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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Nov 16, 2014.
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  1. psikey
    Thinking of getting a ZX2 again to try as I can get an open box one from Amazon Warehouse for only £525. Still crave the single device for use while out & about even though I do have a Chord Mojo/Z5 compact setup at the moment.
    I did have one for a day but at the time it was £750 and had just bought the Mojo and couldn't justify both.
    Couple of questions/clarifcation if a may (I have read the whole thread though!)
    1. When I had one last time I didn't know about dissabling the sound enhancment thing. With this disabled does it effectively uncap the volume making it the same as the Japan one and are you still saying it sounds just as good? I don't tend to the use EQ or anything like that anyway.
    2. I will only be using with Shure SE846's which it does have plenty of volume for anyway, so where would I look for some TRRS cable for them in the UK?
    3. I like the look of the offical Japan only leather case. Anybody have/use one and comment on it, plus know where to get one in UK? Seems on ebay they are over £60 which seems steap for a case.
    4. I do want to use streaming hence interest in the ZX1/ZX2, but seeing as the ZX100 is now £500 in the UK and I can get the ZX2 at £525, for pure audio/usabilty/battery life would you choose the ZX2 over the ZX100 ?
  2. nc8000 Contributor

    1. Disabling does not give more ultimate volume, but it shifts the volume range down so you get more volume at lower settings so much more usable with the annoying EU warnings

    3. The Sony flip case is great but pricy however I think it is worth it
  3. nc8000 Contributor

    Drive refers to the amps abillity to control the drivers of the headphones like quick transients, big fast shifts is dynamics, not distortion and so on. This is most often the reason people use amps, as most devices can go loud enough but can't control the headphone properly
  4. nadstaky
    Thank you all for the "drive" meaning.
    I've ordered a Japanese ZX2 too, I hope it will drive my 100 ohm headphones. Please tell me if I'm wrong...
    I get a refund for the one I'll send back :)
  5. Rob49
    I find that I prefer it that way too. I think it sounds a little louder & emphasises the bass more, but not sure if other sounds are compromised, because of it ?
    Glad you're enjoying it, I've had mine nearly 4 weeks now & it's the best audio device I've ever purchased, PERIOD !
  6. Whitigir
    Sound adjustment differences are nuances, and is very hardly noticed, unless you have super revealing gears. Even so, you need familiar collection of tracks, and pay attentions. It is not an easy black and white :). But to answer your question, NO, sound adjustment disabled only give you the full potential of the ZX2, remove volume cap (as confirmed), and give you the best extensions, trebles body, and resolutions. Again, very nuances details, but if you are used to your collections and know it well, you will notice it.

    Enjoy your ZX2.
  7. Rob49
    I know my 42 year music collection, very, very well.....even with my recently celebrated, 52 year old ears ! :wink_face: ( & I find I prefer the sound adjustment enabled, but set to off, i.e. no studio, club, or whatever...)
  8. ttt123
    I've tried the sound adjustment off, and also the Onkyo and Gonemad players.  Not an extensive test, but I preferred the the Sony player SQ.  I felt that the other players had a more "cold" sound, which to me, made the music less involving.  For me the choice comes down to a "feel" about the music, as I think all the players do the technicals fine.  It is the overall gestalt that we are making our decision on.  (at least I am)
    I think we are getting into very fine nuances of equipment and synergy, and most important, user preference on what facet of the music is their priority.  Like I might like red, and you like blue.  So I don't think there is a single setting/config to fit everybody.  Everybody needs to "mix and match" to their own liking, and their own mix of equipment and source.
    So this is all normal.  Try it out, and use what you like.  I think it is great to have a choice.
  9. Whitigir
    Now I look closely, L-ground has 2 OS-cons and coils..then R-ground has 2 OS-Cons and coil resistor ....If you ask whether Zx2 TRRS is Balanced ? I think it is :D. Because this is how Class-D amping works. Capacitors as filter and enhancer before out-put :D


    Simplified schematics from class D. We can see the first 3 seperate OS-Cons on top were the one that used to help in a part of reading digital and amplifying ....then the signal is fed into the 4 OS-cons for standard common grounds + coil resistors + or 2 os-cons on each separate ground before outputting to TRRS. This explains why TRRS has such amazing improvements on zx2....and the Japanese call it the (grand-connection)

    Simplified class D circuitry
    Source (wiki)

    *disclaimer*. This is only observation by me....because I am not engineering the zx2 circuitry...so I have no confirmations lol


    Now, my next question would be as in transport mode, does the first 3 OS-CONS amplify the digital signal and filter it before outputting into data beam toward the external digital amp ? Hence the battery drainage ? If it really does, then in data beaming mode, the ZX2 still impose some of it sound signature toward the external amplifier ? :D interesting...hmm
  10. nc8000 Contributor
    To my understanding blanced has no ground but rather full amplitude positive and negative signals for each side produced by an inverter. This both gets rid of the common ground (which ZX2 also does) and double voltage swing for greater driving power (which ZX2 does not do)
  11. Hifi59

    If it's still not loud enough for you, just turn up all the eq settings to max! That is the equivalent to adding additional volume without altering the frequency response. The amp section handles it very well without distorting.
  12. nc8000 Contributor

    Surely that only ups the volume on the frequencies controlled by the eq and not the entire frequency range ?
  13. proedros
    has anyone paired zx2 with rhapsodio solar ? impressions ?
  14. Caruryn
    You will buy it and you'll tell us[​IMG].
    proedros likes this.
  15. Hifi59

    It controls entire freq range so long as all sliders are in unison. Whether it's a 5 band or 10 band eq, if they are all equally raised, all you've done is increase the input level evenly across the spectrum.While increasing amplifier gain is the preferred method of raising volume,we have no choice with the Zx2. Normally doing this would cause an amp to overload and distort,but I have not heard any distortions by doing this with the zx-2. If your using the wm port,this is almost mandatory to do even if you're using an external amp as I do. I have a Burson Soloist. My headphones are the Hifiman 560 and zmf Omnis. Both rather inefficient headphones. Even with this powerful soloist amp, I still need to max the eq sliders just to get a decent volume level.not loud,but decent! Output is much louder using the headphone output of the ZX-2.
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