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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Nov 16, 2014.
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  1. echineko
    Probably at least a year too early for this question. So far have not heard anything about the ZX2 supporting it, only the new Pioneer DAP supports it (to my knowledge). Potential feature in the replacement to the ZX2? Maybe, but nothing concrete so far, nor do I expect there to be for a while. The same questions as for DSD, who's going to back it, what about the existing non-MQA music libraries for sale right now?
  2. muscular
    My Silver Dragon TRRS just arrived and I wanted to post my impressions before more people pour their money into the cable.
    First off, the ordering process and delivery is superb, second to none, Fedex actually tried delivering on a saturday, nobody's home, but they came again on sunday and here I am, surprised and excited, I have never gone the balanced route before and it would be the first time hearing a balanced setup, i think at the point of receiving my ZX2, balanced cable is rarely mentioned and aftermarket cables only just started to offer right angled 3.5mm TRRS plugs recently.
    The pins and build quality is superb, not too tight fit to the iem, which is a nice touch as my other aftermarket cables seems to squeeze the pins really tight. The whole cable seems to be well constructed, but I do have an issue with the flexibility due to the type of cable construction (silver core) they had to align the L and R cable side by side, which makes it quite inflexible when compared to stranded silver cables in braid styled cabling. That said, no biggie, nice cable construction, pins and L plug, with good weight for a 26 awg cable.
    Now coming to the sound quality, I have to say I was disappointed, perhaps mainly because my previous setup is already a stranded silver cable. The volume seems to be softer, and details are a tad more hidden than before, it does comes to me as disappointment because I was searching for that TRRS magic, but I really couldn't find it. My previous cable is a nocturnal audio silver stranded cable in braided style. Whether its the nocturnal or the silver dragon, its definitely improvement over my default cables that came with my UM mentor, which really restricted my iem's potential.
    That said, both of my cables are silver, with the silver dragon having the TRRS edge but I found it sounding inferior so I went ahead to investigate on the Silver dragon cable. There's actually a thread with some impressions of the cable here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/527035/hot-new-moon-audio-com-silver-dragon-iem-cable According to the cable manufacturer, "The center conductor is wrapped concentrically by a 99.99998% UP-OCC silver plated single crystallized UP-OCC pure copper stranded 26AWG  gauge conductor with 7N purity 99.99998%." It struck me instantly why silver dragon sounded the way is, less details, perhaps largely due to the SPC grounding, and imo both positive and ground needs to be silver to utilize silver itself, because SPC would create a bottleneck for the cable.That said, its a whole of science which u will have to research yourself to understand.
    In the end, I think much praises for the silver dragon is largely due to an upgrade from default cables, if so, its no brainer silver dragon will provide much improvements sonically. However I already have experience with silver cables, those offered from nocturnal, twag, and silver dragon, the silver dragon perhaps due to the SPC ground is limiting the whole potential. Sorry if this sounds like cold water, I just thought those of us here who own the ZX2 perhaps already own a TOTL iem, so don't let that cable limit you, go for something even better because silver dragon is definitely not the tip of the iceberg. There are some who believe in cable burn in, which is what im doing right now, if my impression does changes, i'll be sure to update this post and post a new impression too. 
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  3. Rob49
    Thank you for your honesty.....
  4. muscular
    In all fairness, the Silver Dragon is very well priced, offerings from Twag, Toxic, Norne are all quite a bit more expensive. I guess we hear what we pay.
  5. Whitigir

    Oh...I couldn't stretch it enough. Silver-plated cables is inferior to pure silver-cables. Now, my question would be, why would you degrade from silver going into copper silver plated cables ? Therefore, I agreed up-on all of your points, and once again it proved that TRRS does improve the sound, and also the material of the cables will also play a role in it......don't be skeptical. This is not the first time that people was confused between silver plated cables to pure silver cables either.

    I too did go down the similar route with cables, and let me tell you this one thing. Nothing beats the one I am using which is "solid-silver cables".
  6. 24B96H

    If you can't tell the stock player has much better SQ thsn any music player apps, I pitty you.
  7. proedros
    don't pity me , it's what my ears hear - so no pity there 

    and besides, It's not like i am listening to Justin Bieber or some ****ty made up music - these are the ones you should pity , paying thousands on iems/daps to be used on soul-less, fake music  [​IMG]

