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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Nov 16, 2014.
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  1. proedros

    the 2015 reviews are only 5, so we have a tie with solar i guess [​IMG]
    like i said before 
    read the (rhapsodio) thread , leave the herd 
    cheers [​IMG] 
  2. echineko
    Bro, there's nothing wrong with having a preference, what I'm trying to make you see is there's no one right answer, or "best" gear in this hobby. No matter how something measures even, people will always have their own preferences. You can shout out your fave, nothing wrong with that, but that doesn't make others choices less valid.

    Hope you get where I'm coming from, cheers :beerchug:
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  3. PinkTissue
    Wow....over 600 pages of discussion on Sony ZX-2 and I read every page of it before getting my own Sony ZX-2. I knew it was a matter of time before I get my own ZX2 the first time I listened to it early this year but I could not justify paying for another player after getting my ZX-1. A month ago, my ZX1 broke down 3 days AFTER the warranty lapsed. I sent it to Sony for repair, waiting for the verdict how much they would charge me for the repair. While waiting for the verdict, I bought AK JR which was on promotion and promptly sold it away 3 days later as I just could not stand the horrible UI and short battery life. To my surprise, Sony actually called me and replace the entire hard drive FOR FREE since it is only 3 days after the warranty lapsed. My faith in the service sector is restored! This is the last push I needed to get the ZX2 which the Sony shop threw in a Sony 64 GB sd card and a card which would allow me to redeem 20 free songs at high resolution quality. The salesperson literally gave me a round of applause telling the cashier that I 'finally bought ZX2' after testing the player on three seperate occassions. I did not have the heart to tell him I came over to the store 5 times as he was on leave during two of the testing sessions. And not to mention I also tested at ANOTHER Sony shop at least 3 times a few streets away. *cringe*
    My next purchase which I plan to get next year is Noble Audio K10. I tested it some time around Mar this year and I could not quite forget the sound but the price.....ouch.....not to mention the long waiting time. It was by chance I passed by a shop which happened to be a distributor for Noble Audio. To my surprise I saw the K10 Universal for testing. I decided to audition it to see whether it sounded the same the first time I listened and had fallen in love with it. Yup, it sound exactly like the sound I love. And despite the fact it is a universal not custom fit, it fits me PERFECTLY.  As I returned the earphones back, the salesperson told me that they have 1 last extra set for sale.....and since it is the Christmas season....I can get 10% off. I stared at the salesperson for a long, long time. I wrote my number down and told me to reserve it for me for 30 minutes while I stepped out of the shop, look up at the sky and commune with the stars. It  is a HUGE struggle but the flawed reasoning that a Chanel bag I am eyeing cost more and that K10 persuaded me to plonk my money down for the K10 instead.
    Noble K10 is my 'night' or 'quiet time' earphones. There is an easy charm, smooth and oh so musical suited for listening at night and when you need some down time. My 'day' time earphones need to be more aggressive, dramatic and over the top with an omph which K10 does not have. I need to start the day with an omph - ready to fight the war (getting up the crowded train) and staring down my audit victims (sorry sweetie, THAT finding has to go into the Audit report as a non-compliance). The easy and almost lazy charm of K10 cannot meet this need. But neverthesless, I am really, really happy with my K10 which I hope to spend a long of time with it during my 'down' time.
    I am grateful to all the posters here who in some way has played a role into pushing me to get a ZX2 even though I am a silent lurker. Yes, I know ZX2 + K10 can almost pay for that Chanel bag but......I think I will enjoy my ZX2 + K10 more.
    A side note - Shure 846 seemed to be a popular combo with ZX2. For some reason, I really detest Shure 846. If there is love at first sight, it is hate at first hearing. I yanked out the Shure 846 after 10 minutes auditing it and would have stomped and spit on it. I can understand why a lot of people will love the clean Shure sound. But to me, it reminds me of an uncomfortable dentist visit where the evil dentist wash and scrape your teeth, it is so clean that it is almost painful......I swear I could almost smell the disinfectent while auditing Shure 846.
    Hmmm.....maybe I should sell of my ZX1 to fund for that Chanel bag.....
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  4. Buddhahacker
    "I yanked out the Shure 846 after 10 minutes auditing it and would have stomped and spit on it."
    I would say that this was a bit of an over action. If you don't like a "clean" or clinical sound you should like the K10s.  They are very musical. 
  5. Whitigir
    Welcome to the forum, and enjoy your zx2 :D. So...am I the only one that has a taste of zx2 and full-size headphones ? :D
  6. echineko
    I've been trying them these past few days with the new Hifiman HE-400S. They're the best entry level headphones I've heard, and the ZX2 drives them well with volume to spare. Then again they even sound great out of a phone or tablet :p
  7. echineko
    Nah... Use the cash to pay for a balanced, 3.5mm TRRS terminated cable for the K10 instead :p Jokes aside, going to balanced will upgrade your enjoyment of the K10 + ZX2
  8. nc8000 Contributor

    ZX2 work great with Ultrasone Signature Pro and with the sound enhancement app disabled can even be used with HE-500 though it is unable to do them full justice
  9. Whitigir
    Finally, someone also enjoy ZX2 with full-sized headphones. Honestly, since I moved to headphones, I couldn't get back to in ear monitor :D.
  10. nc8000 Contributor
    I travel over 100 nights a year and a set of ciem is just so much more convenient. At home I use full size
  11. mcemce13
    +1 on the ZX2 + Sig DJs
  12. Rob49

     I received this cable today, tried it immediately ( & listening now. ) with my Sony MDR-1RNC headphones. which I'm not sure are balanced, probably not ?...but I'm sure I can hear an improvement, to what already is, an amazing DAP !!
    Would a definite, balanced headphone, show a night & day difference, or is it a subtle difference ? I'm assuming the improvement is just down to the cable ? ( Seeing as there is a doubt that these are balanced phones ?
  13. echineko
    I take the ZX2 with me when I travel, and also use it at home. No way I'll be packing full sized headphones when I'm out, IEM makes much more sense. Efficient designs like the HE-400S sound great, less efficient headphones probably won't work as well with the ZX2. Actually I'm surprised you say the TH-900 works so well, I expected them to need more power. Good news is that will mean my TH-X00 will probably work fine as well, looking forward to that
  14. nc8000 Contributor

    It's never the headphone itself that is balanced, it's always the cabling that does it, any phone can be cabled balanced as long as there are 2 seperate wires going to each driver and the wires are correctly connected to a balanced source (ZX2 isn't strictly speaking balanced but has seperate ground for each side).
  15. Whitigir
    Well...separate ground on zx2 is confirmed, however I can tell you that the ZX2 is Class D circuitry. It seems to separate into 2 sets. 1 contains 3 OS-CONS...then 1 contains 4 OS-CONS....and on top of that, a super-capacitor ? So how was it designed ? What did the engineer meant "not true-balance" ? Interesting thing is that if you accidentally mistaken left-ground and right-ground....you get no sound...dead silent....

    Th900 is driven beautifully with ZX2. I think the fact is that ZX2 has large capacitors, super-capacitors, and low impedance out....it is more powerful than people would think. I re-cabled my th900 with solid silver and detachable cables though :D....just because I couldn't get enough of TRRS on zx2 :D
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