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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Nov 16, 2014.
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  1. quodjo105
    Does anyone have a spare dignis leather case they'd like to sell. Please pm me. Thanks
  2. Rob49

    + 1
  3. gerelmx1986

    I think ZX100 is the "direct" evolution of ZX1 (price range and SQ) so zx1 was 2 years old when zx100 was launched, perhaps a zx3 or 200 (who kows the numering scheme )maybe unitl 2017
  4. Whitigir

    Yes, zx100 was the successor of zx1. Then I will have another year..."stuck" with my zx2....and crossing my finger to see some "mind-blowing" technologies in it zx200 or zx3...whatever :D
  5. ttt123
    A cable can change the sound of any earphone, cheap, mid, or TOTL.  I made a cable and TRSS change to a pair of 8 year old UE Triple Fi 10 Pros, and the SQ change amazed me.  I did not realize what the TF10 was capable of until this point, over all the years that I had it.
    The factors that come into play are:
    1. price ratio:  It may not make logical sense to spend more on the cable than the earphone.  There is also the option of getting cheaper cables.  i.e. No solid silver, but good copper, and OK plugs.  Then the price ratio is more acceptable.
    2. how much of an improvement:  This depends on the quality and capability of the drivers and design, as to how much of an improvement/change.  How much will depend on the components of the whole chain, and the synergy between them.
         The only thing that is quite certain is that there will be change.  Of course, it is also possible to have a change that has negative synergy, so sibilance and harshness could be introduced.
    3. is it worth doing: This is a very personal decision.  People new to this, and very doubtful, may only be able to accept an economical cost.  And that is fine.  Or don't make any changes, which is also fine.  
    4. Or jump to a good grade right from the start, even if the cable costs more than seems to make logical sense: Only somebody who has experienced the improvements from cable changes, and is convinced, will be willing to do this.  This is also not as silly as it sounds, as there is a progression that people go through, through various/multiple cost/grades of cable, and taking the route of jumping to something higher up can actually save money, bypassing the intermediate cables cost.  And also there is the rationale that the cable is reusable on a better earphone (though it may need re-termination).  Now I admit this is the standard rationalization upgraders make, including your wife buying the very expensive purse which is on sale, and expecting you to understand how much money she saved!
    Now, whether you will make a cable change, to a low or mid tier earphone, is a very much a personal choice.  And any choice is a good choice.  There is no single solution for everybody.  
    If you do not, then you save money towards a better earphone.  If you do, you get better SQ right away.  If you do something with a cheaper more affordable cable, that will let you experience it for yourself, at an affordable price.
    The best way to get real world experience is via DIY.  If you know, or learn to solder, you can try affordable solutions, and see from actual experience, whether you like the change.  And be happy with how much money you saved.
    Trying is the only way (and I don't mean getting the most expensive) to find out whether there is a change that you can detect, and want.  Otherwise, it is just another exercise in "dry land swimming".  You can discuss, read, argue (pro and con) about whether something is real or not for an eternity, and not make any headway.  The only way to actually swim, is by getting into the water.  And you don't have to jump into the deep end right away.  You can just get your toes wet, as a start.
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  6. Whitigir
    ^excellent post as above. Though, some of the higher-end gears have better speeds and responsiveness....hence the improvements and better detail retrieval, and while some lower-tier gears can also see changes, and improvements, they do have their own limits. The most limiting factors would be the magnet...usually lower-end gears Has weak magnet cores.
  7. davidmolliere
    Great post :)
    Getting your toe wet usually ends up with going off the deep end, though :p
    It has been a journey since the TF10 for me and now I dab in TOTL territory (oh my, I promised myself not to go there...).
    The thing is, the gear is only a means to an end, and like wine tasting the more you pratice your ear the better you can enjoy all the nuances, subtleties in it :D
    Good music with good gear is addictive, that's for sure!
  8. Whitigir