  8. muscular
    The Silver Dragon is advertised largely as a Silver Cable, thus the name "Silver Dragon", moon-audio offers other cables which I believe are blue and black dragon where its name will explicit the content of mixture of copper and silver or copper alone. The design by SD is quite unique in the sense only the grounds are SPC, normally all 4 wires are of certain type of materials. That said, 
    which I can now disagree, but not all silver cables of same purity sounds the same for some reason. With the SD, im hearing less of vocal sweetness or forwardness commonly associated with silver cables, and also being bassier, a trait with copper cables. Of course im aware there's differences between pure silver and SPC cables. However, my review of the SD is to bring about awareness to certain traits or characteristics of the cable not discussed in this thread, which people would simply say is a silver cable and it isn't wrong saying so, just... there're many types of silver cables around. That said most of the improvements from aftermarket cables probably came from the cable materials rather than the TRRS connection itself.
  9. ttt123

    I'll have to disagree that the TRRS plug is not a significant factor, compared to the cable material.
    From my experience, they both make a significant contribution, with the TRRS contributing a very important part to a more "immersive" sound that the cable by itself cannot do as well.

    - Zephone Transwar SE cable on a UM TF10 Pro.

    - Whiplash Twag v3 on Noble K10u

    On both of these, I started off with the stock TRS plug, used it for awhile, and then cut off the TRS plug and soldered on a TRSS plug. (Nakamura NP-354 TRSS plug)

    I admit, that I hesitated to cut the Oyaide TRS connector off the Whiplash, and I did not do that good a job of soldering onto the round barrel contacts, but in the end, I did the TRSS plug swap.

    The cable made a significant change to the SQ.
    The TRSS plug made another significant change to the overall enjoyment of the music.

    So, the cable makes a major change to the SQ, but the TRSS plug adds the "magic" to the sound. Hard to separate them, as to which is more important than the other. They are both important.

    Kind of like having a powerful motor on a car, with tires without the tread area to take advantage of the power. You can say that the motor is more important to get the power, but coupled with thin tires with little grip, the overall effect is not very good.

    Or a better analogy is whether speaker cables are more important than speakers. To me, they are both important, as you will not get the maximum out of only one. Need them both, as together, they form a whole.
  10. Whitigir
    TRRS is significantly improvements, and can even be observed by using the stock cables but splice it into TRRS jack. I had done it myself, and observed the soundstage being better, instruments layering, and more air. On top of that, cables materials play a huge role as well. There is no need for me to explain as anyone can research for it.

    But I clarify once again, TRRS alone brings huge improvements to soundstage and air from zx2. Cables materials bring efficiency with better resolutions, air, extensions, definitions. Then pure silver is the best.

    Regarding SD, I have no says for it. But I really understand why it didn't perform as well as silver cables...be that the grounds are SPC. :D

    Then the best improvements would be to utilize the combination of : TRRS + upgraded cables materials.

    I agreed that the SD would be an improvements to stock cables.....but wouldn't compete with Pure silver all the ways. I don't doubt it one bit, as I have experienced many type of cables myself.....not the SD specifically, but enough to conclude it. Though, you pay what is worthy to yourself :wink:
  11. mike g
    After looking at my Sony nwz x2 in its box on my study desk every day for the last three weeks I was finally allowed to open it on Christmas Day. Sounds excellent out of the box and is getting better with burn in time. I think I might go down the trrs cable route for either my senns ie80s or my shure se425 once I decide which I prefer (not had either for that long) (really annoying that they don't have the same connectors at the ear piece end). So far I've tried with qobuz but the app keeps crashing so reverting to tidal which I had a few months ago on my iPhone.

    I have a couple of questions...

    1 does anyone know if the new tidal hd service will work on the nwz x2? My gut feel is that it won't due to os and hardware issues

    2 so far I've tried the case that comes with it and the cruzerlite. I know that Sony does a flip case however has anyone come across any others that would fit and would give more protection. I've got a life proof case on my phone and it has saved damage on many occasions. As I'll be using the Sony for commuting etc a tougher case would be ideal.

  12. carl99
    Can only answer #1: TIDAL works great!
  13. boomtube
    Has anyone heard/read any news of ZX2's successor? ...ZX3? Just curious about what's on the horizon as far as a new flagship.
  14. nc8000 Contributor
    Yes Tidal Works fine on ZX2. Dignis makes a case for ZX2 and there are several silicone skins available on places like Amazon. I've gone with the Sony flip front leather case, it's expensive but since I intend to keep my ZX2 for many years I decided to pay the price for the convenience og bot getting protection for the screen and being able to operate the player in the case.
  15. Sam Edwards
    @muscular, sorry if I over-praised the Silver Dragon. I was, as you suspected, upgrading from the stock UERM cable. So it was a pretty big upgrade for me, both balanced and SOME silver. Which IEM's are you using? 
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