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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
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  1. FortisFlyer75
    :sos: :calling: :grey_question:... Just a quick question WM1A owners who have the EU model with the software re-program to make run in Japan o/s which gets around the volume cap issue add also give me the BT remote activation....

    I have just opened up Media Go which I still use occasionally but it says there is a update download to perform.

    My question is with it now running Japan o/s will this not be advisible as I take it will just try and download the EU version of sofrtware which I am guessing could be potentially dangerous now with running it in Japan mode so would I have to look at doing all fuutre updates from the Japanese Sony site in future now this is running Japan o/s?

    Must admit, totoally forgot this aspect of it when i done the hack a few months ago until I see the update prompt when I tunred on Media go with the Wlakman plugged in. I have obviosuly just used the skip option for now so I can just continue to transfer some songs to Walkman.

    So... thankful in advance for any WM1A owners running their EU in Japan mode and just in general really love this Walkman still and recently heard the Gold W1MZ at Canjam London and wish I'd never!!
  2. buzzlulu
    A bit confused - are you saying that there is a newly released (i.e. in the last week or two) software upgrade for these players? Or are you seeing a prompt to upgrade to the firmware version which was released this past winter?
  3. ledzep
    Update doesn't affect the players bios settings
  4. mw7485
    One possible solution occurs to me. I have set my 1Z to the Eastern European destination - which gives High Gain access, and a menu option for the remote control - perhaps if you did the same, you might avoid having a Japanese update squirted down to your 1A. Can't remember what code Eastern European is, but it is in the documentation for the tool....
  5. ledzep

    Still on 1.20
  6. mw7485
    Maybe the update is referring to Media Go then. Don't use it myself :o2smile:!
  7. Whitigir
    I also don't use Media Go either
  8. buzzlulu
    So is the current firmware still the one from this past winter?
  9. mw7485
    I'm pretty sure 1.20 is still the latest and greatest.
  10. Whitigir
    I am still on 1.10.....damn it ...lol
  11. mw7485

    Of all the people - you are the last I would expect to be behind the curve! I wouldn't be surprised if you were beta testing the next release for Sony...
    all999 likes this.
  12. Lavakugel
    Have past 100h on single ended....sounds absolutely fantastic. To my ears a lot better than first 50h.
  13. Whitigir
    Lol, that was a good laugh. I wished Sony would honor me so much. I am no more than an enthusiast with a heart for Sony and even bigger heart for Audio performances + DIY hobby. On another note, I didn't upgrade my firmware because it did only improve some language and dialogues, and I totally forgot it lol!
  14. Whitigir
    Now, a funny thing is that I am trying to figure out what this wire do inside the Walkman itself ..... I am pulling my hair over it

  15. FortisFlyer75
    Hi Buzzlulu, sorry thought i had most recent updates as had not been prompted with any before since I've had the player last few months so was surpirsed to find I am behind so yes this looks like update from last winter as I am still stuck on 1.00! See it is now 1.20! I usually check this sort of thing but thought it was a new update prompt when I see it come up.

    That is good news then as I will just let it perform the update then. This may cure some of the lag I am getting with browsing then!

    Update would not squirt a Japanese update as the Media Go would only download the EU update which is what worried me about downloading that on top of the Japanese bios installed as I had the Japanese born ZX1 and remember I had to remember not to let Media Go do any updates on that as it would of buggered it up as it was a Japanese player from the start so used to have to do the updates direct from Sony Japan site which was fun!
    ... but from what Led Zep is saying the update won't affect the player with it having Japanese bios isntalled on the EU player which is welcome news. Cheers anyway.

    Thanks for posting that, the penny dropped I am an idiot! please read my reply above to Buzzlulu!

    No, It definitely is the player been promted for the update as it even shows the Walkman next to it as a photo saying your WM1A needs a new update! I am thick with not realizing I was still stuck on only 1.00 but not quite that thick!:laughing::blush:

    As long as they have not changed the sound in anyway and is only for bugs or glitches then all is great, about to go and download this a lilttle later on and see what it improves to my dinosour 1.00 firmware!

    Thanks all for the reply's, again it always seems like the Sony threads are held together by strong glue which I remember back int he days of the X1060 and ZX1 threads when I owned them Walkmans.
    I remeber helping out some fellow Walkman owners with a couple of other Head-fiers with the old Eu & Japanese Atrac software of what used to be what is now... Media Go helping other Walkmans users so shows how rusty I am now with such a schoolboy error!

    Thanks again everyone concerned for all the help and will download to 1.20 by end of tonight:thumbsup::beerchug:
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