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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. proedros
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  2. Maxx134
    Firmware is in the digital domain.
    The whole chip operation is in digital domain...

    Yes we just read how the whole chain from dac to amp is in the digital domain..

    So from what I have understood, Sony is using their own custom single all-in-one chip of S-Master digital amp logic chip, and FPG (for dac), which is all in digital domain even amplification untill output.

    So, (correct me if I'm wrong) unlike other dac chips which are pre-programmed independently (AKM & Sabre, which also using analog stages), this Sony unit, instead, is totally controlled in the digital domain, which is the firmware...

    And we don't know how much control the firmware has over the dac section, but we know the amp section is totally controlled..
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  3. proedros
    is this the sony thread or the tech geeks thread ?

    guys chill with whether the fw changes or changes the sound ,this is getting extra dorky

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  4. Maxx134
    Is there a general consensus of the sonic differences between the 1Z & the 1A ??
  5. gerelmx1986
    pehaps this YouTube vid helpa you to nserstans the concept.of class D amplification

  6. RobertP
    Yes, I had already try that too. Imo, anything outside the direct source sound not as clean. Bass and sub is a bit too much in 3.01.

    Lower-mid to low is just the right amount in 1.2. I hear singer sang much clearer; for my setup at least. All I have to do is set to high gain output if needed less warmth.
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  7. RobertP
    Yes. If this is what you're looking for, stay with it.
  8. Redcarmoose
    I use 3.01 and the Noble Encore with the 1A and 1Z. I use 3.02 with the 1Z and IER-Z1R. So sadly I change firmware between IEMs.
  9. Redcarmoose

    I’m more more into understanding the outside far reaches of the technology results. Like the fact that the difference in amplifier process means no noise floor, no heat and a long battery life. Learning about other DAPs getting hot was a no go for me. The TA desktop headphone amp also converts any analog signal back into digital before the signal gets amplified. And it’s this reason there’s no line out of the 1Z /1A only digital out.

    The strange part is all the features don’t notably sound better in place but different. The Field Programable Gate Array technology lets us upscale everything to DSD in the TA, and it’s different though I wonder if better? I simply thought they made digital sound like analog?

    I’m going on a trip with the 1A so I started using it again as my main DAP. Truthfully the 1Z is really my choice. But the 1A is nice and a perfect way to listen to music. The 1Z is more meaty, it has a density going slightly more front to back. The 1Z has a treble spike and bass boost, but is still laid back and warm. The 1A is less warm. Though still warm. It’s this profound clarity with all the listed that makes the 1Z my favorite. But on my trip the 1A will be great too!

    The 1A is a way way way better deal. The 1Z is like 10% better. But that 10% is there and noticeable all the time. Music is more real. The 1Z soundstage is fuller. But that’s not to say the 1A is even the slightest bad. It’s incredible for what it is. But.....it’s that last 10%.......but you pay for it.
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  10. RobertP
    Maybe you are right, I didn't hear anything different back when I still have just XBA3 iem.
  11. nc8000 Contributor
    I do and don’t notice any change in sound between different fw however I did notice changes between fw versions on the iBasso DX90 I had some years ago
  12. phonomat
    I've written to customer service for confirmation but only received a generic nondescript reply. Never heard a difference myself, and I've gone through every single FW version. I'm sort of an early adopter, and to me, my DAP sounds the same as day one. Oh well.
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  13. phonomat
    That makes three of us. You, me and Sony. :D
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  14. Pablovi
    Sony will never admit it. It’s a flaw if it’s happening.
  15. nc8000 Contributor
    iBasso never admitted it happening with the DX90
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