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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. phonomat
    I don't know about ALAC, but I use FLAC, as there is no logical reason for it to sound different than WAV, at least to my knowledge, and it saves me A LOT of space. I'm currently in the process of digitizing my whole music collection (thousands of CDs plus thousands of vinyls), and even though storage space is not that expensive, it would be madness to do it all in WAV. Mp3 is out of the question, so FLAC is my sweet spot, I guess. I record my records in WAV and then convert it to FLAC, and my vinyl rips sound absolutely stellar on the WM1A. No reason to change anything.
    Plus, wasn't there a problem with embedding tags/artwork in WAVs or something?

    Edit: @ Alto Bajo
  2. AltoBajo
    Artwork can not be tagged to WAV files.On a MacBook it doesn't really bother me,but on a WM1a I can see it being more of an issue.I had originally ripped my entire CD collection to ALAC without giving it a second thought.After scouring many forums,and reading many conflicting and passionately held views on the subject,"bits are bits! "etc.,I decided to rip a couple of tracks I know well to ALAC and WAV.Side by side,the ALAC file,which had always sounded fine,seemed brittle and congested compared to the WAV file which was relaxed,smooth,and with plenty of air around instruments,etc..The difference was sufficient for me to spend a few weeks re ripping the whole lot to WAV.
    The whole hearing thing is such a subjective issue,I really wouldn't argue with anyone about it.Out of all my CDs,I've compiled playlists of my favourite tracks.In total,in WAV format I only have just under 300gb.With the 128gb storage,plus a 256gb card,I'm easily covered.Oh,I'm assuming I can transfer files to a SD card in the WM1a once formatted,from the MacBook?
    I don't really buy a lot of music anymore,I have a pretty wide selection already.I'm looking for a portable solution to deliver good SQ,with a long battery life.The WM 1a certainly seems to be up to the job.Thanks for your input!
  3. gerelmx1986
    installed music center for PC, it doesn't see the sonis at all. The only way to play my library with sonos is by using their sonos controller software which has a music files limit of 65000 tracks (i have 56400+). I will get a NAS and put everything there as 16/44.1 (sonos SW doesnt like Hi-res audio)
  4. nc8000 Contributor
    Since alac is lossless you could just transcode your fils to wav instead of reripping as all lossless files contains exactly the same bitstream. What might make files sound different is the implementation of each codec on the player.
  5. Whitigir
    don’t the ripping process affect the digital info ? How does the Ripping process compare to reading it directly from a CD ?
  6. Lookout57
    I ripped all my CDs to AIFF as it allows for embedded ID3 tags and artwork. From there I can transcode it to any format or resolution. For playback on my home system I use the AIFF files. For the WM1A/Z I convert to FLAC at the original resolution. For playback in the car which doesn't support higher than 96K, I'll downsample anything above that to 96K or less.
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  7. nc8000 Contributor
    It shouldn't affect anything. You will get the same bit stream directly from the cd or from any of the lossless file formats, that's the whole point of it being lossless. Actually you might get a better result from the ripped files than from the cd in real time as the ripping process can take as long time retrying and dealing with defects on the cd as it likes whereas playing the cd must happen in real time. What could give differences in sound is how the player implements the decode of the different file formats as they require different processing resources which theoretically could introduce artefacts and timing problems with wav requiring the least resources for decode as there is no compression. This was the reason why the old Colorfly C4 player supported 24/96 wav but only 16/48 flac
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2019
  8. Redcarmoose

    Audiophiles can be very susceptible to various bit-rate and digital playback configurations. It’s not fully understood why or how? Much could be expectation bias, where a standard set of beliefs will have the human mind confirm psychologically that it “hears” the process effects better. The timing in this case could affect what is heard. IMO.....meaning that it could be there as a difference or it could be just believed to be there.

