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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. gazzington
    BTW where can I get copies of old firmware from to experiment?
  2. Viszla
    I like Tin Pan Alley. How did 3.02 change?
  3. sbho1
    Can you actually, accurately, perfectly re-construct back to the 3.01 sound signature using the EQ (after updated to 3.02), ? it will be really great if you can share the snap shot picture of the EQ setting with us that would perform as 3.01 .

    In fact I always think Sony is quite irresponsible, to adjust the sound signature without sharing what exactly we can do with EQ to get back the exactly the past previous sound signatures .... I have been attempting to use EQ, but I fail to get back past previous sound after each FW update ....
  4. nc8000 Contributor
    Go a few pages back and I posted the link to my DropBox where all fw, usb driver, manuals and RockBox tool resides. Windows only
  5. Nayparm
    Basically removing the faulty WM-PORT Securing in its place a USB-C and soldering the USB power and data lines to the corresponding pins.
  6. nc8000 Contributor
    Are the pin outs so identical that that would be possible ?
  7. gazzington
    Thanks mate. That's awesome. It'll be good to keep a copy of back catalogue firmware
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  8. gerelmx1986
    I am yet to note a change in sound with the new update. I managed to do it with windows zoomed to 600%. I not d it is more stable and faster
    When I press the play pause button reacts immediately to pause or play, before there was a slow light delay between the button being pressed and the actual change made
  9. Whitigir
    Good question! I would like to know more! The WM port and Type C have very different physiques ?
  10. nc8000 Contributor
    Yes I would also have thought that the surrounding implementation would be different like how the fw talks with the device but I have absolutely no idea
  11. ttt123
    I never realized that the USB C connector has 24 pins! I had assumed it was similar to USB 2, which only has 4 pins.
    So I guess you could connect the Vbus power and Grd pins, and a Data pin pair, and connect power to the Detect pin. Looks like it should be possible, as the WMPort cable USB end only uses 4 leads, so that is all you you have to work with, and don't need to worry about the other pins which are used for audio, digital, etc, which is only on the cradle.

    USB-C receptacle A pin layout
    Pin Name Description
    GND Ground return
    A2 SSTXp1 SuperSpeed differential pair #1, TX, positive
    A3 SSTXn1 SuperSpeed differential pair #1, TX, negative
    A4 VBUS Bus power
    A5 CC1 Configuration channel
    A6 Dp1 USB 2.0 differential pair, position 1, positive
    A7 Dn1 USB 2.0 differential pair, position 1, negative
    A8 SBU1 Sideband use (SBU)
    A9 VBUS Bus power
    A10 SSRXn2 SuperSpeed differential pair #4, RX, negative
    A11 SSRXp2 SuperSpeed differential pair #4, RX, positive
    A12 GND Ground return
    USB-C receptacle B pin layout
    Pin Name Description
    GND Ground return
    B11 SSRXp1 SuperSpeed differential pair #2, RX, positive
    B10 SSRXn1 SuperSpeed differential pair #2, RX, negative
    B9 VBUS Bus power
    B8 SBU2 Sideband use (SBU)
    B7 Dn2 USB 2.0 differential pair, position 2, negative[a]
    B6 Dp2 USB 2.0 differential pair, position 2, positive[a]
    B5 CC2 Configuration channel
    B4 VBUS Bus power
    B3 SSTXn2 SuperSpeed differential pair #3, TX, negative
    B2 SSTXp2 SuperSpeed differential pair #3, TX, positive
    B1 GND Ground return


    This page documents what is known about the Sony WM-Port. It appears that this port could have two versions: 1.0 and 2.0 but the difference is probably only in software or marketing.


    The WM-Port uses a 22-pin connector. It uses the following layout:

    Pin Direction Name Meaning
    1 GND Ground
    3 D+ USB Data
    4 D- USB Data
    5 GND USB Ground
    7 IN VIN Vin (5V)
    8 IN RXD/WAKE RxD/Wake
    9 IN CRD_AD Cradle Detect
    10 OUT TXD/SLEEP TxD/Sleep
    11 IN USB_DET USB Detect (VBUS)
    12 OUT UNREG_OUT Battery (VBAT)
    13 IN AU_L_IN Left Audio In
    14 OUT AU_L_OUT Left Audio Out
    15 AU_COM Audio Ground
    16 IN AU_R_IN Right Audio In
    17 OUT AU_R_OUT Right Audio Out
    18 VIDEO-GND/GND Video Ground
    19 VIDEO-IN/OUT/OPEN Video In/Out
    20 IN DCIN DC Detect (VDCIN)
    21 OUT DIGITAL_OUT/OPEN Digital Audio Out
    22 GND Ground


    Pin 7 is always powered with the available voltage. Pin 20 and 11 can be used to distinguish between DC and USB as follows:
    • connected to USB: pin 7 and 11 powered
    • connected to DC: pin 7 and 20 powered

    instructable. Depending on the values, recording and/or line-out might be available and the volume might be fixed or variable:

    Resistor Recording Line-Out Volume Comment
    inf No No USB Cable
    220k Yes No ?
    100k Yes Yes Variable
    68k Yes No ?
    47k No Yes Fixed
    33k No Yes Variable
    22k Yes Yes Fixed
    15k Yes Yes Variable
    10k No Yes Variable
    4.7k No Yes Fixed

    [paste:font size="5"]Control

    The control is made by UART over RxD and TxD.
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  12. marklivia
    I'm trying to get an idea of how the update impacts the 1Z /MDR-Z1R combos sound. Anyone with this combo do the update yet. Redcarmoose? Anyone?
  13. nc8000 Contributor
    Just try it out yourself, then you get the best possible feel
  14. Whitigir
    Yes, even so, we are talking about SMD which is surface mounting device style

    And the layout of the WM port will be different. The same as the anchoring pins as they both have different physique. Wm port is much larger. Let's say, somehow you are able to fit the Type C receptacle in this place, how are you going to re arrange the pins traces from the WM port on the PCB toward the Type C ? Additional wires ? How do you know what pins on the PCB is exactly doing what ? Do you ha e access to the schematic or technical diaphgramps? I havent seen such. But I will be Interested to learn about this
  15. Revoldises
    For me the most important thing is that it has much more air. Also better high's and mids.
    I'am a basshead and I don't miss the bass where many headfiers are talking about.
    I even think the subbass is better.

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