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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. a86709286
    Hey thanks for the reply.
    Why 2 ohm is the recommended output impedance? You're right that Wm1z has around 1 ohm, andro's earphone impedance is like 13 ohm, I thought the golden rule is to choose a source that has 1/8 of that?
  2. denis1976
    My 7ohm Andromeda Gold works very good with the 1Z
  3. bflat
    The 1/8 rule is generic and does not factor the variable impedance of multi BA driver IEMs. The published spec is usually measured at 1 kHz, but you will see higher and lower impedance along the full FR curve. If you search the Andro thread you will see a lot of impressions relative to output impedance. While not everyone agrees, it seems the general results are output impedance <1 Ohm produces what I experienced and >2 ohm produces the opposite - elevated treble, reduction in bass. This would also help explain how some folks' impressions seem to contradict each other.
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  4. denis1976
    I think you are right, I had this experience when I had the Tera player that had 10 ohms impedance, when you have a high output impedance from the Dap and you have a low impedance iem you loose bass and have a more thin sound
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2019
  5. Maxx134
    Thats great. I was going to get a glass cover but not sure how difficult to remove if placed wrong or cracked.

    The case is nice. I am currently looking for a better case myself as I have the even heavier 1z so need alot protection.

  6. Maxx134
    Very much on same level in terms of resolve, and so on a prefefence level or personal choice.
  7. svsabado
  8. hamhamhamsta
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2019
  9. hamhamhamsta
  10. svsabado
    Shortened commute, so I don’t need a mobile rig.
  11. Skullar
    Hello there. So i went and bought myself wm1a. Figuring it would be a relatively significant step up from lg v30.
    To be honest i am pretty happy with v30 its just i have heard good things about 4.4mm balanced outlut giving a bit of more extension on sub bass.
    This is my commute gear so it is mainly for fun listening and goes for all sirts of electronic music, EDM, chill out ect. So no critical listening involved. And tbh i dont like those clinical signatures anyway.
    Iems used - IMR R1 Zenith, Toneking Shockwave III.

    Ok so i went and checked 3.5mm cable first and, well yes sepetarion is better, soundstage is better overall but very slightly. Low end no change at all as expected. As all my iems are easy to drive.

    Now after switching to balanced using eros II cable, in goes a significant difference. Bass is just so much more extended and controlled. Seperation way ahead of v30. But! Where is musicality gone? That upper mid range just feel recessed. Where is that airy feel gone?
    Dont get me wrong its not a massive change ruining experience. but it just makes me think wether sony is really worth extra space in a pocket.

    Anyone with more experience can tell me is it just Sony's signature or is it just how balanced output sounds. Can it be cable? Waiting for balanced copper cable to arrive for shockwaves will see then.
    But i have a feeling that wm1a might go on market with all the cables after my Rah iems arrives lol.
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  12. Hellraiser86
    My WM1A was very sensitive to different cables and the balanced output sounded the same as the 3.5 - just better in all categories. So my guess would be cable.
  13. Skullar
    Well i will see. As mentioned im getting copper cable for my shockwaves as opposed to silver/copper eros on zeniths. Thing is both zeniths and shockwaves are quite bright and i was hoping wm1a will tone it down a bit. It did but a step too much for my liking.
    It does not feel that much on classical music, so i guess it could be a matter of music type i listen to too. Need to give time to my ears to readjust. I will swap back to v30 in a week to see how it feels.
  14. proedros

    if it's a new wm1a, you need 300-400 hours of burn in

    be patient until you clock at least 200 hours

    also what firmware do you have on wm1a ? if you want more musicality try 1.2 /2.0 / 3.01

  15. Skullar
    No it is not new. Could not justify full price for on the go dap. It had plenty of burn in from previous owner.
    As for firmware i just updated for most recent one after pluging it in really. So need to try downgrade maybe.

    Played around with EQ and other settings. Seems better now. Going to listen to sony exclusively all week to see how i will feel about my v30 then.
    Maybe its just my brain. After all used my LG for almost 2 years.

    Thanks for advise.

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