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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. mwhals
    Wondering if buying a WM1Z makes sense today based on it already being out three years. I think it does as I am not one to jump on the next dap if I like the current one. The international one is a great price compared to the United States version. The warranty is the only question. Can I get it serviced if needed? Has anyone else bought an international version in the United States and needed warranty service?
  2. gerelmx1986
    you s you can, only if yor DAC supports DSD
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  3. flyer1
    WM1Z will always be great, especially with Sony's continuing firmware support/improvements. Hard to imagine something better will arrive soon. Look for a great deal now on Amazon.de(close to 2k euro)
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  4. Whitigir
    DAP is very competitive these days. They are coming as fast as smartphones now, but with each release is into different price range and differences in built and implementation here and there. They mainly revolves and advertised about their own DAC-IC

    So, the off the shelves DAC-IC is also moving faster than it used to be. This is because of the modern demand for digital music, high-res....etc.... even studio and professional devices are all in demand of better IC-based Sigma Delta.

    Therefore, what is the implementation and configuration again ? As a whole, the choices of each components, the clocks, the regulators, the capacitors, the resistors....etc....etc....that is just hardware parts. On top of that there will be software and it algorithms part.

    the WM-1Z on the hardware side is built for a future proof on the implementation wise, except it own S-Master, which Sony is not going to replace and upgrade anytime soon. I don’t see it as I thought the DMP-Z1 or the 40th anniversary should have.....but it did not.

    That brings us back to the square 1, the Digital Converter side of the device. The S-Master HX inside the WM-1Z and 1A is Sony current top tier. The hardware components are top tier....heck even each screws and chassis. All of that together make the Sony WM Walkman a unique device that is unlike the rest that is being produced like smartphones at a premium price.
    The WM-1A and 1Z are both high-end top tier in built quality, and as sound is subjective, you can judge it however you want. But that is how I see it. The only reason why I moved away from WM-1Z was because it wasn’t powerful enough to drive my HD800S. Also is why I bought DMP
  5. bflat
    If I may talk a bit LOL....

    Sony generally does not provide warranty outside of the country of purchase and must also be from an authorized reseller. Since resellers can only sell in their region, warranty generally does not follow. However, on a case by case basis, they may provide warranty if they are convinced you didn't purchase out of region only for a lower cost. On a positive note, I think there have only been a couple reported warranty claims on this entire thread. Sony DAPs are the most trouble free I've experienced having owned multiple AK and Onkyo DAPs in the past. Lastly, battery degradation is inevitable, but even if you lose 50% of your battery life on a Sony DAP, it's still at least 10 hrs of operation. However, if you use the 90% battery saver feature, you will extend the life of your battery significantly to the point of non-issue.

    My advice would be to purchase a used WM1Z to minimize your investment and risk. DAPs in general, like smartphones, depreciate significantly. AK is probably the worst since they put out new models every year. Sony will certainly upgrade this line in the future, but if the recent ZX500 is a hint at the direction they are going to go - Android with wifi streaming, I for one have no interest in that. The current WM1a/z may very well be the last of its' line and may reach cult status like discrete R2R DACs from the 90's (which by the way sound better than >90% of current DACs).

    If you are still not convinced, perhaps you want to try a different route - use a 2 piece combo of transport and DAC. There you have flexibility to upgrade without having to make an all or nothing decision. For transport, I would highly recommend the Sony A50 series. It works just like the WM series and for BT transmitter and USB transport, there is no difference is sound quality. Possible combos could be with Hugo 2, WA11, Q5s. I've tried all of these and the USB transport functions flawlessly. However in the case with Q5s, the LDAC BT sounds just as good as wired. Heck, I even use the A55 as a stand alone and it even has FM reception to boot! Battery life is an amazing 25-30 hrs. In case you are wondering about the HFM R2R2000, unfortunately USB transport doesn't work and the HFM morons decided to use obscure BT standard instead of LDAC. That would have been a killer combo.
  6. LinstantX
    I wonder if Sony could introduce bluetooth support for the UAT codec in the future?
  7. hshock76
    I have the DX220 with Amps 8 & 9 as well as the AK Kann Cube. Just got my 1Z earlier this week and I can confidently say that it still stands head and shoulders and/or above the new offerings when paired with the IER & MDR-Z1Rs. I believe the synergy helps as well. I must say the Kann Cube gave the IER-Z1Rs a huge sound-stage and a good feel of being "live" with the music; but I find the 1Z does vocals better.
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2019
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  8. hshock76
    Ok, here's my feedback on the 1Z vs TAZ (Using 1Z as transport)

    The sound signature on both is very similar.