    Yeah, same as wine tasting...you gotta know your experiences, preferences, and taste :D. But you know ? The hardest thing in life is to understand one self...lol....one can only be satisfied and find happiness when they know what they want and how they want it
  9. RPB65
    Yeah good posts folks. I get where you are coming from, I do, however I know buying good IEM will result in good sound. Buying an expensive cable may do nothing for what the price costs. So cost vs benefit, if you see what I mean? I've got SE425's so I know the 535's or 846's will sound better. I can therefore justify the cost as the benefit will be worthwhile. Same if I spent £1k on CIEM's again could just about justify it. I would need to try a cable before spending loads on one. Secondly, I'm then stuck with a cable that only fits Shure type connectors. I think I need to think long term. I could go for K10's and Toxic cable or even Savant and Toxic cable. For now I need to fight the urge to spend even more money just yet. I am afraid I can be a fool and my money is easily parted from me! Lol
  10. davidmolliere
    Nicely said :)
    I am not sure you can know what you want and how you want it beforehand when you go on experiencing things you didn't think possible, expanding your mind on what is possible :wink: I'd rather say you can only be happy when you focus on enjoying what you do have *now*, and let go of what you could have but then again would we be so wise we would be richer :p
  11. gerelmx1986
    Talking about earbuds and IEMs, the XBA-A3 is an example if a IEM of mid-tier $360 USD that sounds really good almost like the TOTL xba-z5
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  12. ttt123

    After following this hobby (high end audio) for many years, I am happy that it keeps me fascinated, and gives me pleasure. But sometimes, you realize that the urge to move the level up seems never ending. So I sometimes consider the people who do not have this urge to be fortunate. These people can spend their time and energy enjoying what they have, instead of always looking for how something (Hardware, source, cables, tweaking) could be better, and chasing after the next level.

    But then I also think the people who are fascinated and looking at continual changes are also fortunate, to have a hobby that they enjoy.

    I sometimes think of this audio magazine interview I read a long time ago, where this famous symphony conductor is interviewed, and asked what kind of audio system he has. The reader's expectation is this will be a system that will be specialized, and amazing, as music is his profession, so he must be very picky about music reproduction.

    It turns out that he has a very simple system, in the class of something from Radio Shack, with the small little aluminium speakers (Minimus 7?). He likes it because it communicated a simple coherence, and his view was that he did not need a massive system, as the music was in his head. When he listened to the simple system, he was not evaluating how well it produced the music. It was just providing the clues that his mind expanded on, and that made the music he heard better than what any system could produce.

    I guess there is an analogy to reading a book. The mind builds the world, and is immersed in it, in a way that a movie cannot do, most of the time. How can you compete with an unlimited imagination, which can change perspective and depth at will. How could a video/movie with a flat, fixed representation, frozen in a single point of view and time, compete with the imagination?
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  13. Whitigir
    ^ absolute points. Though by large system, it is easier to tune to the way you like, and get more personal with it while you don't necessarily spend a fortune. However portable gears is in a whole other category. I think it is because

    1/ High-end gears are not already readily available and with much less competitions than large stereos systems.
    2/ The market has just startin to take a turn, as more people will come in, and more companies will develop better gears.

    The one thing that is always true and is a huge different from portable gears and large home system is the Spaces from ears to speakers/drivers, and limits on sources. It is a bit ridiculous as this...if you buy any wood headphones you are looking into spending more than 400$...cheapest now is 399 fostex thx00 by massdrop....tesla magnet is only barely breaking 1.0 tesla ? Now, if you buy large speakers...these guys get strong magnets....and output to 1000W+, wooden cabin....etc....and still can be found cheaper than 400$ lol... Does it make any senses ? Not to me. There gotta be some guys who want to kick start something to make this market and hobby to progress at a better price/performance rate ? Right now, every body just want a "dip" in the new and growing market, and "milking" it out.

    Honestly, wood, labor, copper, and magnets don't cost that much...not as much as thousands of dollars lol.....look at the new Orpheus .....even with tubes, marbles whatever...not like it was carved out of Solid Gold or so....

    And the ultimate conclusion ? Music can only sound as good as your moods....if you are filing bankruptcy...listening to the Orpheus wouldn't bring you any kicks, or joys either :D
    Is there a speaker dock for the zx2?
  15. RPB65
    Some good points made above.....
    I have been lucky in that I can buy whatever gadgets I like and when I like, so the fact I am hanging back on already buying TOTL CIEM and cables is a big thing for me. HA.
    I'm enjoying my ZX2 and music like never before. i also have to be careful in terms of my own hearing capabilities and limits. Albeit not very severe, I do have tinnitus from my younger years of loud music in my cars, etc. Nothing horrendous like some people get but its still there so i have to be careful that the quality gained from any new equipment is not lost on me.
    I am so so wanting to try some k10's or something though. :wink:
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