRS connection, then Zx2 edges out on Mojo on soundstage, tonality and the immersive feeling

    4/ If I never owned any quality portable devices, and would like to purchase one. Would I buy ZX2 or the Mojo ?
    -Answer: I would definitely buy the Mojo. Because it pricing is great, it designs is fun, it is small and compact. It offers the sound quality that is high-end and unmatched at the sub $1000 price point by simply using standard cables that comes with all kind of head phones, and that means no need to bother with upgraded cables or balanced, or modify anything and dumb more money down the "black hole". Mojo also would drive many headphones without struggling.

    4+/ Don't you like Zx2 ? As answered on the #4 question, it seems that you like the Mojo more ?
    -Answer: Actually I do "love" Zx2, but for the fact that ZX2 needs the use of "TRRS" which can easily suck people into the "black hole" of snake oil cables, and may not ended up with any noticeable improvements while spending out a lot more, and that is not to say that there is no cables materials that offer me a noticable "upgrade and improvements". There is, and I vouch for solid-silver. I had referred a couple fellows to make the purchase and so far everyone can confirm the improvements. Beside, the sound adjustment app is a very tricky one as it only affect nuances extensions in the music, and without good observations and time spending on listening sessions + good revealing gears, it is more than unlikely that anyone can hear the differences. Simply put, Mojo edges out on the Zx2 out of the box, stock, and no need for any of modifications with a lot of power. Yes, the reason I would buy Mojo instead of Zx2.

    5/ According to all of the answers above, would I trade my Zx2 here and now for the Mojo ?
    -Answer: No, I would absolutely not be trading my Zx2 for the Mojo. Zx2 is a DAP, I don't need to feed it anything beside micro SD if needed. I am a DIY fellow, so I enjoy tinkering with my gears, and the fact that DIY skills can net in improvements from the ZX2 over the Mojo, I enjoyed it a lot more this way.

    Thank you for reading guys. I will try to compose a detailed impressions and reviews on the Mojo and VS Zx2. Ask me any questions :)
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  12. ken6217
    The way to go would be the ZX2 and the Chord.
  13. gerelmx1986
    This hobby, is like searching the Holy Grail, we try to pursue the best SQ as it gets better and better... MP3 to flac, 2007 walkman sounds, ipod classic fiio x3, new Hi-res walkman A17, from XBA-H3 to XBA-A3, try out an oppo ha-2 and now my ZX100
    Time to stop and abstain... why? well My BF has popped me the question!, time to save up for costs of paperwork and ceremony costs, as well airfare. I was going to get the ZX2 but well priority is wedding my BF... material stuff can wait
  14. ken6217
    I'm married 30 years. Run like hell!

    Just kidding. Congrats.
  15. gerelmx1986
    W​ish you a happy and prosperous 2016, thanks... after 3 years of Long distance relationship and visits to germany... it feels great, for me being a mexican and having heard wierd comments from fellow mexicans (coworkers and close friends) that german people suck bad, for me it wasn't that, i had a positive experience with germany, i've experienced what they say about germans within the mexican gay community, being rejected harshly
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