    Vocals is largely the same but there is more of everything else from the TAZ. To put it simply, the TAZ is an extension of what the 1Z already does well.

    There is improved sound-stage, depth, separation and presence. Not huge improvements but noticeable. Not surprising since there is certainly significantly more power on the TAZ.

    However, moving back to the 1Z from the TAZ, I did not feel a discernible drop in performance or enjoyment which just says how good the 1Z is by itself.

    It's good to have options but can't go wrong with either. I use the TAZ with the MDR predominantly at home and the 1Z with the IERs in the office.

    And a very quick one on IER vs MDR-1ZR to my ears:
    1. IER - Forward Vocals+Clinical; like a sharp steak knife
    2. MDR - :Vocals Less forward than the IERs but Smooth+Analogue feel; like a Hot knife cutting through butter
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  9. mwhals
    Thanks for your well thought out reply. I will go with a dap like the WM1Z over the 2 piece combo. I like to walk around the house and a heavy dap is better to me than having to juggle two pieces, each with a battery that must be charged.
  10. Midnstorms
    I think you wont regret 1Z it since a really awesome DAP when correctly paired! if you can test battery after purchase it will be awesome but... just never buy a demo unit lol
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2019
  11. Midnstorms
    Why you returned to 1.20? have you tried 3.01
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  12. Midnstorms
    I went back and forth all of them but i tried to go back in some order, if install 3.01 and whant to go back 1.20 y first go 2.0 then 1.2 and allways get errors that i end solving... mostly for the bookmarks gone and others!! you can PM me anytime im wm1a by the way.
  13. bflat
    Regarding FW sound quality. I started with 3.0x so I don't hear any difference. However I'm surprised nobody mentions how their hearing changes throughout the normal day. For me listening in the morning requires higher volume and treble sounds dull. Mid day all is well. Later in the evening, I have to listen at lower volumes and treble sounds sharper. Of course the different volume levels have an impact on how much low end I hear. In all cases, after I listen for an hour or so, my hearing adjusts and gets closer to mid day levels.
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  14. Midnstorms
    I dont listen music in the morning period lol I noticed bass tastes like K.....p in the mornings trebble sound anoying for me even, and im not in the mood best time for me its around 8 till you can stand it!! i listen to EDM often listen music while playing DOTA2 lol 3.01 still the best for me...

    My EQ its really weird too! +10 (31) -5.5 (62) -10 (125) -3 (500) -1.5 (1k) -1 (2k) -2 -(4K) 5.5 (8k) -1.0 (16K)
    DSEE Standard Phase Linearizer B low Vinyl Procesor Arm Resonance (Boost bass)
    DSEE OFF Phase Linearizer A low Vinyl Procesor Surface Noise (Boost Clarity and resolution)
    DSEE Standard Phase Linearizer A low Vinyl Procesor Surface Noise (Boost Trebble)
    DSEE Standard Phase Linearizer Off Vinyl Procesor Surface Noise ( make Bass softer and faster)
    DSEE Strings Phase Linearizer A low Vinyl Procesor Surface Noise (Reverb)
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2019
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  15. Erfan Elahi
    Hi everyone, for the WM1Z, has anyone noticed playback resume delays between 1 to 2 secs from paused playback? I haven't precisely counted, but it feels longer after taking 3.02 update. On 4.4mm

    But soundwise I can feel straight away difference when changing the DC Phase linerizers, even from Type A to Type B, lows to highs. It's not too subtle like before. Also feels the mass has increased in the lows.

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