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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. raymogi
    This will complete my desk nicely :D
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  2. Sp12er3
    Then prepare to fork up €7000 :kissing:
  3. gerelmx1986
    all what you say made me switch back to 3.01
  4. gerelmx1986
    Boo, the new walkmans are android os rather than sony walkman os.
    Keeping my trustworthy wm1A until they release newer wm series with no android
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  5. 518013
    Sorry, didn't mean to dissuade anyone from the new Firmware, but that is how I was hearing the new update :)
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  6. Sp12er3
    They probably will... Or they may just keep producing ZX300, and 1A and 1Z for people that doesn't want android.
    Sony likes to keep production of older models when they offer different options. The nice thing is brand new they'd usually then come down in price when a clear successor came to the market.
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2019
  7. gerelmx1986
    Y a I heard it also and didnt.like ot, found the same.observations as you
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  8. Midnstorms
    100% agree dough its interesting i wish sony googled sensaura for a change... and add at least a bass rumble slider
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2019
  9. Midnstorms
    I didnt love for 1A but Its better than 3.00
  10. Midnstorms
    Wich iem you have? are you runing balanced? do you come from 3.01? thanks for the FB
  11. kingdixon
    I tried 3.02 for only like 10 mins, didnt give it a very detailed listening, but i noticed lack of musicality against 3.01, felt the vocals a tad bit warmer on 3.01 and more musical, not sure if it was placebo, but i enjoyed 3.01 more.

    I might give it another try later.
  12. aceedburn
    Yes I upgraded from 3.01. Using XBA-Z5 with kimber kable on balanced 4.4mm.
  13. Midnstorms
    Vocals are diferent i agree they felt like boosted on 1khz area wich gives that bass centric feeling it reminds me of 1.2
  14. aceedburn
    I changed the dsee hx to strings and vinyl Processor to surface noise and I swear I’m getting a much warmer sound, probably even warmer than 3.01. Try it guys. I noticed that everyone who is commenting on the negative changes of 3.02 did not state their eq and sound effect settings or if direct mode is on. Those changes make a very significant change to the listening experience. I too was only using direct mode on for a long time since I had the 1A, but I noticed the vinyl Processor especially adds a warmth that I really like and tones down any harshness if there is. My eq is always flat and I never use Phase Linearizer and dynamic nomaliser.

    Maybe someone could try the settings i mentioned above and see if there’s a significant change in sound after updating to 3.02.
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  15. meomap
    You meant like this ? 20190826_181710.jpg
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