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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. fiascogarcia
    I'm on board with Benks! My Dignis is a great case, but I'm with you about being able to see the DAP.
    Sony 05.jpg Sony and Phantom.JPG
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  2. Hanafuda

    Functional, simple, and gorgeous. Nothing to flip or snap or tuck. You do miss out on the smell of fine leather I suppose.
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  3. auronthas
    It's cool and nicely tight and fit. I have this Benks TPU as well. Different mood different casing :D
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  4. toontoonizer
    well, here's an update. I received a replacement NW WM1A following the crackling fiasco. Tried the Yinyoo 16 core 4.4 balanced cable in the new unit and lo and behold - i get crackling if i swivel the headphone jack. I get no crackling in the 3.5mm if i swivel the port. i am thinking now maybe the 4.4mm plug on the cable is not quite right?
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  5. purk Contributor
    It has better protection and doesn’t slip out of your hand as easy as Dignis Case as well. The 1Z is a gorgeous looking player.
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  6. kenjamin0523
    Any good news guys, still waiting for next flagship DAP of wm1z
  7. phonomat
    A watched pot never boils.
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  8. Hanafuda
    Hey can anyone say with confidence one way or the other whether this 512GB microsd is up to snuff for our DAP? Should be, but I admit not being exactly savvy on the U1, U3, class numbers, etc.

    Getting downright affordable (I've been getting by with the onboard memory plus a 64GB, but I've got a lot of hi-res, DSD stuff and I need to expand to use it.)


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  9. boblauer
    I use the 400 gb version of that card in my zx300 if that matters and its fine
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  10. Hanafuda
    Thanks. When I got my WM1A, which wasn't that long ago really, the 400GB was a budget buster (for me) and there was no 512 yet. Now the 512 is 80 bucks?!? ... wow.
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  11. Lookout57
    And the 1TB is $450 !
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  12. boblauer
    Yep the 400 was at the top of my budget at $80 when I bought mine. I still have about 100 gb open so no need to move up. I'll wait for the 1 tb to drop and go all the way.
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  13. SBranson
    It's amazing how fast they drop in price. Last Christmas I thought I was getting a smoking good deal on the 400gb when it was $104cdn and at that time the 512gb was close to $200. Now the 512 is just over $100cdn and will surely be under that by this Christmas.

    edit... just bought the benks case. I like the idea of the clear design and comes with the plugs as a bonus..
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2019
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  14. Hanafuda

    I got my 1A about 16 months ago, and I can't remember exactly but I'm pretty sure the 400GB was a LOT more than $80 back then. Like, maybe 3x that much? I know I looked, thought a minute, and said nope lol. But $80 I can handle. I'll still wait a little longer though ... BlackFriday/CyberMonday may work in my favor.

    @SBranson you'll like the Benks. Great protection but it basically isn't there, if you know what I mean.
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2019
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  15. auronthas
    I bought 400GB from Amazon Dec 2018 at USD 80, wow, now can buy 512GB !

    For the speed class, 10 and U1 (UHS) is more than adequate read/write 10Mbps is more than adequate, U3 and above speed class is for video recording up to 8K resolution. For music listening, the crucial is reading speed; writing speed is to copy your music files from one source to micro SD.

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