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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Nov 16, 2014.
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  1. Sound Eq
  2. proedros
    to quote Dave Gahan 

    Enjoy the silence [​IMG]
  3. Sound Eq
    the sun will shine the bottom line i will follow you
    today i drove many people nuts with my questions i feel i am overdosed with a pill i invented :)
  4. proedros
    i don't know which song this is from , but regarding your wallet and future buys , this lyric from 'Halo' comes to mind

    Though we may deserve it​
    It will be worth it​
  5. Sound Eq
    r u serious man listen now to the song called bottom line and you will thank me of course its by depeche mode
  6. mike g
    I've got another question...is there an app that allows you to see all your music in the zx2? I've installed tidal (which sounds very good) and had planned to also load up my cd collection which is on a hard drive. What would be ideal would be one place to see it all instead of going between the Sony music player and tidal. I've tried the free onkyo app and it didn't do this but the one that you have to pay for may solve my problem.

    Just thought of another one...is there any way that I can get the eq controls in setting to work for tidal? I can get the clear audio and dsee X buttons to affect the sound but not the equaliser.

  7. Sound Eq
    oh man CANT YOU READ , MAN I WILL ARREST you for this question
    I am kidding, of course i do not know the answer 
    hope the zx2 thread today will not explode :)
  8. nc8000 Contributor


    I dont think there is any way to do that. From a start Tidal is streaming so not even on the ZX2. Even when you store some Tidal music local it will not be stored in the same place as your own music and the files will be in some proprietary Tidal format probably with some kind of drm copy protection on it to prevent you from copying and sharing the music and the files can only be played by the Tidal app. Same goes for all the other streaming services like Spotify, Quoboz, Apple music (not that you can have that on ZX2 as the Android version is too old).
    proedros likes this.
  9. mike g
    Thanks - I didn't think there would be an app or way to do it as the two systems sit separately on the player. I'll maybe just stick to tidal other than a few obscure CDs I've picked up over the years. Whilst the eq would be useful I haven't bought many CDs since about 2012 (I mainly listen to vinyl and streaming services) so I've got big gaps in my collection of stuff from the last 5 years. The sound with tidal is very good and only interest in the eq is to boost the bass a bit for my se425s but as I've got other iems I can swap the shures out when I need some more bottom end.

    Cheers guys!
  10. echineko
    In my case, I actually noticed an improvement to the imaging when using a stock cable that came with a set of headphones (Velodyne Vtrue), but terminated in a balanced 3.5mm plug. Nothing special or upgraded about the materials, just happened to have a balanced 3.5mm TRRS termination, but it was still appreciably better, that's what convinced me to then spend the cash on a proper balanced upgrade cable.

    Edited for clarity.
  11. Whitigir

    Right on! Exactly what TRRS improvements are and regardless of materials. Upgraded materials will be even better :D
  12. salavat
    Apple is developing hi-res streaming service ( http://www.macrumors.com/2015/12/20/apple-high-resolution-audio/ )
    ZX2 owners probably out of luck, since Apple Music does not install on ZX2 (requires 4.3 Android version and higher), logically hi-res app might follow this route...
  13. Whitigir

    Probably iPhone 7 will seek to Kill daps :D
  14. echineko
    If streaming services was your primary use case, you wouldn't need a high quality DAP in the first place, could save a lot of money with a phone that has lots of storage. ZX2 users particularly still have Spotify and Tidal, which is better than 95% of DAPs out there which can't even install apps in the first place.
    Nice try.
  15. echineko
    Doubt it, if they keep trying to shave more millimetres off the thickness of the phone [​IMG]
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