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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. nanaholic
    No idea - since the people behind IER-M7/M9 are different to the IER-Z1R.

    Considering that they did collaborate with musicians from Sony's own music label and said they intended for them to be used it for stage monitoring, one thing that people can assume to be true is that it would mean they would have tested the M7/M9 extensively using low powered UNBALANCED source, as high power balance headphone connection is pretty much a rarity for that last connection part in the music industry, especially for things like wireless receivers for stage musicians which are predorminately 3.5mm stereo mini-jack with much less than 100mW output for battery reasons. So if I'm a M7/M9 owner, I would try it like that first to see what it is about before mixing and matching with higher end equipments and things like balanced connection and cables etc.
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  2. Redcarmoose
    My first two purchases after learning of Head-Fi were an exercise in futility. A Woo 3 for an amp and the k701 for headphones. Little did I know the k701 needed way, way more power. They sounded like a radio in another room....almost. That’s an extreme wrong combo, but to generalize it’s the effects of damping factor. To my ears a more powerful amp will add soundstage if the headphones are demanding. You can imagine the diaphragm being controlled better, so it’s both starting it’s movement and stopping movement in a more controlled and accurate way. This leads to more detail. Though what is only 1 dB more bass will sound like way more due to enhanced detail. I have found the detail to open up the lower midrange and bass area more. Still treble soundstage will also open-up with more power. So it isn’t loudness only but control and detail among a better soundstage. Imaging then gets increased too as one of the more subtle final end results. Why these same concepts take place with easier to drive IEMs is something of a wonder but it’s true. So same for difficult to drive IEMs but probably more noticeable with full-size headphones. In the end I purchased the Woo 5 LE and found what the k701 was about in reality.

    So to summarize, it’s not that they get loud enough from the source/amp, it’s other qualities which increase sound fidelity. Google “damping factor” as it’s really the concept we are going over. Headphone impedance can be all over the road, but even with an easy to drive MDR-Z1R.....the 1Z/1A combo is leaving much potential on the table to be found with better damping factor.
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  3. Redcarmoose
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  4. Midnstorms
    So im late sorry been traveling lol!! you can go back from 3.02 to 3.01? i will start testing if that is correct!! but only if you guy say that there is bas in 3.02 otherwise may not worth
  5. Redcarmoose
    Very little bass. But with the 1Z/IER-Z1R.....amazing!

    Easy to go back to 3.01, especially if you have 3.01 in your Windows 10 download folder....from the last fw update.
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  6. Midnstorms
    yes i have all firmwares im hearing diferences Well for my hearing 3.02 ended being a little forward sounding in gain like better 3.01 intimacy bass is quite diferent 3.02 has more midbass maybe a litle less piercing and veiled sounding, i had great hopes for 3.02 may stay in 3.01, since its less fuller sound but morie impacting to my ears, I hope they put some effort in zx100 sounds better even in 2019 i hear that its like you have gain in 1.5 all the time being 3.01 low gain 1 and 3.01 high gain 2 i dont know if im clear on that, that for my just ruins it may have to keep testing dough
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  7. Vlad0
    At last...:), Android 9, Wi-Fi and USB-C, my new favorite - NW-ZX500
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  8. ruthieandjohn
    @Redcarmoose , thanks for your comprehensive answer above.

    It seems that the worst case was your Woo W3 with an AKG-K701. I imagine that the volume was adequate, with head room? Then as I understand, the problem was sound stage, and the cause was damping factor (or lack thereof).

    I have never understood the following. I have the CEntrance HiFiM8, which gives me a switchable output impedance of 1, 2, and 10 ohms. Yet with my 32 ohm input impedance Grados, I hear no difference among the settings. The “damping factor rule” is that amp output impedance should be less than 1/8 of headphone input impedance, then shouldn’t I hear a difference with the 10 ohm M8 output?
  9. Midnstorms
    Please can you tell me why you didnt like it? i cant upload the file it says to large sorry
  10. proedros
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  11. nanaholic
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  12. AlexCBSN
    850 euros

    Mmm i might sound crazy, but I don’t like the idea of android implementation, I keep going back to my Sony cause it’s that dap that it makes what its supposed to do, nothing else
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  13. Whitigir
    Yepe! There are 2 groups of people though, and this 500 will aim at the other group.

    I am with you about music player, hence DMP Z1 is Mine!!!
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  14. gerelmx1986
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  15. Midnstorms
    I agree 100%

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