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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
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  1. kubig123
    Can you post a picture how the WM1A fit in the nano?

  2. ajxvv8904
    so anyone know the DAC model of WM1Z?
  3. equalspeace

    I'm loving the way my 650s sound powered by a Cayin N3, so our mileages def vary..
  4. nc8000 Contributor
    It's Sonys own class D S-Master chips so not an of the shelf standard dac chip like all other daps
  5. 13candles
    Thanks for the suggestion @mw7485 .

    I actually wanted to reboot but I kinda forgot all about it and it rebooted itself just today after I transferred some tunes to it.... And guess what ? The onscreen volume dials no longer lags !

    It's really weird though. Eversince purchasing my 1z on Feb, it has never once froze or rebooted itself.

    Only today after music transfer did it hang for a couple seconds and went into self-reboot....

    Anyways glad that this solved my issue . Cheers people!
  6. blazinblazin
    Maybe it just wanted to reboot itself :dt880smile:
  7. JML
    Here are photos of the WM-1A with the Brotech AirGlass protector and Dignis case, the modified Nanuk Nano 310, my PM-3, and the Double Helix balanced cable (plugs are 4.4 to 3.5). The black parts of the Nano case are all rubberized.

    The open photo of the case shows two 3M Bumpons that I stuck on over the areas where I removed the screw posts on the hinge side of the cover and polished out the polycarbonate; the Bumpons cover tiny screw holes that remained and any imperfections in the area I worked on, and don't actually touch the player or Dignis case. The top of the photo shows one of the two Bumpons best. The other clear posts that show on the latch side of the case don't touch the player; when the cover is closed they go against the corners of the internal rubberized skeleton.





    Last edited: Jun 20, 2017
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  8. mw7485
    Prices on amazon.co.uk of 1Z have been slowly dropping by about £50-£70/day and now stand at £2299....
  9. buzzlulu
    Has anyone compared a Utopia balanced into the WM1Z vs. into a Hugo1?
    Curious to know how the two sources compare - as that will give a baseline on speculation as to what the Hugo2 will bring to the party.

    I do love the fact that the solution is nice and simple - Utopia Ito WM1Z - rather than headphone into Hugo with a dongle also connecting an iPhone to it.

    Right now I cannot imagine how things could get any better, for a portable solution, than Utopia's w/ Axios Copper cable balanced into the 1Z. Totally sublime.
    That is why I am asking about the Hugo comparisons
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  10. AnakChan Moderator
    I use my Utopia off my 1Z balanced too (Brise Audio cables - simply impressive). I've not heard the Hugo for a very long time but for the little time I've spent with it and basing on aging memory, I wonder if that combo will emphasize on the trebles too much? Curious to see what others think.
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  11. ttt123
    Just experienced the BT remote battery dying, and when trying to use it, the WM1 volume went to max. Thought I had pressed the wrong thing, so tried again, and it happened again. So be warned that if you experience this, then it could be the battery dying. Went home and changed the battery, and it was back to normal. The battery lasted about 6 months for me.
  12. gerelmx1986
    interesting it went crazy, o thought it wouldn't work
  13. mw7485
    ..and down it goes again, now at 2149....
  14. blazinblazin
    Same for me also, i just changed the battery yesterday. For like 2 days i was wondering why my track suddenly fastforward non-stop and also volume went up non-stop. Then i realise low batt.

    I was thinking cause the remote sent only 1st signal to activate the button you pressed but not enough power to sent the stop signal to the player lol
    Last edited: Jun 21, 2017
  15. ttt123
    Could be, that it sends the Volume up, but when you release the button, the circuit has died due to low battery voltage, and so does not send the volume stop when you release the button. That, or as the battery voltage drops, the circuit is cutting in and out, maybe resetting itself. The signal coming out may be garbage, which the WM1 may interpret correctly or not. Definitely a surprise, as I tried to lower the volume with the remote, thus extending the time that it was blasting in my ear at full volume. Next time, I will know enough to pull out the earphones right away.
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