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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. Midnstorms
    What do you hear out of 3.02? thanks in advance
  2. flyer1
    I believe Sony optimized 3.02 for headphones like HD660S. Wider soundstage but same or slightly more bass impact and better tonality. Great vocal presence now.

    Enjoying my WM1Z/HD660s as if I got a new and better player after the update.
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  3. Redcarmoose
    Great for the Sony N3, the MDR-Z1R and mind blowing with the IER-Z1R. The tone is fast, articulate and airy. The soundstage is the biggest yet from the players. Though it’s a little like 3.00 as it takes the much needed lows from the relatively neutral 1A, making it thin, but with a cool detailed soundstage. Not for bass lovers. Though along with the 1Z......firmware 3.02 is a magical experience making the lows imaged well, defined and fast. MDR Z1R, N3 and other slightly foggy lows get upgraded into previously unknown territory! With some headphones which needed bass truncation the bass becomes something not just refined but bass that shows all it’s complete personality. Each song can have a completely different style of bass sound, as the tone is not just low but completely revealed for it’s character. IMO
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  4. Quadfather
    I love 1.2.
  5. Redcarmoose
    Maybe in my own lingo it could simply be thought of as clear authority. I’m always looking for that variation. But.......there is of course IEMs and headphones which can be at the edge of having enough authority. To me they need every sliver to become optimal. The k701 does not really have much intrinsic authority......coming off midrange centric, light fast and airy. I remember the HD800 being that way, and the Noble Audio Encore IEM is that way. With all that the mentioned three do right.....I’ve always felt the three needed a firm low end to somehow center the sound. Not using EQ to gain bass, but finding the right amp and source. That’s why folks always talk about getting the right amp for the HD800. The HD800 is a very transparent and revealing headphone. Strangely the k701 is also tuned close to the HD800, and they both came out close to the same time k701-2006 HD800-2009. Both are controversial and not for everyone, though can be brought closer to what one wants with correct amplification. With those being midcentric, strangely there are also positive results for bass heavy headphones too. Something like the Fostex line.....the Denon AHD7000 will parallel much of the MDR-Z1R personality from more amplifier power. The AHD7000 is noted for having a murky lower area of limited detail. But get the headphone more juice and all of it clears up. Again another headphone that can be both full-size, authoritative and run off a phone way loud, but fails to reach it’s true potential being underpowered.
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  6. Midnstorms
    So you think for those iems its better 3.02 in 1A>? right?
  7. Midnstorms
    can you specify what you hated? please
  8. Midnstorms
  9. 518013
    very little bass, vocals were pushed forward, and female vocals sounded high pitched.
    Overall it sounded like bad DSP.
    Stage might have been a bit wider, but everything sounded heady if that makes any sense.
    I really missed the 3.01 bass and presentation.
  10. Quadfather
    Well, I ordered what I thought was a red case, and it turns out it matches my bright orange headphone case. LOL. TOOL time!

    0905192210.jpg 0905192203_HDR.jpg
  11. Redcarmoose
    All of a sudden numerous threads talking of synergy. People having headphones and thinking of selling them.....then getting a new amp and the headphones now are well regarded. Maybe this has always been the talk of Head-fi? But it’s whole systems not just amps or headphones or firmware. Complete synergy in the end. IMO
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  12. Redcarmoose
    Sorry if that was confusing. Actually I’m primarily concentrating on the 3.02 update with the 1Z. There is a special sound with the update and 1Z. Didn’t really like the update with the 1A anyway you look at it.
  13. aceedburn
    I actually love the new soundstage width of the 3.02 update on my WM1A. I don’t hear any harshness on treble that everyone is talking about and I feel sub bass has more impact. Only effects I have turned on is vinyl Processor set to standard and dsee hx set to standard as well. The vocals are more forward now and positioning and 3D imaging has also improved.
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  14. Sp12er3
    Anyone with 1A/1Z plan to make this a reality in their home?

    Caution, its probably priced a bit high up in speaker price hierarchy.
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  15. Redcarmoose

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