    I don’t hear any format differences but do hear betterment from files above 16/44.1 in some cases........ specificity cases with good mastering. Also I absolutely believe I hear a difference using the 1A and 1Z playback USB audio into the TA amp over using a computer for USB audio. Before I started using the 1A and 1Z I always used 16/44.1 from a CD transport....spinning actual CDs........ and always felt I could hear it as superior over computer generated USB to a DAC. If it’s simply processing or what....... but the 1A/1Z is also vastly superior now to using RCA Digital coaxial into the TA amp from a CD transport too. So having folks believe Wave files are sounding different in the end can be a very viable truth for the audiophile. It’s absolutely not simply 1 and 0s in the end but other sonic changes due to the process. Much of this phenomena can be outside the field of measurement. The results can affect what the listener believes he hears for years on end. This is a difficult subject to test or confirm to be real.....but basically what is “real” for the mind, is truly real.

    There is an entire sub audiophile industry based on reducing digital “noise”. So folks with different USB cables, small jitter reducing USB purification-filters and such are a big part of our industry with millions spent every year. Timing issues and digital noise issues are at the heart of what people think they hear better.....when purchasing a different DAC. Really when you look at it, wanting a specific audio file format seems normal with this style of thinking. If all 1s and 0s sounded the same then all DACs would sound the same, when obviously it’s more, and not just the analog preamp section, or decoding chip selection. IMO
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2019
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  9. PointyFox
    ... and then there's me who can hear digital watermarks in music but can't hear any difference between 256 kbps MP3 and lossless.
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  10. nocturaline
    On the ZX300, Wav files are supported just fine, so I don't see why it would be an issue with the WM1A/Z. All you need is a good tag editor (I use Metadatics on Mac).
  11. AltoBajo
    That's really helpful. I've bookmarked Metadatics,I'll take a look in the morning.It's time for bed here in the UK,at least for me. Many thanks!
  12. Whitigir
    I agree as I love WAV the best
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  13. Blueoris
    I agree with all you said. It is about that digital noise as a result of power circuits and processor and memory banks electrical states, which are in constant change. So the same song, played uninterruptedly in a infinite loop in the same system can have different "micro" noise traces. Then you add other factors like the power outlet you use at home when you did that test, or what appliances were in use at your home when you were listening... or if you live in a unit in the city or condo in suburbia, if it was pick hour or mid night, or if you changed your listening position, or the position of your headphones (we don't need to mention tinnitus and other health factors) or audio formats, or filters or cables or DAC's etc. Soo many variables that for my own sake, I just accept that the quality I hear from my systems a given time is the best one I can get at that moment, so I can just enjoy the experience and get into the music.
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  14. Whitigir
    that is correct , timing issues and the algorithms to convert the info. The DMP-Z1 was built to maximize the timing precision’s of the modern digital devices. Same as WM-1Z and WM-1A. However, there are differences in S-Master and AKM IC in both of those.

    never the less, only Sony that has been catering toward digital timing precision this whole time, since NW ZX1 , ZX2, now ZX507...etc. The rest of the other so called DAP is just straight up General Electric engineering with off the shelves parts. Honestly, if 1A or 1Z had more power....
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2019
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  15. Redcarmoose
    For me much of it was curiosity. Getting Foobar2000 going in 2011........... then hearing timing issues, which then were improved by going WASABI? And then it was like wait? What! There is a hole in this theory of 1s and 0s!

    At the same time I have to laugh at some of the expensive and now dated cable improvements I’ve gone and purchased. Finally, where I live we have some power regulators mounted on the electrical poles. So now my surge protectors are showing clean or cleaner power. So now I can break out my crazy power cables. In my situation it would be better to actually have a power regenerator but I’m not buying one. Many have this belief it’s the cable simply exiting from the wall to the amp. So now I’m using my laughingstock :) giant best power cable. Probably the most ridiculous thing? But it opens up the sound stage and smooths out everything too...............adding separation. It’s small internal balloons and pure gold foil conductors. E665F11B-270E-4F57-B497-E8EF102FFC86.jpeg

    Electra Glide Audio Reference Glide-Reference Standard "Fatboy" Power Cord


    Electra Glide Audio Epiphany MK2 Power Cord
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2019
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