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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. Skullar
    can anyone please tell me where i can get 2.0 and 3.1 firmware for wm1a please?

  2. Redcarmoose
    If I could add........cable dexterity and said dexterity over time is another important quality that gets overlooked while concentrating on sound. With some cables changing shape due to use and age over time.

    It seems more and more people are getting open minded to the fact that they may hear differences. In the West there seems to be a greater preference for folks getting $100 upgrade cables just for the improvements in looks and build quality. In the East audiophiles are more accepting of cable improvements with some actually choosing cables first to match their music genre over a choice of IEMs.

    I still find confusing realizations after collecting a few “other” aftermarket cables over the years. I’ve actually spent more on power cables and boutique interconnects with only a couple IEM cables. Though recently I have tended to notice consistency in sound personality and sound improvements with IEM cables.

    It’s maybe a consistent observation of a specific sound personality from a cable that starts to reinforce that there are not only improvements to be found in cables........but also an effective way to fine-tune a signature.

    I write all this but I’m only guilty of spending $700 on four IEM cables total. So as far as $700-$2000 for a single IEM cable; I’m on the conservative side.

    I’m at a place where now I use different firmwares with different IEM choices. I’m also experimenting with long term use of the opposite basically trying what I previously thought was the wrong firmware with the IEM. Most of this comes from a belief that we can actually get used to stuff. Meaning first impressions of a sound from a cable change out or firmware change may be startling.....but may smooth out at times. We may have an ability to adapt and learn to enjoy a signature we once felt had issues.

    Though I still don’t see myself buying some “uber” expensive bright and detailed cable down the road. I’d probably buy an IEM as I still feel there is more difference from an IEM purchase.
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  3. nc8000 Contributor
  4. proedros
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  5. Skullar
    @proedros thanks again. as always, very helpful!
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  6. meomap
    Hi All,
    This is off topic:
    Now that I will switch to PC from Mac very soon after I receive my new Dell XPS 13, what is the best music App to RIP cd and store in there, along with reading hi res file like yp to DSD 256.
    I don't mind to buy that App one time.

    Thank you in advance.
  7. octobeard
    Late to the party but have loaded 3.02 onto the WM1A. Didn't hear much of a difference between 3 and 3.01 but 3.02 is an interesting one. Immediately I noticed it reduced amplification volume on the balanced line out - when I normally listened to music between 68-70 with the A12t, now I need to push it up to 72-74 for the same volume range.

    In terms of sound quality, 3.02 is more detailed than 3.01, sound is subtly clearer and bass is tighter and less fuzzy (probably leading those to think there's less of it, which in terms of impact there might be, but I absolutely think it's better quality bass).

    Had been skeptical of the versions changing the sound, but no longer! Either way, I feel 3.02 is an improvement. And the A12t being a more bass forward IEM certainly benefits from the change by not presenting the sound as flat or neutral in the sense of lacking heft on the low end. Sounds gorgeous.
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  8. Skullar
    Right, so i thought 1.2 was miles better then 3.02. but now when i tried 2.0 it seems like i just bough myself a new upgrade dap lol. Just makes me wonder is there anyone preferring 3.02 over older firmware and i am in a minority?
  9. Redcarmoose
    It simply depends on your gear and subjective taste. I’m using 3.02 with the Sony 1Z and IER-Z1R.......listening to 24bit Star Wars OST Episode One and it’s the best. Though I prefer 3.01 with the 1A.
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  10. MrLocoLuciano
  11. Skullar
    yeh i suppose you are right. i did find 3.02 sounding better with classical music. alhough i prefer cans and desktop gear for orchestral/classical music. wm1a is for my ravey up lifting, caffein substitute music for commuting. 2.0 handles that a lot better even with my eros 2 balanced. on 3.02 i found the cable making it sound very shallow.
    waiting for copper cable for shockwave III still so will find out how much it affects the sound.
  12. Redcarmoose
    There is no right or wrong with liking a particular update. Obviously there are different variables for everyone. Either they have the 1A or 1Z, different IEMs, different cables. Everyone likes at slightly different signature and has different genres of music playing.

