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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. lesale08
    Chiming in as well. Having a hard time hearing any difference between firmwares (1A).
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  2. mmwwmm
    Here you can get some helpful info

  3. eugene2
    My problem with these Sony players is no Roon or Tidal...
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  4. Redcarmoose
    It’s not a flaw but a direction they are going. The early early firmware was just so-so. They then came out with 1.02 and more people had an opinion about it. As the players are released...... they have what ever firmware was out at the time. Every firmware is available except 1.0 (or 1.01?) which was installed in the first Walkman production run. As the firmware was updated a trend has taken place. Also features have been added. By the time 3.00 came out the Walkmans could now receive Bluetooth as well as send it. They added a vinyl sounding effect filter. But as a whole the software has allowed the players to become broader in soundstage and have more midrange.......to the point that 3.02 has almost too much midrange and too broad a soundstage for the 1A. Though it’s a matter of taste but 3.02 is perfect for the 1Z. 3.00 was too bass trimmed for the 1A but 3.01 was perfect. Remember too the players have become way louder since the early firmware releases.......that’s not random.

    But your right, they do release bad quirks....like 3.00 had a very slow way of adding up the song database file set. 3.00 also crashed off and on for some.

    This is a planned direction on the part of Sony to improve DAP performance. Though due to the polarized personality between the two DAPs it’s difficult for one software to bring the best to both.

    Much of this is obviously synergy between IEMs. Also people like to stay with a sound they have become accustomed to. You still have many on firmware 1.02 as it’s maybe the warmest most analog and most forgiving. The most confusing thing is that the firmware seems to move the song imaging around. This effect is even different than you may get with EQ. Once we have songs we are used to, new firmware rearranges the instruments placing different emphasis on parts, basically delivering a whole new DAP. With a attenuation of bass, midrange and treble can be emphasized. Pace, rhythm and timing change as there is more space between the beats.

    All this would be bad if it was a forced option. Lucky folks can simply choose a sound personality that goes the direction they want.

    The best part is many of us feel we have a completely different and better sounding DAP then years ago right after the purchase. The DAPs have been out since 2016. If Sony didn't care, they could simply make new DAPs and put new firmware in them and charge us for getting new better sounding merchandise. All of us own Apple products that have become obsolete due to firmware issues. Instead we are given Sony gifts!
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  5. hshock76
    Finally got my 1Z on Monday and have been testing it for 2 days since. I am still on FW1.20 from the factory reset. Its a pre-owned unit and have been fully burned-in.

    My thoughts comparing the 1Z to DX220 with Amp9 (50-60hrs) with IER-Z1R and Dita Oslo cable.

    In my own simplest way to describe the difference for me:
    Ibasso - Listening to a very very good music
    1Z - Being in and part of the music

    1Z is in a seperate league to me... there is a sense of realism and feeling of "being there" when listening to the same songs through the Sony. There is more depth, more height, more clarity, extremely immersive and involving. Body moves to the music naturally. Likely also due to good synergy since both are Sony items. Currently the pairing is perfect to me.

    Dun get me wrong, the DX220 with Amp9 is still very good. But just different. I will now pair with with the IER-M9. The pairing is wonderful in a different way. Its like comfort food. Soothing, smooth and relaxing..

    Gonna do more comparison between the TA-ZH1ES+ MDR-Z1R and the 1Z+ IER-Z1R pairing over the next couple of days.

    And yes, I agree that we should all be enjoying the music more.....
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  6. auronthas
    Chill guys. If you can hear sound differences between firmware, that's great. If you don't, no worries, I am one of those with decent hearing perhaps , but I do enjoy music from WM1A.

    As many of you know, the latest firmware 3.0.2 is to smoothen transition between tracks in Bluetooth mode. Happy listening :o2smile: and cheers :beerchug:
  7. Redcarmoose
    It will be cool to read your impressions going to 3.02 with the IER and MDR. Congratulations!
  8. gerelmx1986
    i think no other DAP other than sonys hgh end offerings can do the realism of the music being presented. You litrally feel .part of it as if the artist is with you.

    Currently using the lesser IER-M7 with my 1A listening to the works for keyboard by William Byrd. The musicician – Davitt Moroney – uses period instruments such as a Muselaar . You hear all of the mechanism –a Virginal and a Muselaar are entirely made of wood, except.the strings –, every pluck of strings, the strings themaelves vibrating, the reverberation of both the room and the instrument. You feel as if he was literal next to you. And yeah this is a 1999 release 16/44.1

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  9. phonomat
    HairOhWin hangover?
  10. proedros
    great impressions/comparisons ,and thanx for not being afraid to say about the 10% part

    wm1a is very nice indeed, and some of us don't/can't pay 3x times the price for that 10% improvement.
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  11. nc8000 Contributor
    I certainly don’t regret getting the 1Z 3 years ago but I suspect that with todays 1TB microSD cards I would probably have gone for the 1A instead and be perfectly happy
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  12. DatDudeNic
    Try rolling back to 2.00 then to 3.00 and 3.01. FW 2.00 sounds really bassy compared to 3.00 and as for 3.01 the difference here is that 3.00 has a metallic tinge to the vocals but with 3.01 that metallic tinge is gone. As for the iems i jave tried it with; zeus xiv, angie, ckw1000 ANV, final e2000, lime ears model x, zs10, mdr 1A. Lime ears sounded so unnatural with 3.00 but it sounded quite good with 2.00 but limited stage due to midbass hump in the fw.

    I used to not believe the fw sonic changes bur when i tried it with a bunch of iems with different signatures, that when i really noticed. Note that 3.00-3.02 sonic changes is not that apparent if you dont cycle through iems that often.
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  13. miguel.yarce

    I have only a few weeks with mine, so I did not experienced other FW than the last one but Its good to know that it was an improvement in SQ. Thanks for sharing.
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  14. hshock76
    I switched between 1.20 and 3.02 multiple times this morning and I must say I prefer 1.2.

    Main difference for me is that the vocals for 1.20 is more forward and overall presentation is more expressive and musical. 1.20 is akin to having the singer perform exclusively for me. However, I must say that this is more apparent with vocal focused songs,

    I too did not feel soundstage being any narrower on the 1.20 vs 3.02.

    Did not like losing the DAC function though.

    I strongly believe that we all hear things differently. My cousin loves the AK Billie Jean while I felt that it had a lack of body. He prefers brighter signatures while I like warm+full bodied. Similarly, I believe some may hear difference from SW changes while some do not. I personally did not believe that SW should result in any changes in SQ but in this instance I did.

    There is no right or wrong. End of the day, what's most important is we like what we hear, and not go into length debates about what others should or should not hear.

    Last edited: Oct 11, 2019
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  15. miguel.yarce
    Hi All! Did somebody test the Fiio L27 with the wm1a?

    If yes... did it transmit DSD natively? I used that cable with a A35 walkman to work as a transport.


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