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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Nov 16, 2014.
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  1. Whitigir

    Good for you :wink: we all love it !
  2. Caruryn
    Not me,can't order it yet[​IMG]
  3. Whitigir

    :xf_eek: how come ?
  4. Caruryn
    Paypal is not a good mix with capital controls.Hopefully they will be lifted by March.Anyway happy holidays to everyone and a blissful,eargasmic year.
  5. 24B96H

    Do you have the link for your cabke at Moon Audio? I am not sure which on to get. Thanks
  6. Caruryn
  7. Sam Edwards
  8. Whitigir

    It is already one of the top tier DAP...it is just that people dis-regard what Sony said, and implied their own experiences to think "pseudo-balanced" on ZX2 is only marketing and not worth trying....even after many countless efforts that I have tried telling people to utilize it....:D Finally, I am glad some would follow suits, and enjoy the ZX2 the way it should. Cheer! Happy new year !
    proedros likes this.
  9. nc8000 Contributor
    Yes trrs is definately not a marketing ploy
  10. proedros
    i can't even remember the bad old days , when i used my ZX2 with the stock player and without TRRS
    feels like ages ago(and it's only been 2 months) [​IMG] 
  11. Whitigir

    Lol ! Now what would ZX3 be ? I kept googling for ZX3 news or ZX200...no lucks :D. Only lucks is that Sony is preparing to give out Virtual Reality gaming system for PS4...and then their Z5 phone is failing :D. I think I will be in for PS4 VR gears. They are excellent at surround sounds and their games....can't wait to get my hands on them :D

    Oh, what is best ? All these Audiophile full size headphones will be a killer in V-R world :D...here come Zombie Appocalypse ! With immersive experiences
  12. proedros
    ΖΧ2 is perhaps the most chameleon DAP i will encounter.

    buy it full price and use it with stock player and without TRRS = fail.
    buy it half price and use it with Gonemad/Onkyo player and with TRRS = WIN.

    i am sure there are better sounding daps out there , but for me, the best dap is the one who cures/erases my upgraditis - therefore ZX2 is the be(a)st (for now)

    Huge Battery / Huge Internal Memory / Looks Good / Sounds Good / Easy to use.

    PS :hope ZX3 comes out in 2017 [​IMG]
  13. Whitigir

    Lol, common...2017 is too long ! And I agreed with the above...just Zx3 needs to be out sooner :D....Also I failed purchasing it at full price on release and used normal TRS + stock player for a while ROFLMAO
  14. talan7
    Does anyone know if the current ZX2 can be made to play MQA files natively with a firmware update? Has Sony backed MQA?
  15. Rob49
    Has anyone paired the ZX2 with the Oppo PM-3's ?
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