    Your right full-size may do better technically but it’s all an illusion anyway. We are not on a soundstage listening to live music, so it’s what ever illusion you can generate emotion and musicality with.

    Human perception is wild, some folks enjoy 10 inch by 10 inch paintings where others need a 65 inch TV to be amused. :)

    3.02 is a very different animal, and yes, it’s wide but missing some of the lower midrange that ends up beneficial for some IEMs, but other times 3.02 seems to take away the lower midrange tone leaving just shallowness behind. Though both the 1Z and IER-Z1R are a little heavy handed in the bass department naturally with 3.01 and 2.0.....so 3.02 seems tailored for the combo? IMO
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  13. Quadfather
    Okay, I'm going to stir up some subjectiveness.

    I like my Sony NW-WM1A more than the Sony NW-WM1Z because....


    I like my Sony NW--WM1Z more than the Sony NW-WM1A because...
  14. Redcarmoose
    I like my Sony NW--WM1Z more than the Sony NW-WM1A because...

    That's a simplified answer. But the 1Z is not the deal the 1A is. I have always thought middle of the road was the best path when making purchases. Like getting the car that's not top of the line with options, but not a stripped model either. Not to talk bad about down-line with Sony DAPS but the 1A is the sweet spot in sound and value. Nowdays..............even more.......especially when you read what people obtain a 1A for................ 2X! they are the deal. Some of the low tier Sony DAPs sound inferior to an Apple IPod.......it's quite amazing really!

    At least the Walkman 1A is the best deal in what I have heard. The ZX300 didn't offer the detail, the 1Z has slightly more detail along with a thickness and bass plus treble boost. But...........if you already had IEMs with that character using the 1A can get closer than 10% away from the 1Z. The ultimate truth is the 1Z has something.........in just a smidge of realism that the 1A does not have. The 1Z notes are thicker and more substantial.......which is an improvement on most IEMs. Is it worth thousands more? It's up to the person who uses the DAPs to decide. No one else can make that buying judgment but you. Though just to walk into a store and try both the differences will seem even less. I don't own a DMP-Z1 because I can't afford 8K-10K for a DAP. But if I had the $ I'm sure it's better than the 1Z. With 3.02 I like the 1Z even more than the TA desktop. There are trade-offs in that the TA has better imaging and maybe a blacker background? But for many it's tone first. The 1Z with 3.02 has this very midcentric detail boost. The 1Z has the treble boost anyway, except now the soundstage is better and more open. The TA with it's power still does better with full size in my opinion........but there are also members who prefer the 1Z over their own TA for use with full-size headphones. But I've never quite heard an update like 3.02 for the 1Z. It is detrimental with my more midcentic IEMs........which is expected. If you already are looking for warmth 3.01 gives it in droves........but for some IEMs you want all the characteristics 3.02 is known for.

    The whole point of Head-Fi is to settle down and just listen to music for 10 years straight. We are not meant to continuously make new purchases in confusion like hamsters on a wheel going round and round in a cage. To get off the buying train should be the ultimate goal. The only way to do that is to know your sound and settle with equipment you can respect and not question. That is unless there is some endorphin rush that takes place opening new boxes and trying new gear for the sake of gear. If that's where the thrill is......by all means continue.
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2019
  15. Skullar
    Absolutely this!

    One day, some time ago i was like, ok! i need to try something new,..£150 out, damn how do i explain my wife i spend that on thing that comes free with the phone you buy?.... oh damn that sound fanstastic! few months later i show it to my friend and hes like - i need that too!... i think ok, that is defiantely not the end of it, hmm, i wonder how much of an improvement does it make for £500? ... damn thats insane... - my mate: where did you get it? and goes and gets it...
    2 years later my gear costs over 3k... my wife: why do you buy same thing all over again? me: dont worry its only like 300 quid.

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