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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
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  1. Sarnia
    He sure did, to me. Using it to connect the WM1Z to the TA-ZH1ES, it gives a noticeable improvement over the stock wire to my ears.
  2. Whitigir
    Yes, cables do matter, and digital USB cables do too :). See, that is a reason why I am OCD over them...LOL!
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2017
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  3. animalsrush
    I personally am sensitive to high treble and with lionheart it delivers just the right amount for me. Imo lionheart is an all rounder and plays well with many sources and CIEM.. in case of my k10s it has brought vocals bit forward which I wanted since I put my venerable es5 to rest while still preserving the deep lows and decent highs of k10.. I absolutely love it

    Last edited: Jul 21, 2017
  4. Ofir_A
    MUC-M12SB1 vs. Reference 8 IEM Cable

    I am interested to know, whether there is some preference, by some of you, for this cable or the other?

  5. ledzep
    Thought this was a bad idea due to the grounding issue
  6. ledzep
    I love it when people have the cojones to pull apart stuff to make it that little more special and better, kudos mate !
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  7. ledzep
    There are a few on the market some half decent some very poor at the wm port end and you don't want to start damaging the socket, me personally I'd get the official sony digital out cable and remove the cable and solder in a nice thin flexible micro usb cut to your own desired length. The sony cable is a bit stiff and short although it will bend but puts a bit of pressure on the output / input sockets which I'm not a fan of, I used 4 core solid silver soldered directly into the Wm plug and then to the micro plug. As long as your careful when using a scalpal blade etc to gently score around the case to break the seal it then pops open and once done you can pop it back together and add a touch of glue to the internal pegs to secure it more, I also put a large piece of adhesive heat shrink cut to fit over the plug to add a bit more body to it for the plugging in and out. If you can solder it's easy and your best option to add that little extra to your top set up. Do a bit of browsing you'll find some already done for what you want but decent ones don't come cheap.
  8. ledzep
    Ref 8 personally the Sony ones have poor connectors and come loose after a few removals ( well my 2 pairs did) ended up re terminating them still a nice cable though.
  9. kubig123
    absolutely no.
    if you consider the 4.4mm plus, you have 4 signals/wires coming out (L+, L-, R+, R-) therefore per each RCA you will have dedicated left (L+, L-) and right (R+, R-) signals (4 wires from the 4.4mm plus 2 per each RCA).
  10. kubig123
    I don't have the Ref. 8, but the M12SB1 has a darker signature and in my personal experience the M12SB1 cable has a higher resistance compared any other similar cables I owned.
    Yes, the MCcX connectors are some of the worst I had so far. The only plus is the right angle 4.4mm plug that is very convenient.

    I would go with the Ref. 8.
  11. ledzep
    Yeah I get that, I made that point earlier and was told that the Rca inputs have joined ground so your effectively joining either the R-L- or the R+L+ together at say your amps input etc.
    All comments welcome
  12. Whitigir
    RCA standards are effectively Single-ended, period. There is no devices that I know in mass produced to have RCA to be configured as Balanced, or not sharing the ground (negative polar) at the devices. A simple rule of thumb is that Balanced for Balanced only. If you want Balanced to Unbalanced, you will need to work on some circuitry to make it a solution...But use it at your own risk....I am repeating myself
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  13. ledzep
    And I believe you totally, especially looking at some pcb mounted connectors.
    Your advice has not fallen on deaf ears
  14. Whitigir
    I don't want to sound like I am hyping up anything, or encouraging anyone to modify their WM1Z/A for the matter, but the improvements from upgrading the inner wires are pretty good.

    The Wm1Z gains a bit of performances when I upgraded the inner wires. After 20 hours burning-in, these wires will take up to 150 hours to finalizes but so far it is very impressive and positive.

    First and most obvious one is the soundstage: the width was very narrow and seems a bit constricted in comparison to the depth and the vertical senses before, now it is more opened and widened. In the spaces that it gains, there are details from treble extensions and fine nuances details such as decays and timbres ....reverberated ...

    Next up is the bass: the timbres are much more realistic, more defined, it is actually jaw dropping realistic. It was never lacking of this tonal body, but now it seems more realistic as the tonal body gains more dynamic and energy. Bass is dense, thick, tightened where it needed be, and blooming Sub bass when called out. Those projected bass lines in the back are now carrying more energies and dynamic within it timbres. Sub bass has more energy and is more rumbling

    Vocal: vocal is still upfront and intimidating, but the vibrations are more defined, smooth, sweet, and carry more emotions

    Treble: treble extends more and has more details, these nuances details which was drown out and almost missing before, now is surfacing more obviously. This result in a more airy and speedy treble. Still very smooth and no harshness or sibilant

    *update*: silver-gold also bring out more separations and together with it smoothness, the treble nuances details, extensions and layering are so well perceived and listened to, while silver with it brightness and more harsh signature made it harder to listen deep into the treble and the over all layering.

    All in all, without nitpicking, the improvements gained: widen soundstage, more details in treble, more emotion and realistic timbres. It surely take Wm1z performances up another notch, now I would be very interested in comparing the best of my WM1Z to some other current top tier DAPs in similar price ranges.

    Now, why did I mentioned that it did not gain as much performances VS the works performed before ? That is because it really did take a bit of work to have the job done Properly and have a "properly" upgraded wires done.

    This was observed with my Utopia and upgraded wires for the Utopia.
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2017
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  15. gerelmx1986
    @Whitigir how would you deal with warranty issues if they appear (hope not)?
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