Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Aug 30, 2015.
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  1. TsukiNick
    Does that mean a ZX200 is on it's way replacing the ZX2?
  2. Uncle E1
    some official media pictures
  3. KT66
    The pricing of DAPS is getting silly - twice the price of an IPAD? really?
    I landed here a few years ago as 2 channel hifi was getting silly prices and any upgrade
    to my system would be thousands of pounds, it looks like personal audio is going that way too.
    Thanks A & K- I blame you.
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  4. SoulSyde
    Only speculation but I doubt it.  The ZX100 is a reasonable successor for the ZX1 based on price point it is a departure from the ZX1 given that it uses the Sony OS in lieu of Android.
  5. SoulSyde
    Haha, agreed. 
  6. LFC_SL
    Consumers share culpability with manufacturers for the upward pricing trend in personal audio.

    And actually also look beyond fotm threads. There are lots of product that still quietly tick over even though they have lost fotm factor. Those manufacturers have held their prices and deserve credit for that
  7. Uncle E1
    sorry but do find the rants very distracting, possible to keep to the topic instead?  really sorry!
  8. TsukiNick
    So how much is the NX-ZX100 and does it have some sort of line-out? Or is using an amp sort of defeating the purpose of it. Later on I'll decide between getting a new FiiO (X3 is annoying to navigate through, I have to make folders like (A-G, G-L etc) just to navigate through it easier. I wish they'd put a firmware update to do that for the non-folder view.
  9. gerelmx1986

    It has a LO all walkmen have a LOD using the W-port 22-pin docking  i have a Fiio L5 Line-out cable
    yes my A17 has folder view, so this one too but they don't show it [​IMG] I am like you but with composer folders, fe. Johann Sebastian Bach an all of his work go there, same for Ludwig van Beethoven etc :D
  10. SoulSyde
    US pricing has not been released yet.  It does not have a built-in line-out like the DX90, FiiOs or A&Ks, however you can buy a line-out cable that works via the WM-Port.  FiiO makes one called the L5.  I believe it may be OEM'd by Oyaide but I'm not certain about that.
    I prefer the ADL line of cables.  I've used their Apple 30-pin and Lightning LOD cables for years.  I just picked up their Sony line out cable from Moon Audio ( in anticipation of buying the ZX100 once it comes out.
    From what I hear the Sony (US version) DAPs are plenty powerful for most headphones.  IEMs, most on ear and many over ear headphones will work fine.  If you're running a less sensitive headphone (like an HD600/650 for example) it would benefit from an external amp.
  11. gerelmx1986
    Also mexican versions are powerful enough, But IMHO, i feel that an amp betters the sound quality, esp if you have multi-way IEMs such as hybrids or multi-BA, I have hybrid XBA-H3 from sony. yesterday left my amp at home to try to sell a fiio x3 and today having it right now, difference is noticiable i better bass extension and sound smoothness
  12. Sven2015
    The new ZX100 looks interesting for me, but I have a question.
    I own an old Archos 5 IT Android media player with an excellent software player (gmmp).
    The ONE and ONLY thing is really important for me! I need a player with the "gapless playback" function. Normally, I use FLAC for replaying, but I need +512 GB memory. Therefore, I must use MP3 and I hope the ZX100 can use "gapless playback" or the other method "crossfading between tracks". I read that the previous players are not really "gapless-ready". Is that true and is there the same issue for the ZX100?
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  13. gerelmx1986

    it has the CLASSIC WALKMAN OS, so like My A17 only plays gapless on FLAC, wave, dont know for apple stuff (alac and aiff), i do have a 716GB flac library and only transfer from time to time 192GB of it
  14. pietcux
    Sorry, but up to now there's no gapless for any compressed format. ALAC and FLAC are gapless.
  15. gerelmx1986
    as well as WAVE and AIFF are lossless (uncompressed) flac and alac are lossless (compressed)
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